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Seems like these milestone numbers come much faster now…from when i launched the site to 50,000 hits took over a year, yet 50,000 to 100,000 took just 2 months!
Keep on spreading the word, and thanks for all your support for clicking on the google ads, and buying things from amazon and ebay through our link!
…And now back to studying for a big smicha test next week, so have me in your prayers!
All the best,
Daniel Eleff/CEO Ctownbochur.com

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Hey Dan.
What do I get for being hit 100,000?


funny thing is, you’re anonymous, so no one knows who you, are, it could have been anybody 🙂 hmm i think i was # 100,000. or better yet, i’m you. lol (i guess that would mean, that i’m talking to myself) anyway, mazel tov Daniel, and hatlacha getting a step closer, to CtownRabbi!


Mazal tov, Dan. Great job saving us all money. Now, quit surfing and start studying!

Hey ctownbro!!

luv ya’ll,


I was the 100,639 hit ha!!!!


Congratulations! but your hit counter counts a hit every time I refresh. It also counts a hit, if I click on the “comment”.


Daniel Eleff, so we finaly get your last name…….. youre a good man!!


David Sternlight

I wish you good preparation (it’s not luck) on your Smicha exam.

David Sternlight
Chabad of California


It takes lots of preperation of course,
however the luck is whether you know the question you’re asked or whether you know the questions asked to everyone besides you!


mazal tov may you get many more hits (on the site of course)

ctown other bro

p.s. i never knew this site was yours until you just posted our last name thanx for letting me know