Tips For Day 3 Of Jetblue’s 90% Off Promo


Judging from my Google Analytics logs, lots of you want to grab cheap Jetblue tickets.  I’ve gotten thank you emails from dozens of people who are all over the country and Caribbean for less than $100 round-trip, enjoy your vacations!

Here’s what you need to know.

The sale will start exactly at noon.  It will be posted here and I will tweet it out right away.

-The promo code and dates for today’s sale won’t be known until noon.  Once they are known I will send out a tweet to my @DansDeals followers.  I also start searching for sample fares to put in the post, if you keep refreshing the past you will see my latest finds.

-Jetblue will hold these sales for the next 2 days as well, though I won’t be covering Saturday’s sale of course.

-If you are really quick you’ll be able to book something before their systems get slammed.  Otherwise expect lots of errors and messages saying that they couldn’t price your selected flights.  This just means their servers are under a lot of stress.  Just start your search again.

-Yesterday their system was very unreliable from 12:05-12:45.  This was probably caused by the sheer number of people trying to get in on the deal.  Once people bailed and stopped searching, the the load on Jetblue’s servers eased up and flights started pricing with the 90% off coupon properly.

-You need to select the departing and returning flights before the 90% discount will appear!

-Flights seem to disappear from the system during that timeframe as well so if you were searching for a flight it wouldn’t show anything.  Those flights reappeared at about 12:45 again so people that stuck it out were rewarded with $60 flights to Florida to $80 flights to the west coast.  Persistence is the key.

-Even if you select a discounted flight you need to be quick.  Lots of people will be chasing the same seats and whoever check out quickest will get them.   Don’t be stuck with an error on the checkout page, move quickly!

-It’s only valid for flights leaving EWR, JFK, and LGA.  However as I showed yesterday you can search for flights going to regions like from New York City area to Los Angeles area, S. Francisco area, or South Florida area.  Note that the area search will include other NYC airports that don’t qualify for the discount.  Also the area search doesn’t always work properly and leaves off some flights so you should also check individual airports.

-I did notice that sometimes the discount wasn’t working properly.  A Newark-Orlando-Newark flight was not giving the discount but using the region search a flight from Newark-Orlando-LaGuardia did give the discount.  Go figure.

-While the Jetblue website said that the coupon was sold out for the day at about 1:45pm, it kept working until about 2:15pm.

-If you want to fly just one-way from NYC you can book a round-trip and just not fly the return.

Have more tips? Hit the comments!

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My advice is similar to yours. I got my ticket yesterday at around 12:45 after trying for the first half hour and getting no where… I waited the 10-15 mins and it came back up again, grabbed the tickets hassle free!


Very important also is that you need to select a outgoing & returning flight before any discount will show up.


Congrats! Where are you headed to?

Of course, added to the post!

Deal lover

What is the refund policy? I want to know if I can book first and think later.


@Deal lover:
Jetblue doesn’t officially offer refunds for flights that take off within 7 days.

Deal lover



Is it only from the New York area? I am looking to fly from the DC area to Florida in November


you could buy the refundable ones for a little more


Do i need to book a ticket for a child under 2?


Is there a promo code to enter?


@Deal lover: No refunds or changes. Tried to fix mistake, called twice and would not budge. Supervisors are very strict with fare rules on these tickets.


Anyone have any luck with using BA points for return and using Jet Blue just for the outbound. Seems like on the East coast MIA might be the only option for this.


Read the post.



Read the post.

Won’t work.


Haha let the party begin. I am only wondering what the dates are….

technical question

so if i select all the flights and go through with everything until submit payment in advance, then where will i enter the code at 12? which page? won’t I have to start over?


Is this promo available on international flights or on domestic only? (I would like to hit one of the islands.)


hey dan how many flights can I book at once … I wanna get the whole family on one flight


can we book more than one seat at a time?


what dates can I depart?


Eh. Was hoping for today’s deal to let you travel next week. That’s one less person hogging bandwidth 🙂


@Dan: Why can’t I drop 2nd leg, like your hidden city ticketing strategies?


this deal wont work for Jewish travelers flying out has to be Friday Or Saturday

technical question

Guess we’ll have to wait until Sundays


Where can you enter the Promo code? I am not seeing the box this time!


Thanks Dan!!! You really are the man! I’m sitting at the JetBlue gate in JFK now all thanks to you. Thanks again! Got round trip for 206 for both me and my wife. Insane!!!

Leave before 12pm on Fri

Does anyone see the Promo code box when beginning search?


I entered the discount , selected flights, however it is showing the regular price in the checkout box any help is appreciated.

ilya from dayton

What’s the nearest jet blue affiliated airport to cleveland? Is it worth it


Sorry, misread what you wrote.
Yes, that would work.

You can book more than 1 person.


I am one of those people who have been trying for days and couldn’t get it to work. And suddenly it did (kind of like passing a really hard level on Candy Crush!) Keep trying, with all different combinations. Eventually it will work. But again, I tried for 2 days and tried about 40 times before I finally got a hit!


where do you put in prmom


@Dan: Thanks for adding it now to the post. I was set to go to MIA for 24hrs Thursday during yesterday’s deal $65RT; with BA return 4500 + $2.50 on 6am MIA to LGA on Fri. I looked at weather first, and decided against it and I’m happy I didn’t go. Looks quite rainy/flash flooding down there.

Going To LA!!

I got tickets leaving motzei shabbos from JFK to LAX- returning on wednesday! Total was $107.30. Just letting you know that there was a glitch and it booked me 3 times on the same flight- just got off the phone with Jet Blue and they refunded me the other two tickets. 🙂 Thanks Dan!!


thanks so much dan! on the line with expedia i booked with them last week for over 1000 to la seeing how much the change fees would be in case we get tomo. if we can only leave sunday night or monday will the deal work for us? or its limited to outgoing flights over the next few days only?