USAirways’ Twitter Account Is Serving Up Bargains!


Update: USAirways has just tweeted that new deals are coming up soon!

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USAirways Twitter Account Linky

Yesterday they offered 30 seats to Tel Aviv for just $99+ each way.  Earlier in the week they had a similar offer to Rio.  Be sure to follow them and be ready to jump when they tweet their next special-they sell out within minutes!

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It was a sick deal. I was looking into a few options and 30 min after it started the TLV tickets were all gone.


sorry for the ignorance but can someone explain how twitter works.
if i want to get this kind of message as quick as possible form usair how do i do it.
is it text messages non stop to my phone? i do not have unlimited texting so i dont want to end up with a crazy amount of text messages


@izzy: After you sign up for an account, you can choose to ‘follow’ a certain person, for example ‘US Airways’. You can choose to follow someone and not receive text messages. But then you will only know that there is a new tweet if you check your twitter account. Or you can select to receive messages from a particular group (Which can be unselected at any time). Over the past week US Airways has been giving away several great deals every day, so they sent around 10 tweets a day.
If you grap a great deal it’s well worth the text message charges! The past few days they gave away a $1500 voucher to the first person to answer a trivia question.


how much was it for?!?!


$99 EACH WAY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!? :'( omg omg omg


It came out to $277 round trip


They do have great deals but many of them are very limited with the dates that you travel on.