WOW Air: Tel Aviv To Newark For $149, Newark To Tel Aviv For $309 One-Way


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-Flights from Tel Aviv to Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Montreal, Newark, and Pittsburgh start at $149 one-way.

-Flights from Tel Aviv to Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco start at $199 one-way.

Sample sale dates:

Newark to Tel Aviv for $309-$369 one-way:
September 12, 18, 19, 21
October 17, 23, 24, 26, 29, 31
November 2, 5, 9, 16
December 5, 7,
January 16, 18, 23, 25, 30
February 1, 6, 8,

Tel Aviv to Newark for $149 one-way:
September 16, 18, 21
October 19, 25, 31
November 7, 14, 16, 18
December 2, 5, 7
January 9, 13, 16, 20, 23, 30
February 3, 10

-For an extra $105 each way you can book a WOW Plus fare with a free carry-on bag and checked bag.

If you make a booking on WOW’s US site you can click to cancel it within 24 hours. You will then have to email within 24 hours of the booking with a copy of the cancellation confirmation to get a refund.

WOW serves 10 North American cities: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, Newark, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Toronto. You’ll be able to connect from those cities to Tel Aviv via Reykjavik.

They’re fashioned as a ULCC (Ultra low-cost carrier) like Spirit, but WOW. Note that in case of flight cancellations WOW Air likely will not rebook you on another airline, so you may have to wait several days to be reaccommodated.

They advertise cheap fares, but the extras add up quickly.

For a one-trip way between the US and Israel you’ll pay:
-$50 in advance/$70 at checkin for a carry-on bag (22 x 18 x 10 in up to 26 lbs). You’ll pay an additional $60 if it doesn’t fit in their bag sizer and you’ll have to check it under.
-$70 in advance/$80 at checkin for a checked bag (up to 62″ and up to 44 lbs). You’ll pay an additional $18.18 per pound over 44 pounds.
-Reserving a seat will set you back an additional $20-$100 depending on the seat.
-Water, soda, and snacks cost extra.
-There’s no Wi-Fi or entertainment onboard.

1 personal item smaller than 17 x 13 x 10in is included for free. That means a bag like this one or like this one can be worth buying to have a free personal item.

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Do u think it’s really worth it? You said they are low budget like spirit. If u make a round trip ticket average $484. Then u really need at least one checked and carry on so anothe $210 and theta your ticket. So $694. I feel like you can get united tickets for like high $700s or low $800. No? What’s ur thoughts? Is it worth to be crammed with no entertainment or snacks?


So basically it’s the same as spirit just that it’s not domestic, what a hoax!!!


Oh sorry and give or take $50 to get a seat reserved


are all flights with a 13 hour 25 minute stopover?


Are stopovers the same price?


Dan, Can it be booked from a travel agent like Priceline? I assume not but doesn’t hurt to ask the pro.


This can be great if you can send your luggage with one family member on a regular carrier and book the rest on one of these.


Any word if the seats go back?


When you write $50/$70 for a carry-on bag, what does the price depend on? Dates? Outbound airport? Size/weight of carry-on?

Also what are the shortest stopover times you are seeing for each way?


Sounds good huh? Spirit air wow aircare Medicaid airlines
if the plane breaks down in Iceland make sure you have
your long johns on could be a couple of days to get
it fixed.


Your saying its worth it?


Has anyone seen the new wearable carryon bag… you can wear your entire luggage


But it’s with a stop


paid ~600 in december to fly air serbia, a full service airline who also offer free paid for stopovers.


these are non stop or stopover?


If you can manage with one piece of baggage for 2 people (short trips) then we’re talking savings.


Are stopovers more than 24 hrs the same price?


I see now that you updated the post to explain the $50/70 for carry-on based on whether you pay now or at check-in. However the checked baggage price you write is $140 at check-in, I’m seeing that it’s only $80.


Any reason Nov is not bookable from EWR-TLV?

Web Designer

Nope this is not a deal.
I checked Newark-TLV dates Oct 17 – Oct 31 and after adding luggage and seats my total was 798.91 I would get even better ($550-$650) deals with any other normal carrier

Dan's the Man

This is actually much worse than I thought it would be. Often Turkish/Azerberijan/Lot/Aeroflot/AirSerbia have similar rates and include baggage, choosing a seat, etc. I see rates for next Pesach for prime Pesach dates with short stopovers on Lot for $670. I’m disappointed in WoW’s rates. I thought their initial rates would be under $400 roundtrip.

DZ the Telzer

Looking at a EWR-TLV-EWR (1/16/18-1/23/18), not sure why but both stop overs are the same around 2 hours, but for some reason the KEF-TLV portion say it’s 12 hours (flight WW698) and on the Return the same TLV-KEF portion is 3 hours,(Flight WW699) not sure how that makes sense.


showing Chicago at 360.

Dan's the Man

As far as one-ways are concerned. Aeroflot/Ukraine/Azerbaijan all over good rates on one-way flights to Israel and again they include bags. I don’t see how WoW is worth going on unless you want to fly to/from Iceland.


No wide body jets, they don’t fly every day, long stopovers, no bags, drinks, AMEX, ECT.
Maybe if they didn’t waste the money on painting the whole plane purple, they could offer free water.


searching tlv to nyc nothing comes up on google. i looked on and tlv isnt listed in the airports, what am i doing wrong?


So far they cant even operate a website without problems.


Same here- dont see TLV as a destination?


tlv not showing as an option ?


So where do we get the lowest roundtrip airfare EWR-TLV / TLV-EWR in early July without putting up with the WOW nonsense?


The stopover on the TLV-EWR route is 13 hours, very unpractical


I’m very puzzled, how can be that the TLV-REK is just 2 hours, and the REK-TLV is 13?

Jack out of the box

I see some TLV-EWR flights in Sep already sold out. All others are over $400 one-way.


newark on those dates is now over $500


it seems like all the flights to baltimore have long layovers ( like 13 hours), any shorter layovers?


Am thinking that the TLV-EWR flights could not have gotten any cheaper that the $300 range because the taxes and fees on that end are much higher.


I meant EWR-TLV.


@Neil: I think the taxes are higher on the TLV to EWR direction. Just the Israeli exit tax is like $26 and then there’s there is the US Customs taxes when entering. For example United award tickets which only pass on taxes/fee charge only $5.60 from EWR to TLV but the other direction I think is like $50. Of course WoW might have more taxes as I’m sure Iceland puts a hand in your pocket for stopping over there.


This is from a recent trip to Israel on United

U.S. Customs User Fee: 5.50
U.S. Immigration User Fee: 7.00
U.S. APHIS User Fee: 3.96
U.S. Transportation Tax: 35.60
September 11th Security Fee: 11.20
U.S. Passenger Facility Charge: 9.00

Israel Departure Tax: 24.63

The US taxes were 72.26 and the Israel departure tax was 24.63.

No clue what Iceland charges.


it’s just like SPIRIT!