SIZZLING! JFK-Abu Dhabi For $187, JFK-Hong Kong For $290, JFK-Johannesburg For $291, JFK-Manila For $306, JFK-Mumbai For $311 Round-Trip On Etihad

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Update 2: DEAD!

Update, 8:30pm: Still plenty of seats available on Priceline from JFK to Johannesburg (and other cities such as Manila, Delhi, and Mumbai as well), though prices have climbed and now flights have 2 stops, in Paris and Abu Dhabi.  The good news is that you can credit all of those segments to American miles and pick up 21.6K AA miles for a round-trip!

Some sample dates:
01/21-01/28: Shows $423 then drops to $402.
01/28-02/04: $368
02/03-02/10: $369
02/04-02/11: Shows $423 then drops to $402.
02/09-02/15: Shows $423 then drops to $402.
02/18-02/25: Shows $423 then drops to $402.
02/23-03/03: Shows $368 then drops to $352.
03/03-03/10: $369
03/25-04/13: Shows $423 then drops to $402.
03/25-04/14: Shows $368 then drops to $352.
03/30-04/14: $368
03/31-04/14: $368
04/14-04/21: Shows $368 then drops to $352.
04/21-04/28: $423
04/27-05/06: Shows $369 then drops to $353.
05/06-05/13: Shows $369 then drops to $353.
05/11-05/18: $385
05/19-05/26: Shows $369 then drops to $353.

-Earn 2-2.14 points per dollar and get free insurance for trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, lost luggage, delayed luggage, and travel accident with Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Bookable on Priceline. Priceline tickets from the USA are refundable until 11:29pm ET the day after purchase:









-You can also compare pricing on Orbitz, which may be different than Priceline. Orbitz tickets are refundable until 10pm CT the day after purchase.

-Orthodox Jews with a US passport can freely enter Abu Dhabi without issue, even if they have Israeli stamps in their passport.  There are several trip reports on DDF to Abu Dhabi and Dubai that all went without issue despite religious paraphernalia and kosher food.

-Etihad is one of the highest rated airlines in the world and kosher meals are available.  2 free 70 pound bags are included in all fares.

-Etihad flights between the US and Abu Dhabi don’t earn any American miles, but flights between Abu Dhabi and other cities will earn miles. A round-trip from Abu Dhabi to Johannesburg or Hong Kong will earn about 7,500-8,000 American miles.

-These fares generally seem to work on most weekdays from January-May and from September-November.  Below are random sample dates where the fare was valid as of the time of this posting.

-Cheap fares are also available from other US cities like Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

-Fares are only valid for departure from the US.

-You can select multiple destinations if you want a free stopover in Abu Dhabi and then continue onto another destination.


JFK-Abu Dhabi nonstop is $187 round-trip.
Sample dates: 01/21-01/28, 01/27-02/04, 02/10-02/17, 02/17-02/24, 02/24-03/03.

JFK-Hong Kong via Abu Dhabi is $290 round-trip. This fare is valid in the fall only.
Sample dates: 09/01-09/08 (now $385),10/20-10/27, 11/03-11/10.

JFK-Johannesburg via Abu Dhabi is $291 round-trip.
Sample dates: 01/20-01/27, 01/28-02/04, 02/11-02/18, 02/18-02/25, 02/25-03/04, 03/04-03/11, 03/11-03/18, 03/25-04/13, 04/22-04/29, 05/20-05/27, 09/07-09/14, 10/13-10/20.

JFK-Manila via Abu Dhabi is $306 round-trip.
Sample dates: 02/11-02/18, 03/10-03/17.

JFK-Mumbai via Abu Dhabi is $311 round-trip.
Sample dates: 02/18-02/25, 03/03-03/10, 05/05-05/12, 09/08-09/15, 10/21-10/28, 11/03-11/10.

JFK-Delhi via Abu Dhabi is $337 round-trip.
Sample dates: 02/18-02/25.

JFK-Mahe, Seychelles via Abu Dhabi is $611 round-trip.
Sample dates: 02/04-02/11, 02/11-02/18, 03/11-03/18.

Chicago-Abu Dhabi nonstop is $220 round-trip.
Sample dates: 02/10-02/17, 03/03-03/10, 04/02-04/9, 05/11-05/18, 09/17-09/24, 10/05-10/12.

