HOT! US Airways: Fly Nonstop Between Philadelphia And Las Vegas For $40.10 Each Way!

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Update, 2pm: Now $73 each way.


-Earn 2-2.14 points per dollar and get free insurance for trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, lost luggage, delayed luggage, and travel accident with Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Bookable on Priceline. Priceline tickets from the USA are refundable until 11:30pm ET the day after purchase.
And Bookable on Orbitz. Orbitz tickets from the USA are refundable until 11pm ET the day after purchase.

Due to the holiday it appears that Priceline is actually giving until the next business day, which in this case is Monday, 12/01 to cancel for free:





It is my birthday today, so it’s only fair that there’s another great Vegas deal.

Dates that are crossed off have sold out since this morning.

Valid Philadelphia to Las Vegas Dates:
01/07, 01/08, 01/09, 01/10, 01/11, 01/12, 01/13, 01/14, 01/16, 01/17, 01/21, 01/22, 01/23, 01/24, 01/25, 01/26, 01/27, 01/28.
02/01, 02/02, 02/03, 02/04, 02/05, 02/06, 02/07, 02/08, 02/09, 02/10.

Valid Las Vegas to Philadelphia Dates:
01/07, 01/13, 01/14, 01/17, 01/21, 01/27, 01/28, 01/29, 01/30, 01/31.
02/04, 02/05, 02/06, 02/07.

You will earn 4,353 miles for a round-trip flight which can be credited to airlines like British Airways, American, or USAirways. The redeemable miles alone are worth nearly the cost of the flight!

Las Vegas is just a 4 hour drive to Los Angeles, Phoenix, or the Grand Canyon.

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Nice mileage run opportunity, at 1.85 cpm. 🙂

night awl

Only to vegas or all domestic


Dan came through w israel direct for $730, and now again for vegas in January! Thanks Dan!


Is there any other dates ?

high end hobo

How many miles will you earn RT? Wheres the best place to have the miles posted?


Dan thanks!

I just booked and it says I can cancel up to 12/01/2014 1129pm does this make sense to you?


Dead!!!! Very upsetting


Wait isn’t USAIRWAYS merging with AA at the beginning of 2015? I assumed that meant there will be no flights on USAIRWAYS…


Priceline sometimes gives more than 1 day when there’s a holiday, enjoy the extended cancellation policy!

Does everyone else have cancel until 12/01 as well from Priceline?

Still alive.

It will be phased out in 2015.


1/7/15-1/13/15 phl to las comes up on orbitz for $218.20


NOT DEAD! Just booked 1/25 return 1/28! THANKS DAN!!!!!:)


Any recommended hotels?


13th is now dead, try the 14th while it’s still available!


Happy Birthday Dan!


Happy birthday Dan !!
DDS in Vegas !!


This is my go to route for status re-qualification. Last year in January they had $128 r/t fares. This is even better! I booked 4 Wednesday redeye flights. I’m already Platinum so this is 8K+ miles.

This makes me love spirit


Happy birthday Dan! What’s for Xmas this yr?


pardon my ignorance but how do what does it mean that you can earn 4353 miles? on my credit card? I just booked thank you!!


Not seeing the cancellation option on the booked flight on priceline. Where did you see it?


Lol, I mean earning miles for the actual flight!

Click on the link from your email confirmation and click on cancel flight.


how do i redeem such miles? do i need to sign up or become a member of something? I’m new to all of this!


Happy birthday dan! Thanks for the awesome deal

Dr Moose

I too have free cancellation until 12/1


Just booked.

Thanks. Cannot wait to party it up. 🙂


chana k

@dassy:Sign up to a frequent flyer mileage account of the airline of your choice. Put your frequent flyer number into your reservation in the right place. Fly. The miles get credited to your frequent flyer account.
Read the forums. It takes some time, but it’s worth it.


Jan 17 or 21 till 28. Is 146 from spirit.
How come


prices just jumped


still some left though


01/08 not avilleble


Help! We’ve been trying for weeks to find a flight from NY area to LA area for 12/17 – 12/22 but the fares are insane. We’ve been praying for one of those miracle Dan’s deals. Need 8 tickets. Come on Dan, you can do it! (be”H of course)

B Boy

Happy Birthday!!




If you are having trouble booking the round trip tickets try booking 2 one way tickets. there is a lot of availability from PHL – LAS still and from LAS – PHL the dates i see are the 7th, 17th, 30 and the 31st of January.

Happy birthday

Happy birthday


Not dead, just most dates are sold out.
I’ve updated the post with the current dates.

Mimi K.

I need to go beginning March for ASDLV
Terrible tease.

Happy Thanksgiving

@duvid drive from Vegas to LA. Its 4 hrs.


Message when trying to load
“We experienced an error and were unable to complete your request. Please try again later.” Oh boy, am I trying again later!

jamie Sutton

Happy Birthday Dan!!


Happy birthday Dan!

You’re the best!

Thank you for all you do. 🙂


Thank you I Have Just booked 2 Tickets. Is there something I need to do in order to earn the 4,353 miles or this happens automatically?


A very Happy Birthday Dan! Thanks for giving me the present. Booked, plus 3 comp nights at Vegas. Yes.


@Dan my cancellation offer reads, “This cancellation is available until 12-01-2014 11:29 PM EST”


Hello & Happy B-Day. Very glad 2 see this b/c Jan serves as both my SO & mine B-Day (same day). Dates available for us are there THANK GOD but slim. I need to book now. But I have a serious ? that nds to be answered pls (don’t we all lol) ASAP b4 we miss out. I have the Chase SP but I’m about to apply for the US Air cc (50K miles) b4 it goes. My question is will this provide free trip cancellation/just the Chase SP?


I forgot to ask that if I do use the Chase SP can I still use the US Air later for the free bag check-in?


seems dead to me


A friend told me about you i think what your doing is GREAT Happy Birthday


no more dates available any more i tried 100 times


you going to help us find good deals on hotels in las vages?? 🙂