Ukraine Air: JFK-Tel Aviv With Overnight Connections In Kiev For $307 Round-Trip


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Sample dates:
March 17-23
March 18-26
April 14-27
April 19-26

You can also use Kayak’s flexible +/-3 day search to find other valid dates.

Flights are only valid with an overnight connection in Kiev (visit Uman overnight?):












HT: dealvr, via DDF

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Spend the night in a war zone to save a few hundred bucks? Sign me up!


Doesn’t work for TLV-JFK?


Kiev is a war zone like Tel Aviv is in a war zone.

Not that I saw.


Good to see DDMS on Israel time! Posts coming in before 3pm!


Uman? I had never heard. GIYF. question: does one gain R. Nachman’s blessing anytime or only Rosh Hashanah?


I see that business class is also an amazing deal. how are the seats in business with ukraine airlines? is it worth it? how does the business seats compare to other airlines? also what point system do they have? are they partners with united or amex, elal for the point system?

Na nach nachma nachman

@Zow: any


Do you need a visa for Soviet Union?


I dont see anything less than $475??


Would it be possible to take off a couple of days on one of the legs and visit Kiev? If so, how much extra?


“Dan Says:
March 4th, 2015 at 7:09 am
Kiev is a war zone like Tel Aviv is in a war zone.”

Good one, Dan!


Disclaimer: your plane may or may not get shot down.

@Dan when was the last time a plane for shot down flying over Tel Aviv? Oh right…

Dan's the Man

In case he was being serious. Kiev is in the Ukraine not The Russia Federation (the Soviet Union ended a few decades ago). US passport holders do not need a visa for the Ukraine. (You do need one for Russia if you ever want to go to Russia (unless you just have a stopover in the airport).

Helene strumeyer

Are you allowed to leave the airport? how does it work? sleep in hotel?

do you know of any flights where the layover is in Tel aviv and we just get off there?


No visa required for USA citizens up to 90 days.


is there anything to do in Kiev for the kosher traveler?


anyone see anything for the beginning of June at this price?


Anyone notice if there are tickets at this price for beginning of June?




anyone still finding anything

Liam Knuj

“Kiev is a war zone like Tel Aviv is in a war zone.”
There is a difference: Tel Aviv is in Eretz Yisrael, which affords people extra shmirah (divine protection). I didn’t make that up – it’s something the Rebbe ZT”L* said many times to people who were contemplating leaving Eretz Yisrael during war time.
(*Dan, I’m sure you know which Rebbe I’m referring to)


Us Air for those dates is showing 885 round trip which isn’t bad if you have a companion pass from Barclays that you need to burn.


Is it safe to travel through kiev? is it safe to stay overnight?


Reb Nachman promised the entire year that he’ll pull out from the lowest fallen spiritual level and from the gravest hell, whoever comes to his graveside and recites the 10 chapters of psalm (that you’ll easily find at the graveside, a special booklet with the indicated chapters). Re Kosher, there are two Kosher restaurants in Kiev, one next to Chabad Shul and one next to Rabbi Bleich Shul. For a driver, who knows well the place and is trustable is Alex, you could what’s app him as well‪+380 50 462 7682‬.


I’ve clicked on the priceline link, but it refuses to allow any entries into the return city field outside the US. DOES ANY BODY UNDERSTAND THIS?


You do realize that Tel Aviv is the same distance to Baghdad as Kiev is to Donetsk, right?

@Liam Knuj:
You missed my point completely.
Neither Tel Aviv or Kiev are in war zones!



UIA Economy is very crowded. If you are on one of their new planes the seats are reasonable. If you are on an older plane, bring a board to sit on or you may fall through. The kosher airline food out of Kiev is a disaster. It is cheap to get a cab into Kiev and Rabbi Bleich’s shul has a small hotel in the complex with the added advantage of assured minyanim and a restaurant. If you want to stay in town the Holiday Inn is cheap with either money or points and a good standard. The Beit Yehuda restaurant in the basement of the Brodsky [Chabad] Shul, not the King David Restaurant at the back, is exceptional value. There is a third kosher restaurant, Serebro which is overpriced and over vaunted.


I’ve never flown UIA, but I wouldn’t have high expectations from UIA or from KBP airport.

I just booked myself YYZ-TLV (via NYC) in business for a great price (wouldn’t burn miles), and since I’m based in NYC, all that I need to add is a flight to YYZ.

It seems like the YYZ flights are no longer a bargain (except if you are willing to fly LY – which I am glad to say I haven’t done in 15 years and don’t plan to do). However, you can get very good business class deals from YUL (for example on Swiss, return on United, or even AirCanada and United via Newark…)


I have flown Ukraine Air twice, hit by gun fire both time —-Quote from Brian Williams

junk mail

@liam knuj,
The Rebbe was quoting the possuk from Devorim that it is a land that the eyes of Hashem are constantly on it.


@Dan: It’s Purim. Brooklyn is a war zone


Can one leave the airport and not take use TLV leg?


Dan, I see the price on princeline for $587.36 for April 19 thru April 26. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help. Happy Purim

משה פליער

דן הגיע הזמן לחפש כרטיסים ללג בעומ . הציבור מחכה


הציבור מחכים למחיר נמוך עוד בעבור פסח


any time of the year


i want to travel to Israel for Passover with my family

we are 6 people me and my wife and 4 children from march 29 until
April 15 thank you ‘its stile the ticket available thank you we
waiting for your answer


@Achshell: @ISHAK GIAHN:

There tickets leaving on Apr 7th at $306.


For those of us flying to TLV via Kiev on the 10-19th of Feb, any interest in orgazing a van to go to Berditchev (a bit under 3 Hrs each direction) and possibly other Kevorim, during the stopovers?