Chicago-Johannesburg via Abu Dhabi is $418.50 round-trip.
Sample dates: 02/10-02/17, 03/03-03/10, 04/20-04/27, 09/23-09/30, 10/26-11/02.

Washington-Abu Dhabi nonstop is $220 round-trip.
Sample dates: 02/10-02/17, 03/03-03/10, 04/02-04/9, 05/11-05/18, 09/17-09/24, 10/05-10/12.

Los Angeles-Yerevan, Armenia is $190 round-trip.
Sample date: 02/05-02/10

Los Angeles-Abu Dhabi nonstop is $495 round-trip.
Sample dates: 01/28-02/05, 03/02-03/09, 05/05-05/12, 09/02-09/09.

HT: AJK via DDF and TFD


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Aren’t Jews band to from that country? Abu Dhabi


1st off, please read the post.
2nd, the word is banned. And no, we’re not at all.


anyone up?:)
wish it was el al


About 500 people woke up to click on this according to Google…


which is the best vacation spot?


Hong Kong is an incredible city, lots of kosher choices.

Johannesburg puts you right at Kruger national park in true safari country and also has lots of kosher options.

Seychelles is an amazing resort island.

Trip reports from Abu Dhabi and Dubai look very neat.



How long can I make this stop for?

night awl

Do they fly Hawaii? ?
How long is flight to abu dhabi


No Hong Kong flights in April or May? ;(


are there any routes that can avoid AUH?


You can build in a stopover in Abu Dhabi on most routes if you want.

@night awl:
Lol, no.
12 hours.

I only see Hong Kong from September-November.

But there are plenty with short layovers there that don’t require you to even clear customs.

Hopeful Traveler

Are tickets refundable up to 24 hours???


@Hopeful Traveler:
Read the post!


@Dan, so what woke u up this morning to post the deal and wake the rest of us up? 😉


Whats the earliest i could fly to hong kong


always happy for sizzling deals no matter the time thanks dan


i have an american passport that says born in israel, would that be an issue?


Anyone got any dates for hong kong earlier than September? Like feb-may


At checkout it says full price


“Sorry – Unable to book your airline tickets”


Had to wait for chatzos anyway with it being nittel nacht and all 😉

September it seems.

No issue at all.

Works fine for me.
Even made a test booking and cancelled it.


Keep getting credit card error. My credit cards are fine. Anybody else???



Haven’t found any


Call your credit card issuer or try another bank?


How do you build a long stop over enough time to tour?


Use multiple destination.

For example:
Flight 1 JFK-AUH
Flight 2 AUH-JNB
Flight 3 JNB-JFK


How about from HKG to NY?

Fan of Dan

Booked AUH for 187!!


Price comes out to 950. Not 290


just booked tickets, i looked up the eticket receipt on and the fare is 0! you’re only paying taxes!



@Fan of Dan:
Awesome, be sure to type up a trip report!

Depends on the date!

Where are you flying to?


Tried 3 of my credit cards…never have cc issues…strange


Any honk kong availability in march? I’m finding nothing under a couple of thousand…


Please read previous comments.


I can’t book any tickets.

Sorry – Unable to book your airline tickets

Airline availability and pricing is constantly changing and we were unable to book the flights you requested.
Please select an alternative option from the itineraries below. Prices are per ticket including all taxes and fees.


worked for me on computer! (tried phone before)
2 tickets to Mumbai 5/12 – 5/25 ($311 per ticket)
Wait until my wife finds out tomorrow morning 🙂
Thanks Dan!


I’m going to honk kong next November. Thanks Dan!!!


Try another date.


HKG is one of my favorites.

Shabbos is amazing as is the lavish Sunday night buffet at the JCC.


wow dan you were right about seychelles! anyone know of kosher status there? would love to go, don’t know anyone who has been there


I know people who went.
You bring food with, no big deal.


Wow! How long before this deal goes away Dan?

We love you Dan!

Just Booked JFK-JNB and was looking for cancelaqtion link and this is all I find:
“Need to Make a Change?

Your tickets are non-refundable, non-changeable and non-transferable. To view your airlines full fare rules, please Click Here.

