HOT! Transaero: Tel Aviv To JFK For $302-$414 Round-Trip, JFK To Tel Aviv For $374-$559 Round-Trip!


Update, 08/19: The price from Tel Aviv-JFK has gone down for adults from $561 to $468 and for kids from $449 to $356. The price from JFK-Tel Aviv has gone down for adults from $706 to $613 and for kids from $521 to $428.

Update, 08/18: The price from Tel Aviv-JFK has gone up for adults from $414 to $561 and for kids from $302 to $449. The price from JFK-Tel Aviv has gone up for adults from $559 to $706 and for kids from $422 to $521.

Update, 08/15: The price from Tel Aviv-JFK has dropped for adults from $462 to $414 and for kids from $350 to $302. The price from JFK-Tel Aviv has dropped for adults from $607 to $559 and for kids from $422 to $374.

Infants remain $58.50, though for just $302 or $374 it can definitely make sense to make them 2 years old, purchase a kids rate seat, and bring a carseat onboard for them…

Originally posted on 08/12:

American Express is a advertiser.
Earn 3 points per dollar on airfare with the AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card or the AMEX Business Gold Rewards Card.

Bookable on or on

Most flights connect for 3-4 hours in Moscow/VKO:
















Many dates from October and on are available for $462 round-trip when departing from Tel Aviv and for $607 when departing from JFK.   Children 2-12 are $350 from Tel Aviv and $422 from JFK. Infants under 2 are $58.50.

2 free checked bags per person are included.

Sample dates include:
-October 14-21
-November 8-15
-December 2-16 (Chanukah)
-January 17-24
-January 24-31
-January 31-February 7
-February 21-28
-March 20-27 (Purim)
-April 20-May 1 (Pesach)

Tickets are refundable within 24 hours from the time of purchase as long as the flight is more than 1 week away. You will need to call to cancel.


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Anyone flown Transaero before? How did it go?
I am guessing since these need to be booked directly from Transaero and not Priceline I don’t have until midnight tomorrow night to cancel.


Their site miscalculates the fuel charges. The fuel charges for those flight should be $197.54, but their site only calculates $60. hence the low price.


It’s not miscalculated…fuel prices have come down drastically.


I checked multiple flights, and their site doesn’t charge the correct amount of taxes/fuel charges.


TLV>JFK children as low as $358.
It’s a great airline…..bring your own food and entertainment. Evrything else was great!


For flights from/to USA.
Full refund if cancellation during 24 hours after purchase and more than 1 week before the departure.

Travel Agent

Tickets Are Non refundable


When I select the flight, it shows $607 fare, but once I click NEXT, it shows fare at $833 + fees = $1,070.56. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?


@Travel Agent: Not true!!!
See above comments.


if the site is correct if you can catch a flight on the 777-300 it should have better entertainment options/look newer


Anyone else besides @Avi flown this airline? Can’t tell if he is joking or being serious…


I flew transaero before. Very good flight. The stopover airport -no one speaks English. But other then that it was very very worth it!


@Eric: I am being serious. 777-300 is from the 90’s. Seats have been reupholstered and are in great shape. The sale fares mean that you can’t choose which economy class you are in. They have regular economy in a 2-5-2 configuration with narrower aisles and then they have discount class which is also 2-5-2 but wider aisles = narrower seats. No blankets and pillows. 4 inch screens with looping video all in Russian. Kosher food but both meals were beef and rice. Bring your own food and your own entertainment. I flew a family of 6 from Israel for the summer for just under $2700. Looks like next summer will be the same…


When I click on the link it shows some error. Anyone else having this issue?


@Avi: Thanks for clarifying. I really appreciate it. Sounds like you would still do it again, so I guess it was not that bad. Any places to charge devices (phones, iPads, etc.)? How did you keep kids entertained?

What about safety and security? Any concern about connecting in Russia?


@Eric:My brother flew a few years ago, and we flew aeroflot last summer. both are safe airlines.


@Avi: not rue. They provide kosher food


If comes up with an error, try and change to English.


From montreal to TLV is also cheap?


