USAirways: Newark To/From S. Fransicso For Just $151.10 Round-Trip With Tax!


Update, 01/23 at 1pm: DEAD!

-Bookable on Orbitz (with regular mileage earning, free cancellations until 10pm CT the day after you book, and price assurance refunds) or direct from the airline. Orbitz works on central time, so the day ends at 12:59am ET. A ticket bought at 1am ET would have until 11pm ET the day after, or 46 hours. A ticket bought at 11pm ET would have until 11pm ET the day after, or 24 hours.

– Earn 3 points per dollar with American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card, 3 points per dollar with The Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN, or 2.14 points per dollar with Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Routing is via Charlotte or Phoenix.

Sample dates for Newark-S. Fransisco for between $151-$157:
03/05-03/05 (Same-day turn Mileage Run)
05/07-05/07 (Same-day turn Mileage Run)

In case you’re gunning for what could be lifetime Star Alliance Gold status, this fare does earn full Aegean miles. When routing via Charlotte that’s 5,649 out of the 19,000 required after the 1K signup bonus.

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Wow. I hope delta matches.


cant seal deal so far



I only found via CLT


tried the dates you listed and quite a few weekends and also flying/returning on weekday no go… cheapest i found was 300


Exactly which dates did you try?


5/8 5/14
5/1 5/7
4/12 4/14
3/22 3/24
3/15 3/17
2/15 2/17


Min stay?


It would only make sense after the deluge of El Al flights you sent Orbitz’s way that most Airlines have by now signed up to your twitter updates to catch price mistakes quicker than they or 3rd party companies they hire would 🙂


Any earlier dates? Is there same price to Phoenix?


The only date in that whole list that I wrote is 05/01-05/07.
I just checked that sample date again on Orbitz and that still works from EWR-SFO.


it does show up now on an incognito browser!


Dan is right. Only on specific dates.


so far on usairways direct i wanted to go over pesach and the lowest price is $311 and you go 1 day back or forward and its $520 already.


I know that this does not fit Dan’s post bt I wanted to ask around anyway.

I am looking for a ticket from EWR to LAX for Pesach, any suggestions?


I hate to sound like a n00b, but is there any way to originate from CLE/PIT without a separate positioning flight? And any way to fit LA in somehow?

yeshiva bachur

Dan-any dates for bien hazmanim? (March 10-april 11) Can’t find anything. Thanks!


Wow, good deal. Wish I could pull the trigger!


instead of going to s.fransisco, can i just get off at pheonix stopover and stay there,in pheonix?


Dan I wanna open a cc. what’s the best one ? 😉
seriously speaking: the thread on FT suggests that mileage earnings depend in flight #’s.
If both flights have the same flight #’s you will earn only 5130 VS if they have different flight #’s on US which earn 5628


So for $604.40 (4 round trips) i’ll be *G for life?



They’ll cancel your return trip.

Of course.

Well you’ll be *G for a long time.
How long? Possibly 3 years, 4 years, or for life 😀
Free lounge access and 3×70 pound bags on United for you and all companions is pretty sweet!



This is correct. So CPM is closer to .03 not .027.
Still a solid deal for a same day turn TCON.
I booked two.


Thanx for the quick reply.

It would be on all *A carriers, not just united – correct?

Also, is $640 considered a good price for attaining that status?


Time to head to ddf to find an MR companion!


You should be able to find flights with different numbers.
03/05 for example.

Correct, though on USAir for example you’ll get 3×50 pounds each.

$640 is a great price, happy MR’ing!

ANA Surcharges

I know this is way off-topic, but I discovered by fluke today that- at least for anyone booking today- ANA IS NOT charging a fuel surcharge for United flights, in addition to USAirways flights. The implications of this are great, because ANA has some very good mileage award redemption levels- espeically only 60k miles from North America to Israel. Before, one had to find availability on USAirways which is very limited, but if this United thing is a permanent change, that opens up many more options to get to Israel on *A for 60k miles- not only because of their non-stop from Newark, but also because of their many flights to many European cities that one can check out on the way to Israel. The agent wasn’t sure if it was a glitch only for today or a permanent change, but it is certainly worth monitoring and so I wanted to pass it to you, Dan.

Moshe a

Whats “ANA”?


EWR-LAS also around 150-ish select dates

ANA Surcharges

@Moshe a:
ANA stands for “All Nippon Airways,” a Japanese airline. Their frequent flier program (Mileage Club) has some low mileage redemption levels, especially North America to Israel at only 60k. The problem is, the only airline where they don’t charge prohibitive fuel surcharges is US Airways, which has limited flights to Israel and almost as importantly, to European cities for a stopover. But if United were now available without fuel surcharges, one would then be able to fly RT from Newark to Israel non-stop for only 60k Membership Rewards or 50k Starpoints.


Is this deal dead can find anything in that range?


I just cancelled a couple of reservations so maybe someone can pick those up. 2/5-2/6 and 3/5-3/5