If you have any questions regarding your booking you can reach Etihad Airways directly at 1-888-838-4423, and provide them with your Airline Confirmation number (******)


These rarely last more than a few hours.
Book now and you’ll have 44 hours to cancel.

@We love you Dan!:
Click on the view full itinerary link in your email. Cancel button is there.


Hong Kong and JoBurg booked! thanks dan! Insomnia finally paid off!!!




@shmulik you tried calling??!!


Any other credit cards give free trip cancellation?


I booked Manila too just in case so I have options to decide tomorrow.
Ever hear anything about Manila??


Does it work the other way like JHB to NY?


cc went thru on the computer…didn’t need to call…originally was trying to book on app


Do i need a Visa for Hong Kong and if i do, will my visa i got for mainland China work (i have a 2 year visa)?



Phones are toys. Mobile sites and apps stink for this stuff. When are people going to realize that?

Seems like whenever someone comments a deal isn’t working it’s because they’re on their phone…

No visa needed for Hong Kong for Americans.


Looking for Johannesburg for succot 2015. Anyone find??


Booked manila 02/11-02/18 $187


@Mobee1988: China and HK are totally different countries regarding visas, US UK AU and most EU passports dont need visa to visit HK for 90-180 days or less


@Dan: flying to AUH only, hoping to buy a separate ticket to IL


Booked manila 02/11-02/18 $187


@samkay gotcha


Mar 30 -Apr 13
Mahe, Seychelles


Should be, just play around with dates.




Any summer dates?


Any way to make this work to Australia?


Sept 7-14 to JMB not working for me.


Anyone still seeing under 200 to Manila any dates??


Read dans post. Did it ever day Manila under $200?


How safe is Abu Dhabi for a frum jew with american passport? Please Dan, help!


@lg: bringing whole pesach???


Totally safe, read the post and linked trip reports.


Dan, any dates work from Los Angeles?


Sorry was bec i was in mobile

Dans the man

What about booking with. A one year year old?


I will stop dreaming.. With 3 little kids I can’t go anywhere. Thank you Dan, at least I had a good imagining myself different part of the world.


reports on FT that fares are dying,
and of course now the points guy posted it,
so i would say hurry book then ask questions.


Dan, I see from JFK to AUH via MAN in the summer for $290 RT, is it possible to just use the JFK-MAN-JFK segment and drop the MAN-AUH-MAN. wht will happen if I simple don’t show up?, its a 13 hr layover. also can I check in luggage for just JFK-MAN? its a very good price to get to the UK for the summer


Booked JNB via AUH 3/9- 3/16 $291. Thanks again Dan. Shame I’ve been to all other destinations already.

Joe Blogs

I just booked to Johannesburg in February for $275.40


I would like to book from JFK to Hong Kong with a return flight to make a longer stopp in Abu Dubai does anyone have any idea what dates are available for that?


Just booked Johannesburg for family of 7 $315 each early Sept

Loyal Dan Fan

OMG!!! Just booked a flight to AUH for $374 nonstop (2 tickets) for my parents!! Unbelievable–so glad I’m a nite owl and had my phone near me!!!
Thx sooo much, Dan!!!!! :))


@Dan: I’ve always felt the way you do, that apps and mobile sites just get in the way when you’re rushing to book a hot deal like this, so I ran to my computer and booked ORD->JNB for $418 r/t. Then I forwarded to a friend for him to book the same flights, and on the Priceline mobile app it came up as only $390! So in this case, the mobile app actually came in better.

As an aside, have you ever heard of such a thing? It was the exact same flights, same dates, etc. and yet the mobile app was pricing out differently than the website. I tried chatting with a rep to have her match the price on my ticket, but she said that she couldn’t get the lower price to come up, so I wound up having her cancel my flight and had my friend book me too. Very strange…


Is this a glitch? What are the chances of these tickets being honored?


@dan thank you! Just booked ORD-JNB FOR $390 3/10-3/17
was 418 on computer but only 390 on mobile app


Booked 6 tickets JFK-AUH via MAN 08/03 return 08/17 AUH-JFK via MAN. need to know can I drop the MAN-AUH-MAN like I portary I missed connection. etc. Also what is with an infant on priceline there’s no option to book for under 2. I dont wonna have to pay for my yet unborn child more than for myself (if they will charge me than 10% of reg. fare. Please advice.
Thanks Dan, cant wait to visit london with my whole family for less than 2K


got a ticket from JFK to DEL for $347 in October. unreal. do you think there is a chance priceline will cancel these tickets? is it up to the airline or priceline?


