United ZFV Sale Fares

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These are fares for “flights” to or from ZFV.  If you’ve been to a DansDeals seminar you’ve probably heard of these. You can book them on United.com

ZFV is the 30th street train station in downtown Philadelphia. United sells tickets from ZFV to Newark on Amtrak and then you check in your luggage for your flight at Newark. On the return you collect your luggage at Newark baggage claim and then take the train with your luggage onto ZFV station.

For a flight to Los Angeles you would book a ticket on United.com for ZFV-LAX which would involve the train ticket and then a nonstop flight from Newark to Los Angeles.

Similar to hidden-city ticketing, the airlines don’t particularly appreciate those who miss segments and one-way tickets are a good idea.  If you decide to skip train segments it will be at your own risk!

A one-way fare nonstop from Kansas City to Newark is over $400 but Kansas City to ZFV via Newark is $88.45 with tax.

For example, current one-way sale fares with tax to or from ZFV and:
-Austin, $87
-S. Antonio, $87
-Kansas City, $89
-Las Vegas, $101
-Los Angeles, $107
-Portland, OR, $110
-S. Diego, $110
-Phoenix, $132
-Seattle, $146

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Nothing to Israel, eh ?


What are the dates?


You’d be better off with the hidden-city stuff I wrote about here: http://www.dansdeals.com/archives/33242

Should be good for most dates that you try.
United.com has several flex search options you can use as well.


As long as you board the train, is it “safe” to get off at an earlier stop if available?


will my ticket become invalid if I don’t take the train enroute to newark


Dan, can I book a one way ticket from ZFV to LAX and skip the ZFV-EWR portion? just check in at EWR to LAX?


just booked a red eye from lax to ewr for $107- thanks!!!!


3 2 1 and say goodbyr to another loophole.


@dan if I book a ticket from Washington to New York to tel aviv using multi city feature, will it be an issue if I don’t get on that first flight in Washington and I just board the plane in New York?


usually, they will cancel the rest of your flight if you don’t make the first segment. you can only skip a segment if it’s the last leg of a trip.


What if I book this train ride to Newark and then to tel aviv, and I just get on in Newark? Will that work or will my flight be cancelled once I skip the train ride?


@NY to LAX: I think this is the shtick here, Dan just wrote it ברמיזה…….


jon, this is not a flight segment, this is a train ride. will it work?


and one-way tickets are a good idea.
when i make it as a oneway, the price will be much higher, so we loss the whole hidden city savings, no?


Dan. If I book my ONE WAY ticket from zfv to lax and skip the train, can I still go to check in a luggage at ewr?


@steven: what dates are you getting that fare for?


I’ll try and answer and hopefully I’m correct. You can book from xxx-zfv, and get off in Newark and its no problem (or get off at earlier stop on the train). However, if you book zfv-xxx, you must take the train from zfv or you are likely to get your entire ticket canceled. That is my understanding of how it all works


i understand the concept of this but are there specific locations to try for hidden city ticket for each airline


Maybe not everything needs to be blogged about…
It’s okay if you find something and NOT share every little detail


+100 to number 19


MCO-ZFW $107.

That said, for the dates that I was looking, MCO-EWR is only $121, so it is not THAT great of a deal for MCO.


I dont get why you guys dont read the actual post and ask the same questions over and over again. For obvious reasons, Dan wrote it exactly the way he wanted it to be read and probably won’t address it in the comments.


Oh trust me, I can post 100 better “hacks” but I don’t post things that I think will die if they’re posted.
Hence why you didn’t read about home improvement here and why there are lots of stuff I talk about in seminars that I won’t post here. Obviously it’s a judgement call and nobody’s perfect, but this has been around for many years and is hardly a secret on the interwebs.

Nor did I share nearly every detail about ZFV, but those who will do the research and search for the threads on DDF or FT will learn everything they need to know.



One-ways are not always more than round trips.
Generally with ZFV fares they’re the same.


@Dan: +1, and even now you just wrote everything ברמיזה…….. I totally don’t understand timmer1001’s concern this site has never done what MMS is doing (KILLING DEALS) Dan knows exactly what to write and what not period.

Just curious

Why would United (or any airline) offer these rates from ZFV? I understand the logic behind having a sale/good rate on certain routes (e.g. trying to built a route), but fail to see the logic for ZFV (unless they aren’t competing for US Air’s philly business).

Salomon Berkovits

Did anyone actually do this “shtick” flying out from EWR without using the Train?
If yes, please share.

Thank you.

Captain Fred D

Better yet find someone in Newark who needs to go to Phila and sell the ticket or give it away. Once it gets scanned thats it as far as them knowing it was used (if they even check at all) Also I’m psyched because I go to phila sometimes and the train is easy to use


do you plan on doing another round of seminars ever for those that may have missed them ie. you have a big following in isreal


can you fly from newark without the train? in other words, are the train and united connected that they will know that you missed the first part?


i skiped the train twice. the first time i had no problem bur the second time the didnt want to give me the bording pass by the kiosk. the machine says SEE AGENT. but in the end the gave it. but it was no jokes