Virgin America Hidden City Fare: Fly First Class From JFK To Los Angeles Or San Francisco From $165 One-Way!

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Update, 12/12: Here is a current list of first class hidden-city prices for NYC-Dallas as of 10am:
12/22: $244 for JFK-SFO
12/23: $244 for JFK-SFO, $240 for JFK-LAX.
12/24: $240 for JFK-SFO
12/26: $215 for JFK-SFO
12/27: $215 for JFK-LAX.
12/28: $215 for JFK-SFO
12/29: $215 for JFK-SFO
12/30: $367 for JFK-SFO or JFK-LAX.
12/31: $215 for JFK-SFO or JFK-LAX.
01/01: $215 for JFK-SFO, $367 for JFK-LAX.
01/02: $190 for JFK-SFO


Originally posted on 12/10:

Virgin America is currently offering 50% off Main Cabin Select and First Class fares.

It’s only valid for travel 12/19-01/02.

You need to use code (Exp: 12/14): MERRY50

A flight from JFK to Los Angeles in first class on 12/31 for example will drop with the promo code from $1,099 to $557.
A flight from JFK to San Francisco in first class on 12/31 will drop with the promo code from $1,105 to $560.

But you can actually search for a flight from NYC/All airports to Dallas and look for the flight options that will connect in Los Angeles or San Francisco.
The regular rate for that connection on 12/31 is $307 and with the promo code will be just $165.













Airlines don’t like it when you book a hidden city ticket, but nobody is going to force you to board the plane from LAX or SFO to Dallas.  Just as nobody will force you to eat dessert when you order a prix fixe dinner…

Of course luggage will be an issue, so you’ll either have to:
1. Travel with just carry-ons.
2. Ship your luggage in advance with UPS.
3. Have 1 passenger book a regular JFK-LAX flight and have the rest of the passengers book the hidden city flight. Virgin America allows 1 person to check up to 10 bags for just $25 each.

You will have to buy a regular one-way ticket back home, though you can do that with any airline and you can use miles for a one-way award.

I’ve written about hidden city tickets before. Here are some helpful links:

Here are some of the dates that are valid as of 12/10 at 11:30am.  Dates will probably be snapped up quickly.
First class one-way hidden city fares from NYC to Dallas with tax:
12/22: $244 for JFK-SFO, $367 for JFK-LAX.
12/23: $244 for JFK-SFO, $240 for JFK-LAX.
12/24: $215 for JFK-SFO or JFK-LAX.
12/25: $215 for JFK-SFO
12/26: $215 for JFK-SFO or JFK-LAX.
12/28: $215 for JFK-SFO, $367 for JFK-LAX.
12/29: $215 for JFK-SFO
12/30: $215 for JFK-LAX
12/31: $165 for JFK-SFO or JFK-LAX.
01/01: $190 for JFK-LAX
01/01: $367 for JFK-SFO

Read more about Virgin America first class here.

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36 Comments On "Virgin America Hidden City Fare: Fly First Class From JFK To Los Angeles Or San Francisco From $165 One-Way!"

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Deal appears dead. Stopped offering DAL as a destination on NYC searches.


Not dead, you need to search from “NYC/All airports”


Cancel that. It reappeared.


Looks like those tickets are sold out, and the rest they have upped the price

All sold out



Just searched 01/01, still 4 seats left for $190 for JFK-LAX-DAL in first class.


Booked one for new years!

All sold out

Everything is sold out


CAn I cancel within 24hrs if I need to?


Full refund for 24 hour cancelation?


I can cancel with 24 hours right?



@All sold out:
No it’s not.

Yes, that’s federal law.

All sold out


From the 29 till the first everything is sold out, or they raised the prices


Dan off topic question ,but have to ask you ,
I have added my self as an authorized user on my own Amex accounts ,(im the primary user as well)
But I have created for each additional card a seperate account ,because I wanted to be able to take advantage of every cards offer seperetlly ,(didn’t know by that time your trick from muti tabs on one browser) now I wana merge them into one account may I call them to ask them to do that from point of view that they will see I’m an additional on my own account ?
What should I tell them when they ask me why I did additional under my own name ?


thanks, I booked!!

now lets see if I can cancel my 2 other tickets on delta for the same date, im sure I can postpone it, one was booked wit miles and other with cash, well see what happens


do you honestly expect him to respond to that
you are funny


these are just one way prices?


I got 2 one way “main cabin select” JFK>LAX>DAL for $165 each for 1/1, there were no more good deals on first class tickets for that date. But still a good deal


cant get the deal.. doesnt go below $300 even after promo on 12/31 snd 1/1

I Love Dan

Hidden-City ticketing is against the CoC.
Of course Dan knows that but will still complain until the airline honors it.
Yet another deplorable display of Dan’s despicable dirt.


Why should he not ?


I got it. Dec 24-JFK-LAX-DAL
O booked the return Ticket through Jet Blue because I had a Credit so the whole trip cost me less than $250 with 1st class 1 way
-Thanks Dan!!!!


@I Love Dan: and this comment made it through? lol


can i transfer the miles to any other airlines?


Just booked first class jFL lax dallas for 165 dollars!


Dan, anything special about the KSML in Virgin American First Class, or still better to BYO-KSML?


There are also some decent prices without the promo code. 1/16 for example has 357 to LAX.


@ Dan — Is this still alive? trying to find first class for 2 SFO – JFK on 25th and return on 28 or 29 and the price for first class is $645 ish after code….


I don’t know what’s the point for bumped up this post if the deal is dead already, I am also seeing the same thing as David did, even with searching from all NYC area and connection, still came out around $600 ish.


I never flew Virgin.

The post clearly says its not good for the return trip.

Still works fine, just need to read.


@ Dan: Sorry! and Thanks for correcting and your guide! You are the best! Now I need to find flight from SFO to JFK on 24 or 25….any idea of work around/another hidden city price? thanks!


@ Dan — Flight fro JFK to SFO on 29th now is $400ish (in first class) after coupon (I put 2 people)…are you seeing same thing?


Dan, is this dead? I saw the connecting flight to SFO/LAX is more expensive than the direct flight to Dallas.


@ Dan

You stated “12/24: $240 for JFK-SFO ” ===> This is not right, it’s showing $467 for JFK-SFO on 12/24 after promo code, one way, connecting flight in SFO from JFK-Dallas. Please update this post if the deal’s dead or price’s changed so not to mislead many people.


Dan — I apologize…. didn’t mean to troll….I am a newbie in here and just really want to get the deal of flight ticket at the price you mentioned, would you please kindly let me know if it’s still alive at this time?