Just booked JFK-AUH in April for $357 for two people!!!


Trying to get to Hong Kong in March. I cannot seem to find tickets less then $750 ish. Can someone PLEAAAASE help me!!!!


Trying to go from NY TO HONG KONG. only seeing $750 ish. Can anyone PLEASE PLEASE help me here!!


Nothing possible based out of Europe?


looking for flight from NY to HONG KONG in march. cannot find these prices. can someone PLEASE help me!!!!

LA fan

can u publish some sample LA dates and prices? couldn’t find for cheap… thanks

LA fan

deal is dead 🙁


I’m trying to book a ticket and it’s only letting me do it through Priceline and
Non of the flights are showing up. Can Somone please help!??


Hello I tried booking the flight to Priceline and no flights showed up at all. is there another website where I’ can book a flight ??


Booked multi destination JFK – Abu Dhabi – Johannesburg – JFK from 5/21 – 5/30 for $500 each.

Booked JFK – Hong Kong – JFK from 11/3 – 11/10 for $325 each.

Bought the $34 per person trip cancellation for each itinerary…just in case life happens.

Thanks Dan!!!!


Just booked with a 9 hr layover in France. Any ideas on whether that is enough time to go visit the eiffel tower? Google maps shows it as a 35 min car ride from teh airport. Is there any trouble in leaving teh airport and coming back in?


Thank you Dan.Booked!


btw – this works in Aug. I just booked JFK-MNL-JFK from Aug 20 – Nov 12 for $330


Anybody has any idea as to how safe is Abu Dhabi for someone with both US and Israeli passports (assuming only the US passport is being used)?


hate to tell you… i got confirmation yet they will not honor the trip!! call into the 800 number or log into “my trips”…waste of time

Ari Greenberg

Would love to go to Hong Kong… Anybody going within the year that I can join them?
I’ll split hotel cost, car cost, etc…. If needed


Any summer dates for any of these destinations???


Once you have a ticket number it will be honored.

Good deal, but Sapphire Preferred gives that same insurance for free.

It will be fine.

Once you have a ticket number you are good to go.
Also the rule is not to call…

bochrim from pertoria smicha program in South Africa

any cheap flights from South Africa going to New York if yes please post dates.thanks in advace from the bochrim in Pretoria South Africa


Thanks for this. In for JNB for Pesach.

Indulge me with a stupid question – I can leave the airport at AUH for an overnight layover, right?



@bochrim from pertoria smicha program in South Africa:

You can also use multiple destinations to schedule a longer stay there.


Just booked jfk-del $320
Thanks Dan


Dan, I see from JFK to AUH via MAN in the summer for $290 RT, is it possible to just use the JFK-MAN-JFK segment and drop the MAN-AUH-MAN. wht will happen if I simple don’t show up?, its a 13 hr layover. also can I check in luggage for just JFK-MAN? its a very good price to get to the UK for the summer


No. Once you miss a segment the rest of the ticket is cancelled.

Unless there’s a long layover they probably won’t tag the bags to MAN.


Is there any way to use points to upgrade these tickets?

@bochrim in South Africa

what you doing on fans deals in middle of Seder
bittul Torah? does that mean any thing to you?!


Is 13 hrs considered enough to tag pkgs to man saying for the check in agent I will re-check in. Also what will happen if I wonna tour manchester and arriving half hr after flight departure claiming on the traffic. Will they reschedule for free the next day? Or maybe they will let me just take flight back to US? Anyone with experience in such situations?




They may reaccommodate, they may tell you to buy a new ticket. Have fun with that.

They definitely will not just let you return to the US.


Is Hong Kong only one way?


Read the post!