@Eric: No charging places on the plane that I recall. We bought 2 android tablets. The flights are pretty much overnight so that’s always good – the kids slept and then watched movies played games on the tablets. Airport safety and security was fine. I’ll add my voice to the many who have pointed out that FAA regulates all transcontinental flights for safety standards. Concerns may be more well placed for flights within a foreign country.
@Anonymous: I said twice that there is kosher food but my experience was two of the same meat meals. The one that they served for breakfast included (with the beef and rice) a fruit cup. Dinner had cake. We brought sandwiches and granola bars. All was fantastic


Anyone know about the safety of azerbajjian airlines? Thanks.


I am having trouble booking it. I see a price for $1230


Booked for feb 7 – feb 17 for me and wife



HI! I am booking these tickets and it sys that the standard of service is nonrefundable. I just want to make sure that these tickets are refundable within 24 hours.


Booked tlv to jfk For $462

Thanks “DAN”


I flew Transaero from JFK-TLV in February with 3 kids. The flights were totally uneventful. You can order kosher meals. The meals on the flight departing JFK were American food, Borenstein caterers I believe. The meal on the flight departing TLV was Badatz. The meals on the flights departing Moscow were Russian food under the hashgacha of R’ Berel Lazar. Consult your LOR. The terminal in Moscow is 5 years old and is very nice. There is free wifi, although I suppose that Putin might be listening in. When you connect to the wifi you will be directed to a login screen. The login info is contained in the fine print. Don’t rely on the flight entertainment systems for entertainment. There were a couple of show that were in Russian with no subtitles. We had a minyan in the Moscow airport for Shacharis both ways and there was no issues.


I keep trying and had another person try and it’s saying credit card declined no matter what card I use…anyone else getting this?


YYZ-TLV is also showing good economy fares.

What cc?

What is the best credit card ? To use for this trip? I have them all


booked 6 for pesach earlier
son in law and daughter are getting the credit card decline message now


Getting error messages when trying to search a flight, i guess its a result of my filter (Nativ)


I booked a couple weeks ago, had my card denied twice.
You need to call your credit card company to let them know you aprove this transaction


@dan how about Domodedovo airport. Is this the same safe airport?


My flight says from Tlv their is overnight stop over in Moscow has anyone done this ? Where do you sleep??


does anyone know how to go about cancelling a reservation if needed?


0do u have to put in passport infromation. i am trying to book flights but dont have them on me

Yanky L.

I am trying to book for NY to tel aviv but i dont have a passport yet. Is there any way I can still book a flight?


Call them?

@Yanky L.:
Just make it up.


How can i book an unborn child?


Dan, are you sure they are refundable for 24 hours? You need to choose the non refundable fare to get this option


@Dan: im trying been on hold for 10 mins
a/o know if its for official documentation?


@Dan: dan are u sure?


Just booked 1st week Jan. 2 ticket for $1,215.
ThanX DAN!!!!!!!!

FYI: AMEX got denied at first. 30 seconds later amex calls me. Fraud protection dept. The guy waited online to ake sure it went through.


Call and ask them?

I don’t say anything I’m not sure of.

I don’t say anything I’m not sure of.

I don’t say anything I’m not sure of.

Nesiah tova!


im in process of booking andf a russian message is popping up. ots not allowing me to translat it or continue

Dan's the Man

@sa: Hey, better a Russian message pop up than a Chinese one! 🙂


what should i do?
a russian nessage is popping up?


@sa: it wants you to put in the passport number. make one up


@m: i did


mesa@m: message replied as age of child must be btwn 2-12 we booked for dec 24- jan-4 and this child is going to be 13 in march. it is recognizing him as 13 and not as 12.


