Why Are New And Upgraded AMEX Business Platinum Cards Not Getting the 50% Pay With Points Rebate?

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Update, 7/13: AMEX has started posting a bonus 15% rebate for cards that were opened between 10/1/16-5/31/17. The 35% rebate is currently taking about a month and the 15% rebate is posting about 2 weeks after the 35% rebate.

Originally posted on 7/9:

Last October AMEX added a massive benefit to their Business Platinum card. A 50% rebate if you redeem points for a paid flight on the airline of your choice in coach or on any airline in premium classes, making their points worth at least 2 cents each.

It was too good to last and AMEX announced that they would be reducing the rebate to 35%, effective 6/1.

AMEX promised that if you opened or upgraded to a Business Platinum card between 10/1/16-5/31/17 that you would get a full year of 50% rebates from when you opened or upgraded your card.

Unfortunately that hasn’t happened.

There are widespread reports of people only getting a 35% rebate from new cards. In fact, I haven’t seen any reports of getting 50% for bookings after 6/1.


35% points rebate on a new card (Image thanks to Bochur):


If you only got a 35% rebate on a card that was opened or upgraded between 10/1/16-5/31/17 be sure to tweet to @AskAmex to let them know and call the number on the back of your card to request the 50% rebate.

While some DDF users report being told to wait more time for the other 15% to post, you can try to HUCA (hang up and call again) until you find an agent willing to credit the additional 15% on the spot.

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They should be sued. Why should we constantly have to call them. How could they lie and get away with it.

High end hobo

No HT? 😛


I was only credited 35%. When I called the rep told me the extra 15% will be credited in 10 to 12 weeks.


Ask to have your points “accelerated”.


I spent the points but needed to cancel the tickets. I got money back (equal to $.01 per point) but no bonus points. I did not have any airline selected as my airline for the travel credit.
Is there any way for me to get the 50% bonus?


A. Choose an airline…
B. Even if you cancel tickets, if you call in they are able to reverse the transaction and credit the actual points back. Taking 0.01 cents per point is a terrible value.


Is there any way to get the bonus even though I cancelled the tickets? I chose the airline two days after I booked my tickets.


If they reverse credit you back all the points for having cancelled your tickets, they aren’t going to add the 50% bonus…


Is there anything to do if I opened the card in November to get a full year of the 50% rebate or at least to get back some of my yearly fee? This was one of ther perks that was suppose to come with the card when I deigned up and they should be responsible for it it.


So hold them responsible


Hopefully this gets resolved quickly. The BP 50% had so much potential but it seems it’s blowing up in Amex’s face. Also their new website design is ridiculous to use. Way to go taking a page from Citi.


I had a Amex platinum and got in the mail a targeted offer for 150k points for spending 20k on a new business I opened. Now Amex won’t give me the points because I already had an Amex platinum. But they targeted me? I didn’t know that rule. They shouldn’t have offered it knowing my current cards…?


If you have the original offer you received in the mail, and you are positive it doesn’t have the once-per-lifetime rule written ANYWHERE on it- I’d call them back and try having someone go dig and find the original offer you used- it should be on your account exactly as it was mailed to you, and if an actual human reads through it, they will see it doesn’t have the language. They will be very shocked, as almost all offers have this language now and they will say they have never heard of this, but if someone with a brain actually reads through it, they should credit you the points. Similar thing happened to me, for a while the frontline reps kept saying there is no such thing as targeted offers without that language, and ALL offers have it, and they were so sure of that they didn’t even look for my specific offer. Eventually I got a manager who did after a couple of calls. Good luck!


Any advice on how to get the 150K biz bonus?


Gosh. Signed up right before 5/31 specifically for the 50% benefit. Hope they honor it.


Do you think you can still use your personal plat (while also having the bp ) and get the rebate or did they get rid of that too?


Your biz plat is tied to your mr account, and you get the rebate when you book with points. Its got nothing to do with your activity on you personal plat.


I opened a BP after 10/1/16 and got 50% after 6/1/17, and on another BP card i was booking on the phone and got the 50% back while on the phone.


On the front page when I login to Amex it says I am eligible for a 50percent bonus


on a related note – is anyone finding that the rebate is taking weeks to post – I had to wait 4 weeks from april to may to get a rebate (50%) and waiting now from 6/18….


Yes! I purchased tickets in June and more last week and have had no credits post


Maybe it is just me, but in my experience, Amex customer service has gone from being one of the best to one of the wrst


I have 2 business Plats. Does anyone know if I can have different airlines on each card? Right now I have American/US, but could I also register United?


Yes you can have different airlines on each card


Posted today. On July 4 Amex posted 35% bonus and today they posted the remaining 15%.

tony c

Amex Rep call me and told me going forward its going to be coming in 2 different dumps, first the 35% and then sometime later the 15%…………….


i just checked my amex account and for me they posted the 50% in one shot
for example i made a purchase on 5/27/17 and got the 50% back on 6/27/17


Anyone know the cancellation policy if you cancel a pay with points booking after 24 hours?


@Dan i got a targeted 150k offer and it says 50% back points rebate what does it mean? is it going to expire after a year?


I also got it and I signed up for the 50% rebate, but my welcome kit says 35% and online benefits shows 35% and I’m in the process of fighting with them to honor the 50% for at least 1 year because the offer says 50% clear as day and during sign up it didn’t say anything about that benefit being changed. So I will not allow them to renege on this – it’s false advertising.