I booked to Hk and would like to visit the lost tribes. I want to bring Mashiach does anyone have info Where I can find the lost tribes? I think they are in China, I watched a documentary on them but I don’t know Where to start. Need Help.


i know the rules and have been doing it for years . NO LIVE PERSON its via automation it didnt work going into one airport and out another


Just booked 5 tix JFK HKG November $380 pp. Now, need to see if wife will allow pulling kids out of school! But rule is, buy tix and discuss/decide later.
Thank you, Dan .


Dan, you promote the Sapphire Pref card as the ideal card to use, I used the BGR which has 3x on airlines, what’s the disadvantage? the insurance isn’t as good?


if priceline gives me a layover in Manchester, how can extend it for a longer period, if I do a multiple destination, they don’t let me do it with Etihad.


I’m Trying to Book from JFK To JNB on these dates March 31 to April 12 and it’s not working can someone help me out?


@SSSPD99: does He need his own ticket or can he travel in checked luggage? (2 bags free!)


Did find tickets for more than a week?


Would it be a problem to get into Abu Dubai with an American passport that say born in Jerusalem?


@@zow: just a week. Lucky if we can even do that!


Good rule.

No insurance on that card.

Not a problem.


@dan any deals going to Londonor anywhere in the UK?


@Zow: I will pay for his ticket.


Thanks dan! I booked mid March to AUH for $400 i’d say still pretty darn good


But with this itinerary you are only there 3 days. That’s the reason I’m still looking for availability


what mileage program would it make sense to credit JFK-AUH-JFK to?


@@zow: looks like six days, five nights to me. Arrive on Thursday morning and leave on Tuesday evening..



Can I buy the ticket and only use the return or will my ticket be cancelled if I dont show up for the first leg of the journey ?


It will be cancelled.


Thanks Dan!!!
Got 2 $569 total Abu Dhabi- Johannsburg jan 19-28


Dan- I’m trying to book for Peseach,(JFK- JNB either March 30/31 till April 12/13) and I can’t seem to get it to work. Can you help me out? Thanks


$5.60 for nonstop biz > $290 for 1-stop economy 🙂


I’m going thru various dates in January for JF-AUH but the cheapest flight is around 950..

Is the deal dead?


All these flights are awesome and I am about to book to South Africa but How and when do I put on Talis and tfilin without getting shot with a 27 hour flight time?


Yup, I’m spoiled by the miles too.

Alive and well.
Try the sample dates.

No need for the hyperbole, it’s been done by hundreds of people before you. The crew on these airlines are usually western anyway. And a lot better than any US crew.


Just booked! Whooohooo! Thanks Dan!


Dan, where is a good place to stay for Shabbos in South Africa?

Aerial Dag

To anyone interested in Seychelles in the Fall, Sept 9-16 is valid


It looks like some of the dates/routings are disappearing


Awesome!!! Dan !!! Awesome
Just booked JNB


What is the chances these tickets will get honored?


Just booked 2 to Bombay 3/3-3/10



Is there a deal or specific airline that is cheaper to fly from april 12th to the 17th .
miami-hong kong
hong kong -NYC

Thank you so much and would really appreciate a response 🙂


for sample dates, this is what i get not at booking but afterwardsw: Due to constantly changing availability, the price for this itinerary has increased. The new price is shown below. If this new price is not acceptable and you would prefer to select another itinerary, click here We apologize for any inconvenience.


Just booked to South Africa for $291 2/18 – 2/24

A hard battle

Thanx just booked jfk-auh $187


Dan is there a good place to stay for shabbos in abudabi? ‘)


what sample dates are the cheapest for jfk-hong kong that you’re able to see?


Booked my family to Mumbai for Pesach, $301 each!
Thank you Dan!
Best thing to wake up to ……. morning! 😉


How does it work if you have a baby under 2 travelling on these specials cause it doesn`t give the option of selecting baby on lap?


Is it possible to upgrade to business at a later time ?


cheapest dates for hong kong?


I just tried to book tickets but the flights were 650 and up?


Wife just made me cancel our plans. She cited the fact that we have a simcha two days after returning. (Daughter’s bat M). Probably not worth fighting over this one. Oh well. Hope you all enjoy!


Is it possible to upgrade to J or F at a later time ?

Al Travel

If all you’re worried about is kosher food and where to eat on Shabbos, just go to HKG. We were there this past summer and we ate like kings! Couple of restaurants and awesome shabbos meals.(Plus you’ll be together with loads of jews who go there for business).
All the info is on DDF.


what are the cheapest dates people are finding for HK?