@moshe: No need to book now for unborn child. Child (B’sha’a tova :)) has to be ticketed separately. Even if the price goes up, you are only paying 10% of full fare for that tix so it won’t be more than 150-200$




@Dan thanks booked 5 tickets for Lag baomer. If your having issues with credit card declining it’s the Bank not the airline. Had it with two cards Fraud protection


Looked at same date where this asked for $1350 (Oct) and Turkish is $850 via Lkwd TA


oh gosh no payment is being denied. spent like 3 hrs on this


I se there are a few questions regarding the airline and airport. I went earlier this year on transaero from JFK to VKO airport. the flight was uneventful. Accommodating staff who don’t speak English, kosher food on the flight. The flight was full of frum Jews (Kudos to dans deals!)
The airport was empty, spacious and beautiful. The gift shops all use Euro currency, the Russian ruble can only be used to be drinks. There are many outlets along the walls. There is a beautiful restaurant called the “my my” in the back end on the right side of the waterfalls that has wifi. you need to purchase something from them (cheapest a drink!) and then you can use the wifi, couches etc for hours..its comfortable and quiet. Upstairs outside the lounge is another place to catch wifi. no bentches up thr but its another option. important point although Verizon assured me I would have service (at an expensive price of course!) when it came down to it there was no service to be found.. the wifi was litteraly a life saver for the long trip (13 hour stop over) I stayed overnight in the airport as you need a visa to leave if you are only an American citizen. when I went to Russia Russian ruble was 33.3 for the dollar. Also, it is definitely worth it to download a Russian-English dictionary app.. it was a lifesaver!!!!
hatzlacha and hope this info helped..
it was a great and CHEAP experience that I highly recommend!


is it safe to send an 18 year old alone with a stopover in Moscow?


I am trying to book and I put in all the passenger information and when I press next to pay a Russian message is popping up and wont let me move forward, what does it want from me? Thanks!


I keep getting an error when I try press search from the .ru site. I cant even open the .us site. Is it because I am trying to book from Israel? What can I do?


How many pieces of luggage can u take, and what about luggage for a baby ?


@ carageenan:
From Israel the RU site has no prob


Though the flight itself is fine (my son flew this past school year on Transaero), the airline/”technology” is maddening. Their website is totally un-user-friendly, with MANY unexplained glitches. At any given time, your reservation can be dumped because the system decided you were on too long! The direct phone call yielded a “black hole” of time on hold (like an hour). When connected, the agent offered no real solution to their not processing the credit other than to tell me to try later. A heck of a way to run an airline. If you can persist through all of this, go for it….just be warned.


Thanks so much Dan! Just booked my whole family (all 6 of us) for Pesach for $1895!!

Extra seat

I’m assuming that if u want a seat for a infant that I should include him in the 2 to 12 age bracket?


I purchased tickets and went through checked with my credit card and it was processed but never got a confirmation email from them does anyone have a us number that I can call to confirm my tickets ?


I keep getting a message that “array of passengers is null”. Anyone else getting that?


@שמואל: i have the same problem with the nativ filter


btw, I switched to Chrome browser and so far it’s working (was using IE)


$607 yesterday is now $768


@Israeli: is your house available?


@Joe: check your spam, my conf email went there…



I spoke to their reservation office, they can change the passport information after the booking by calling them.


I just booked for 9 people – total of $3,316!
But I had to split up the bookings into 4 tix & 5 tix; it wasn’t working all at one shot so i spoke to a transaero rep. who said to split the bookings into 4 & 5
thanks dan!!!


Hello Dan!
I ordered tickets an hour ago and I made a mistake I’m trying to cancel the order
In my bookings just listed status open for use
And I do not see any option to cancel
Please your help thank you!


@Israeli: what dates?

Improving Seems like they’ve taken delivery of 1 of 4 Brand New A321s w/ Power/USB that they plan on using for VKO-TLV route.


if miss connection in Moscow and need to spend the night, airline says not their fault, can one leave airport without a visa?



With Israeli passport you dont need visa, with USA or EU you do


I booked a flight from Tel Aviv to New York on April 19 with three little children then I saw that there is a connection 15 hours in Moscow
I wanted to cancel the booking
I called the airline to cancel and they that the ticket is non refundable we can not cancel it
I understood here that can cancel within 24 hours
thank’s a lot!!



Scroll down to
“For flights from/to USA
Full refund if cancellation during 24 hours after purchase and more than 1 week before the departure.”

