USAirways: Newark To/From Las Vegas For Just $156.60 Round-Trip With Tax!


Update, 01/23 at 1pm: DEAD!

-Bookable on Orbitz (with regular mileage earning, free cancellations until 10pm CT the day after you book, and price assurance refunds) or direct from the airline. Orbitz works on central time, so the day ends at 12:59am ET. A ticket bought at 1am ET would have until 11pm ET the day after, or 46 hours. A ticket bought at 11pm ET would have until 11pm ET the day after, or 24 hours.

– Earn 3 points per dollar with American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card, 3 points per dollar with The Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN, or 2.14 points per dollar with Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Routing is via Charlotte or Phoenix.

Sample dates for Newark-Las Vegas for between $156.60:
02/26-02/27 (Same-day turn Mileage Run)
03/05-03/05 (Same-day turn Mileage Run)
05/07-05/08 (Same-day turn Mileage Run)

In case you’re gunning for what could be lifetime Star Alliance Gold status, this fare does earn full Aegean miles. When routing via Charlotte that’s 4,889 out of the 19,000 required after the 1K signup bonus.

HT: Mocha

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Dan what does this “what could be lifetime Star Alliance Gold status” mean?


Its killing me that there are no dates in later march! have been looking for a while now i got so excited when i got the tweet but no dates near to what i need! darn it!


Am I missing something, or is this deal dead? Won’t work for me.


What dates?
This fare is only available on select dates.


Click on the hyperlink (blue lettering) in the post and you’ll see what he’s talking about.


does the amex gold card earn 3 points per dollar on airfare purchased through orbitz, etc.. or must the ticket be purchased directly from the airline?


Still works for posted dates.

Yes, you will earn the 3 points from Orbitz as Orbitz dosn’t actually charge you, they just pass it onto their airline but they provide you with more time to cancel than the airline directly would.


well its not 9 dollars like last time


Any such deal in July


just tried posted dates does not work is deal still alive?


I just booked something with Orbitz, and called a few minutes later to cancel, and they charged a $9.99 fee


Free to cancel online.


@Dan: it was the same fee to cancel online 🙁


Something sounds wrong, it should be free to cancel. Call and complain.


This is the FAQ page on Orbitz, where they explain about their fee


Except they don’t charge fees on tickets originating in the US.