A Few Insights On Digital Photo Developing, And Codes For Free Photo Prints At Snapfish.com!

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snapfish.com is one of the cheapest of the web’s photo printing websites, you upload pictures from your computer, and they print them for you for less than it would cost you to print on your own printer!
Also, they are the only major company to offer true digital sized 4×6 pictures, which i learned the hard way at costco this week. i brought in my sd card to have my digital photos of brazil developed, and every picture was chopped off at the top and the bottom!!!
Basically, i was explained, that the standard 4×6 size doesnt really work with photos without pre-editing each one of them! Here’s where snapfish.com comes in, their software detects when you have a digital picture that you asked to be developed at 4×6 and changes it to a compatible size for free, to a so that nothing gets chopped off, which costco was unable to do.
At any rate, when you sign up at snapfish.com they give you 20 free pictures, and after that ts only 10-12 cents per print!
For another 20 free prints, with free shipping, use code STARS at checkout(Exp.07/15)
For free shipping on up to 15 more prints use code PENNIES at checkout(Exp. 07/31)

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