Call back and reference that page. If they refuse to refund then file a DoT complaint and wait a few days for the follow up:


@moshe: you could add it later by calling I did it 8777471191


Thank you Dan !!
it worked!
I was able to cancel it


yay! booked 3 tickets!!!
just realized that one of the passengers we didnt write english name thats on passport. how can i fix it?


Cancel and rebook?


do they allow 2 suitcases


I booked tickets for my family of 6! Thank you!
I put in fake passport #s because I wanted to hurry so that it wont time out in the middle like it did the first time I tried. Do I need to call the airlines and change them or can I leave it as is? Also, I booked an infant ticket as Unbornbaby will they let me switch the name later or did I just waste $58?

Thanks Again!


@rr: as per a representative: 2 pieces of 25 kilo each + 8 kilo carry on per adult and child. 10 kilo luggage for infant.


@carageenan: they said that they can change the name once the baby is born. Lets hope that its true!


i called them up regarding wrong name and they said they’ll fix it if i send a copy of the passport to them.


@Anonymous: Thank you, because the site didnt look like it


Thanks dan, bringing in my daughter and hubby for pesach


Hi- It asks me for my privilege number….any idea what that is? There’s an error message coming up in russian that doesn’t allow me to continue without this info


@dan – when I called to cancel they are saying that I can only cancel online for online reservations…any help?


Ask how to do that/ask for a manager.


There is more dates for this trip? Thank you


how long is the flight?


Many more.

Look at the screenshot in the post.


@dan is this bookable on priceline




If I have amex miles can I use it to book this flight for pesach? If yes what’s the best way?


1. Buy these tickets now.
2. Sell AMEX points to a broker to cover the cost of these tickets.


Do I have 24hrs to cancel?


Read the post.


Is it available for this month?


Access denied to website

sam i am

website denied access.


showing $185


I just want to clarify, Can I book a ticket now and cancel it up to 1 week before, or only within 24 hours?


Keep getting credit card denied. Never have a problem using this card???????


Tried both links in the post?

“Tickets are refundable within 24 hours from the time of purchase”

Call the number on the credit card.


@hvaces42 @sam i am
Try and switch the language to English.


Are the displayed times eastern standard for JFK?


EDT of course.


flew 2 months ago with kids. Was great airline and good service! Ama zing experience!!


If I have an expired passport can I book a ticket?




Website keeps crashing when I submit the payment. I keep getting payments denied errors, but I have tried several credit cards. Anyone else getting this error?


thank u dan…do u know if this low price will work for next july or august?


Did you try calling the credit card?


…or next Sep? (2016)


I tried using 2 different amex cards that never had a. Problem with and neither now worked. Called amex and they approved the charge. Call your c.c.


I got a confirmation just I don’t see a charge pending on my cc? Can it take a while?


Prices are good till June 2016. I tried July and on and nothing came up.


“No results corresponding to the specified parameters.” I’m getting that message from webpage when I try to see what flights are available in you know what that means?


does anyone know which dates are $374?


The website is terrible!! Doesn’t work on the phone. When I go to the IPad it keeps crashing.. .


Try another browser or the alternate link in the post.

$374 is the kids rate.

Use a computer.


Why am i getting message when i Terry to book “blocked by security rules” ???


Do you have filtered internet?


did anyone find dates from ny to tel aviv that was $374? thanks!


No i don’t


You already asked that and I already answered you.
Read the post update again.

Try another browser or the alternate Transaero link in the post.


Dan Will there be better deals in the near future for January


Im getting the message from transaero as soon as i put in the cities and dates i want


I’m not a prophet, sorry.
This seems like a very good deal.

Did you try what I said in 134??


Dan, do you know if the low price will work for next Jul, Aug, or Sep?? (2016)?


Dan, just booked two tickets on my phone from Israel in Feb. Thanks!
You need a lot of patience. Both links above do not work in Israel.
Only went through.


Thanks Dan & Sir for the advice. I called up my CC and it worked. Booked Feb 21-28 and Mar 13-20 for my family of 6. Will probably cancel the Feb reservations and keep the March, to increase the chance of warmer weather. Thanks, Dan!


