Spirit: Round-Trip Flights To Florida And California From $68 Round-Trip

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Update: This code was supposed to have expired already, but is still alive!


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You can save on Spirit flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 09/29-11/18 or 12/02-12/16 with promo code: 99PCT

The code doesn’t work for all routes, but you can plug it in to any route and see what you find.

For example:

-A flight from LaGuardia to Fort Lauderdale is $69 round-trip:















-A flight from Atlantic City to Fort Lauderdale is $69 round-trip:















-A flight from Cleveland to Los Angleles is $68 round-trip:
















-A flight from Cleveland to Fort Lauderdale is $68 round-trip:















-A flight from Chicago to Oakland, CA is $68 round-trip:















-A flight from LaGuardia to Los Angeles via Detroit is $89 round-trip:
















-A flight from LaGuardia to Oakland, CA via Chicago is $87 round-trip:



















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36 Comments On "Spirit: Round-Trip Flights To Florida And California From $68 Round-Trip"

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Just booked my daughter for chol hamoed and 2nd days for less than a trip to six flags


Hey Dan, Do you think the airlines have been more competitive compared to other years around this time period? It seems like there are deals left and right! I’m waiting for something NYC>FLL in November, just waiting it out…



Did you try using this code for LGA-FLL on a Tuesday or Wednesday?



LGA>FLL $34.48 on the first Wednesday.


Good job!✈️🚁!


I just booked Atlantic City to FLL for $70 round trip! Code is still working-Thanks!


How can i get a good deal to go to FL or LA on november 26th.?


Does this work in jan?


Can you originate in cities in CA for this deal?


Read the post.



Thanks Dan! Got two tickets with two carryons and one checked bag for $237 from 12/09-12/15.


@dan how long to cancel?


Safe travels!

Spirit = 24 hours from time of purchase if the flight is at least 7 days away.


Cancellation policy?


Are changes within 24 hours free? I want to change one flight to an earlier one.


Thanks Dan! Changed! Woo-hoo! Now going to read up on what to do and where to stay. Any ideas for using the new SPG I just got? Looking for something affordable.


Wouldn’t fly with them for free.
Dan you shouldn’t post anything from Spirit Air, Its a ticket to and from Hell. Unless you are a seasoned flyer and have clothing in both places and you have a slow release Xanax DON’T FLY SPIRIT.
I fly every week back and forth. The employees at that airline talk down to their customers and are out right rude. They will tell you “If you don’t like it , fly with another airline”
There are no free rides with spirit, Read all the blogs. You will NEVER find a happy spirit customer.
If you want to be a happy customer its an additional fee.
Vhamavin Yovin.


I recently flew Spirit for the first time. It is ok to fly if you know what to expect. Expect to pay for baggage (and plan accordingly), expect to have less legroom and expect not to be re-routed quickly if your flight is cancelled. They have more cancellations due to no back-up planes in the fleet. If you have Southwest miles, I would book Spirit, and have a backup Southwest flight later that day which you can cancel if Spirit works. People should also know that if Spirit cancels a flight, you can either be re-routed or get a credit to use within a short window – no credit card refund. Flyer beware but it can work.


Paid $75 for Big Front Seat on transcon redeye. Money well spent.


@Josh: You are absolutly right. However most people are just looking for a ground level cheap entry, you are not from those that I am warning, you have been there done that and that price you paid for those cheap tickets came with a VERY high stress level until you learned what to expect, however most people are relying on DANS posting, If Dan is posting it must be good.
Dan , I Still love you.


Funny, because we just had guests over for R”H who flew spirit LAX-CLE and said it was just fine.

Not everyone is high maintenance. If you are then pay the $400 to fly nonstop LAX-JFK. Otherwise, there are plenty of people who will enjoy paying $80.


@Dan: There could be a few possible reasons for that. 1- They had the big front seat (yes , they are great). 2- Its a new route and they are nice until they hook enough fish. 3-Your guest wanted a KAPORAH for their avairos 4- They took Xanax slow release. 5- all of the above.
Dan: FYI.I flew with Spirit every week for 3 years 07,08,09.
Jumped ship to JetBlue never turning back unless there is is a snow storm. JetBlue tries not to fly for the safety of its flight crew and passengers while Spirit flies so they don’t loose a penny and the hell with everyone.


Thank you for posting.
Was looking for Nov 7 on previous deals LGA>FLL didnt capitilize.
As far as Spirit is concerned, they are what they market themselves as. I am not expecting anything other than getting from point a to point b. When flying spirit I waive my rights as a passenger and recommendation is not even a thought.
You get what you pay for.
Thank you for posting…


Do you know if they charge for strollers? Also would they charge for a Luluv and esrog as a carry on?


Is there a way to sign up for their $9 fare membership without paying the fee?


100 dollars roundtrip from los angeles to NY for sukkos with a piece of luggage 🙂


@metro: No charge for strollers, that’s right NO charge.

Andrew L

Discount code still works!


Seems like this should be booked with the Sapphire Preferred or another card with travel insurance…


Coupon usage/booking must be made on spirit.com by 11:59PM on September 29, 2015


Thx!!! I’m in Miami with my wife and 4 kids. Great price


just booked family for early dec to fl. yikes. first time on spirit. hope it goes well.


i find that its usually quicker to drive than use spirit, but if u catn afford the gas, i guess they r worth the hassle


thank you Dan code worked today booked ACY-MCO for next week


Is there any more available tickets for this deal I’d like to go November 23 2016 till November 27 http://www.dansdeals.com/archives/74605