United: Fly First Class Between Detroit And Houston For $128.50 Round-Trip


-Earn 3 points per dollar with American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card or 2.14 points per dollar with Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Bookable on United.com. United.com gives 24 hours from the time of purchase to refund a ticket.

Be sure to search for First Class in the United.com search box!

Sample dates from Detroit-Houston:
04/13-04/23 (Pesach)

Sample dates from Houston-Detroit:
04/13-04/23 (Pesach)

HT: Myccrabbi via DDF and vandesa via FT

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Worth a mileage run?


just waiting for someone to post – “anything from TLV”


There’s a nice chart in DDF of the United booking class codes. Can’t find it. Link? What is ‘P’ class?


Any other destinations? Is this a mistake fare or competition attack sale?


So if I book 8 RT tickets on one flight, do I walk out with United Premier Silver status? (I just booked 10 tickets on one flight, want to know if that was smart)


@mancunian: You get 1076 X 2 X 1.5 = 3228 miles for this.


Just bought myself UA Silver for under $1K flying 6 days in a row (+ other flights already scheduled to give me 25K). At least this mileage run is in First!


You only get credit for one seat on a flown flight.

If you have a US based account you need $2,500 in flight spend to get Silver.
Unless you spend $25K on a United card.


@Dan:Ok thanks


just booked round trip first class as a mileage run toward my Aegean Airlines Star Alliance Gold, however United booked me in fare class “P” which is not eligible for any mileage on aegean airlines. 🙁


Correct, this earns 150% miles when credited to United, but nada for Aegean.


wow, so very little value for a mileage run here, correct? Only worth it if you actually need to go to Detroit or Houston. As with the new United rules you need to hit a certain amount of money spent, not just miles.


dan, we all follow you religiously here in Houston. There were a lot of pesach tickets booked tonight for those of us who are local with family in Detroit! Thank you so much!


You can credit the flights for 125% credit on USAirways or 150% credit on Air Canada.

Fantastic, thanks for commenting!


is fare class p a refundable ticket?
trip ins work for a sukkos ticket?(we aren’t sure if we will want to fly)


This is a VUP (economy) instant upgrade fare united has been known to incorrectly credit this type of fares

So in this case you might need to follow up with the mileage plus desk if you get credited for V class instead of P which is the ticketed class booked and flown


Looks like all done now. I can not find 129 or 145 fares any more.


good for a morning laugh….




Is this deal dead?????


It’s dead.

Base Fare was $108 now $1088 under the same Fare base code V2UP14N3

This is a typical mistake fare where they miss the last digit which makes the difference between 108 to 1088


any good deals to miami from nyc 3/21-3/24 (21st am)


Once again Dan has a deal WAY before others. Not knocking other bloggers, but Dan consistently has deals posted well before others. Thanks Dan!


@Trevor: I’m calling BS on this one. It was posted on FT hours before Dan or anybody else blogged about it.


I booked this deal for a flight leaving tomorrow-tuesday. They originally booked me in first class, then cancelled the flight I was on and rebooked me in economy. I called customer service and they said they couldn’t do a/t for me b/c 1. there were no 1st class seats left on the next flight and 2. my ticket wasn’t 1st class?? Also, on the return flight, they have me in economy.