What dates work for the 450$ tickets??


How long do you think this deal is going to last for?


@Israeli: what dates worked??


Is Elal going to have any sales?


Do I need to have my passport when I book?


No, you can make the number up. It’s meaningless.


We booked round trip tickets for 2
Adults and a baby from TLV to JFK for November it was only $877 total!
Thank you Dan!


Can anyone tell me whether the dates can be changed once booked, and if so, for how much money? thanks.


מסכים עם 9
כשלוחצים “הבא” הוא משנה את המחיר למשהו גבוה – אין שום ×”× ×—×”?!


I cant access the website. I tried both links in Chrome and in Safari and neither work. ??


thanx dan, now my mom back in the states will get to see her 2 grankids.
btw whats with the luggage, the ticket says only 20kg but i remember them allowing 2 suitcases per person


Price now $589 jfk to tlv


what is privilege number? UN______?


Most US credit cards will initially view these ruble transactions as suspicious and initially decline the charge. If you receive an email from your credit card company questioning the transaction and recognize the charge, it will then allow you to re-enter the whole order and would be approved the following time. Worked for me.


Flights from to/from Toronto were coming out to $500


Hi Dan,

I booked this last night, thank you. But I never got a email confirmation from airlines but I do see the charge on my card? I am sure I put the correct email.


How can I book for an unborn baby that will be born at the time of the flight?


Is Pesach still available? I get $802.12 for 1 adult round trip. Thanks


Has anyone booked for more than 11 days? Can we book a 3 week trip for the same cheap fare?



I put in a fake number and DOB and will update it be”h


dear dan, or fellow know-it-all:
if i purchase tix, and need to change dates after 24hrs, i assume it’ll be a change fee/penalty and diff in fare. do u know what the fee/penalty is? per ticket or per reservation? thnx


i booked tickets, i did 1st name in Surname and Name has my last name. i was too quick on the trigger i booked them on Wednesday last week. any need to call and have that changed or it will work. i did the same mistake for my wife and son.

Chaya Azer

We flew Transaero a few days before Succos last year. Most of the plane was chassidim and/or frum. We had a minyan in the airport.The Russian stewardesses are a little uptight. They were really nervous giving out the kosher meals and thrown off when people had switched seats. The food to Russia was fine, but from Russia to EY as well as on the way back . . . well, bring your own. The hechsher I was told from a good source in Passaic is a good one. FYI – I think it is a Lubabvitch hechsher. They gave us every meal the same “box” with little containers inside of cold stuff. The chumous was frozen, the fish or whatever it was didn’t look great (although 1 son loved it) the jelly ok. The little hot meal that accompanied it was ok but not the yummiest. It wasn’t enough food. Maybe they’ve improved since last year. There were monitors in front of in each seat with movies, flight tracking, etc. although the stewardesses take time to give you plug in earphones (I save them them from other international flights for my kids and brought them along so they wouldn’t have to wait.) I think there were re-charge plug ins for electronics underneath/between the seats, but not 100% sure.

We book from a travel agent in EY as their fees are cheaper and it is faster.


I think that they going out of business, so they give these low prices,


For those getting payment denied errors, learn from my experience. The processor for the payments ( might have blacklisted you after your payment was denied the first time by your cc company. Using a different card will not help. Use a card with a different name (family member or friend) and for good measure use different email address and phone number. Before you use their card make sure that the notify their cc company to expect the charge so that it is authorized already.


Can first names and dob be changed later on? (As for an unborn baby?)


anyone getting this message

Авиакомпания “Трансаэро”
Пожалуйста, введите код как на картинке.
Если картинка не отображается, это означает, что с вашего IP адреса или Вашего провайдера велась активность, похожая на негативную, и данный IP адрес временно заблокирован.
Для повторного входа закройте полностью браузер и попробуйте зайти через 1 час.
Transaero Airlines – Access Denied
Error code 16
This request was blocked by the security rules



I entering flight info and click find flight and thats the message im getting
whats the deal.


