Southwest: Fly Nonstop Between Philadelphia And Fort Lauderdale For $59 Or 2,923 Points Each Way, LGA-Chicago From 1,946 Points Each Way


Update: Similarly priced tickets are also available between Fort Lauderdale and Austin or Pittsburgh.


Southwest has a revenue based mileage program, so when there’s a sale, award prices go down as well.

Currently they have nonstop flights between Philadelphia and Fort Lauderdale for $59 each way.

Or you can use just 2,923 points plus $5.60 each way, a value of 1.83 cents per point  ($53.40/2,923).













Of course if you have a companion pass from earning 110K Southwest points in a year you’ll pay half of that per person.

With Southwest you get 2 free checked bags and you can get a full refund of your points without paying any penalty.

You can transfer Chase points instantly to Southwest with a Sapphire Preferred or Ink Plus card.

Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale $59/2,923 point dates:
January 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 30
February 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9

Fort Lauderdale to Philadelphia $59/2,923 point dates:
January 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
February 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10

There are also great Southwest point deals from LGA to Chicago/MDW on most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturday from February-May:














Post what other deals you find!

HT: Dan’s the Man

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And that’s where the companion pass kicks in. Nyc fll for less than 1000 points per person


love southwest but wish southwest had direct/nonstop flights from nyc or phl to southern California


@Anonymous: you can fly out of ISP, it is far, but the small airport compensates for some of the time. I have flown direct from there

Dan's the Man

Thanks the HT!
I already had booked PHL to FLL for 4.4K points each way. I was the quick check and noticed the return date for me went down to 2.9K points. I “changed” the reservation to get back over 1,500 points per person! This is for 6 people so was a big savings. The total round trip per person is now only 7.6K points roundtrip from PHL to FLL! If I’d switch my departing date one day up I’d be able to 2.9K flights but we’re on a tight schedule. Southwest is MUCH better than Avios especially for families! Just don’t forget to set your alarm to 24 hours before departure to get A boarding. If you flying with a kid under 5 then you can board in between A and B so you’d be able to get seats together.

Thanks for all the great advice Dan!


@Anonymous: Yea,and I wish Southwest had direct. NYC – TLV 😉

Dan's the Man

@Anonymous: I agree. They do have non-stops from BWI to the west coast if you don’t mind driving down there. Amtrak is also an option as it goes pretty quickly and stops at the BWI train station airport. Also you could book flights from ISP where you’d take a short flight to BWI where you can switch to a flight to the west coast.
I’m happy that beginning in April Swouthwest will start flying from EWR to Orlando. I hope they add FLL from EWR eventually but PHL or ISP aren’t too bad for me. I’d rather drive 90 minutes the airport (especially if they cheap off-airport parking options like both ISP & PHL d0) than leave from EWR or LGA and have a stopover.
Remember if you have an infant on Southwest to bring a copy of the birth certificate if the baby didn’t have his bris yet they’ll still ask for it to confirm age.


@my08701: They don’t fly non-stop from ISP to southern California. From ISP they just fly to BWI and Florida.



ummm dont you think much more doable to add a nonstop from Newark to west coast than fly across Atlantic?


Can you get back the $5+ fees when you cancel?



Deal Guy

@Dan’s the Man:

What do you mean about setting your alarm 24 hours before departure for A boarding? Thats how they work, that whoever checks in online first gets first boarding?


@Dan: Nice, I’ve been witing to use my companion pass…just got it recently!

Dan's the Man

@Deal Guy: They don’t have seat assignments. They have open seating. They do have assigned boarding order. There are 3 boarding groups A, B, & C. Each group has numbers (i.e. A1-A60, B1-B60, C1- until the end of the flight). “Business” tickets and those with frequent flyer status get automatically assigned a boarding position at 36 hours before the departure time. All others get a boarding position when they check in which can be done starting 24 hours before departure time. You can pay $12.50 to be automatically given a position time. As I mentioned those with children under 5 can board during family boarding in between boarding positions A and B.


Thank you Dan, I saved 7 x 1500 points by changing my return flight to the same flight at less mileage

Deal Guy

@Dan’s the Man:
Thanks for the explanation.


Some of these rates are even cheaper now. LGA-Chicago is from 1750 and PHL-Florida is from 1946 in my searches.