Hi Dan
We tried buying the cheap tickets for chanukah and got all the way to the payments,but when we tried paying with a spg card it didnt work and said “remote server denied payment”, but when we payed with a chase sapphire the server took it.
Just trying to help those who get the “Remote server denied payment” Error.

p.s Thanks a lot dan for always keeping us updated with the latest and greatest deals!!!


This has been mentioned a dozen times, you need to call the card.


@cr: YOU could add the baby after its born by calling 8777471191


I’m been trying to book tickets from TLV-NYC-TLV and the price I’m getting is 515$, looking at the breakdown shows that the Taxes increased to 290$ Vs 190$ shown on the screenshot above (the fare remains the same 225$), is there anything to do about this?


Taxes are increasing tickets asterisk now $660, but the fare is still the same $185, is there anyway to get the original $559?


Another question:
according to Transaero’s website you’re allowed 2 piece luggage only from / to USA but not on the connection flights (those are limited to 1 luggage – 20KG), does anyone know if you can take 2 suitcases also at the connecting flight to / from Israel?
otherwise the option of taking 2 suitcases is meaningless!
Thank you


I am also getting the price $100 more bec of taxes! Dan, does that mean the deal is over?


@Sir: Sir – I had the same problem using my credit card. I must have tried the transaction 20 times having to re-input the passport info each time. I trouble-checked with my credit card company (Capital One). The problem wasn’t coming from their end. Finally, gave up the double points and used a different credit card. Try that. Maybe it will work. It went through promptly and I got 4 tkts for $559. each. Thanks Dan !!


@Robert: Robert, the website is WORSE than terrible. I have never had a more annoying experience and the agents on the phone will not help you at all. Literally ! That having been said, if you can get it to work, it’s worth it.


I tried booking 5 tickets on Transero for less than $500 per ticket to Israel in January, 2016, but was unable to complete purchase because the airline required the passport ID# which I don’t have as I am in the process of getting them now. Otherwise, the cheapest airline, El Al is more than $900 per ticket. Dan, any suggestions? Should I wait for prices to come down or book now? Many thanks for your advice!


why am I getting an error message when I try to go on the transaero website?


Make it up.

Use another browser or use the other link in the post.


Is it safe 2 send a 16 year old girl alone on this flight?


I think the deal is over,
I tried in many ways and it is always show the tas of $336 on each ticket.

avraham s

adult tickets now come up to $561.40 RT TLV-NYC.

daniel b

i just booked four tickets, two adults and two kids tickets for my family for pesach 2016, total cost $2,539, payment declined first time, called the bank went thru no problem, youre not gonna find anything cheaper book it while you can


Dan how long are the stopovers I can’t figure it out


I’m getting some sort of security message.


Flew back from Israel on transeroe this past summer. Flights are fine, I think the seats are actually much wider than American Airlines in economy but don’t know for entertainment & kosher food was a waste of time… There are three Moscow airports we flew into VKO it’s a big wide open terminal. The wifi is free but the login is confusing (you have to enter a code from the login page) we had a minyan for shachris of like 30 ppl which was nice. Think you need a converter like Israel for chargers. The real annoying part is no one speaks English! I spent a lot of time trying to find the one Priorty pass lounge but it seems like it is not accessible from a connecting flight since you can’t leave the terminal. In the terminal Turkish has a really hot lounge & I forgot which airline was the second.. Duty free is amazing there! Got glenlivet 21 for 90$ (in U.S. It’s over 200$) & the glenlivet 18 1liter bottle for 50$ (in U.S. The smaller bottle is over 100$)


Do you have to get your luggage from the first leg and bring it to the second flight, or does the airline do it for you?


“Duty free is amazing there! Got glenlivet 21 for 90$ (in U.S. It’s over 200$) & the glenlivet 18 1liter bottle for 50$ (in U.S. The smaller bottle is over 100$)”

thats cuz in russia all these r in the softdrink section


can’t get past the front page of the website?? it keeps saying “Transaero Airlines – Access Denied”.. i tried different browser’s and no filter.. Anyone have other ideas??


@aron15: Try and then change to English.


booked ticket, then realized got wrong dates, canceled online within 24 hrs after cs told me to do so and rebooked correct dates. got an email saying first ticket wont be refunded. filed DOT complaint, what now? deny charge on cc? will that screw me over in any way?


DOT should get back to you within a week.
Otherwise do a chargeback and submit the link from their site that says their refund policy.


The flights for December are showing 613 round trip…? How do I get it down to 460?


Trying to buy tickets,What’s a privilege number


I booked for Pesach earlier, but I found cheaper fares now for the same flights. I submitted a refund form for the 1st tickets but does anyone know if I can even rebook the new reserv. now or will it get cancelled out in their system until they refund me for the 1st one in a few days? Thanks!!!


Just booked! !!! Tysm dan! Just wondering what I can do about the fact that I got a confirmation email in russian?


Worked for me for dates Sept. 10(Before rosh hashana) – Oct. 7 (Motzoah Succos) For $641


@ dan #194
link please?


It’s in the post.


When I went in summer I had the following happen; booked for 603$ (Tlv-JFK one way) but never got confirmation email. Few days late priced dropped to 450$ so after calling Amex & vayama & both saying no record of first booking I booked again for 450$ few days later the first booking was processed.. Went back and forth with transveroe & vayama (booked thru kayak) where they said they would refund my original ticket & then they reneged. I finally spoke to supervisor (Yana) at NYC office of transveroe& she assured me they will issue refund but I should cancel the first booking even though it’s non-refundable so that it’s clear to the processors which booking to keep & which to cancel. A few days after I did that I spoke to her and she said the Moscow office is refusing to refund the first booking and that she recommends dispute thru cc company.

I’m in middle of the dispute with Amex but is there any other recourse? Would filling a complaint with the DOT help??



Booked family and they charged me in ruble, conversion was over $40 more than quoted price and I was charged $53 AmEx transaction fee!
Anything I can do without putting the tickets in jeopardy?


I have been trying to book these tickets the past couple of days but it always prices out to like $2,500 for 2 adults.

Does it drop when you by the final page?


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Dan you wrote to Steve above, that he can make up the i.d#? I dont have my passports on me bec im at work, are you suggesting i make up passport numbers and expiration dates? Thats not going to matter later on? I could wait till i get home later and get the passports……


It won’t matter.


On the US site?
Do a chargeback for the difference.


ok, taking your word, thank you!!


It says “remote system has denied your payment” whats should I do?


I booked tickets on Wednesday for about $3000 now I got a pending charge on my credit card for 99.70 from jeunesse global llc. What in the world is this?


And I know that the extra 100 charge was connected cuz haven’t used that cc in a while. Dan do u know what this is all about? Anyone else got this?

Martin Ginsberg

On the website, it ways each ticket can bring 2 bags from JFK. On the return from TLV, only 20kg. Is there going to be a problem?


I’m repeating my Question, since i didn’t get an answer and this is really important for me to know, so whoever can give a reliable answer I’ll really appreciate it:

according to Transaero’s website you’re allowed 2 piece luggage only from / to USA but not on the connection flights (those are limited to 1 luggage – 20KG), does anyone know if you can take 2 suitcases also at the connecting flight to / from Israel?
otherwise the option of taking 2 suitcases is meaningless!
Thank you


@u: they book the credit card without an address so the cc company thinks it’s fraud. U need to call the cc company and ask them to put it thru and then it will work.


if i dont cancel within 24 hrs, is there an option of cancelling for a fee? if yes for how much?


@Yaakov: does anybody know the answer?
please help.


@Yaakov: As per their call center,8777471191, as long as you check it straight through, 2 pieces are allowed.


@Dave: Thanks Dave for the info.


@chulent: Same thing happened to me. I think I might have booked tickets on the website without realizing it. But I did get an email telling me the price in US dollars and the price charged to my credit card was $50 more. Any luck getting the price difference and foreign transaction fee back?


@Dan: Dan, what is a chargeback? Is that a dispute? Will Transaero monkey around with the reservations as revenge? Thanks.


Is this deal still available? I have been trying to book a flight, can someone explain to me how to book a flight?