Al Travel

Just booked Memorial Day Weekend JFK -JNB for $368



I’ve found $290 for next Oct-Nov
Not available before then


Why am I getting the flights for $900? Is this deal dead?


Are you sure about cancelation?

This is what I see when checking out:

By selecting “Buy My Tickets”, I agree to the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and important terms below

Name changes, including spelling, are not permitted post-purchase.

Ticket is non-refundable and changes are not permitted. To view your airlines full fare rules, please Click Here


i just booked Jfk-Jnb anyway to upgrade to business/first using AA miles ?


looks dead now


Orbitz price is cheaper $275 JKF-JNB BOOKED!!


Just booked JFK to AUH for 4 days in September. Thanks Dan!! @Dan


Can u bring my tephilin into Dubai, where can I staty for Shabbos?


Just booked jfk to jhb. Thanks Dan!


@ lammer
Orbitz has that option


any other stopovers from JFK- JHB? Im israeli and can’t get into Abu Dhabi


Looking for good kosher safaris. Anyone have info?


Anyone know if allianz will reimburse me for the tickets if i am no permitted by my employer to go? Im not currently employed. Thanks!


I dont know about kosher safaris but youre going to joburg which is heavily laden with kosher infrastructure. What ppl do is they book a regular safari and take food along with them. The drive to a safari base-camp is between 2-5 hours, and ppl dont usually stay more than 4 nights (it gets boring after a while)


@zalman: which dates?


@Levi: which dates?


Just booked 2 for JFK-JNB Sept 9-16



South Africa is a big place. What city?


Born in isreal with US passport is it a problem to go through Abu dhabi


Are there any spl deals from BOM to JFK or EWR


If I was born in isreal but I have a U.S. passport can I go


@chaya what exact dates? the cheapest im seeing now is $371


@Dan: does a regular sapphire (non pref) give you the same coverage?


do i need a visa for jfk to hk through ab??


cheapest dates for jfk to HK? booked $400 RT w 23 hr travel time


Just booked JFK to HK 10/27-11/10 for 328. Thanks Dan!


I need to book 9 tickets but the fares only show on Priceline & not Orbitz.
Any ideas?


Book half n half… hard to get 9 people on same PNR


selling out……


How does it work flying with a child under 2? Do I need to also book him a ticket?What’s the best way to go about this?

Thank you

Stupid question?

Can I book now and change passenger name later on?


Anyone know if allianz will reimburse me for the tickets if i am no permitted by my employer to go? Im not currently employed. Thanks!!!




Any ideas on how to upgrade any of these deals to business/first?


@dan so who do we collect miles,with for these flights?

Booked to Johannesburg 04/27/15 – 05/04/15 for $276
Booked to Hong Kong 11/03/15 – 11/11/15 for $450


@Stupid question?:
of course not, you can’t change names on just about 95% of tickets…


since these fares are soo cheap and flights are so long, it might be best to buy the child his or her own ticket… better than holding them in your arms and at the same time you get some more space…
aka Husband + wife + kid can share a row of three


any airlines fly from abu dahbi direct to israel?


Is there a deal or specific airline that is cheaper to fly from april 12th to the 17th .
miami-hong kong
hong kong -NYC
Thank you so much and would really appreciate a response 🙂


Dan I just got jfk France abudabi johannasberg $331 5/20-5/27 so can I just stay in France?


@Markus Amex MR points transfer to Etihad which lets you upgrade with miles, but until someone is able to confirm the fare class, there’s no telling whether this will be upgradeable or not.


@Jamie you can go JFK-CDG but will lose any return trip, if you have one


Does Ethiad have any partner airlines that I can transfer miles to?


@R: I’ll see you in Hong Kong. Got my ticket for $290. 😛


I’m really uncomfortable flying with Arabs. All the terrorists in Israel lately especially were “friendly” Arabs.
ISIS actually pays Jews to come visit, i think $75000.
Why risk your life to save a few dollars


anyone know if it’s ok to look jewish in abu dhabi?


@chaya: abu dhabi will be looking very jewish very soon


@barak what dates for jfk to hk is $290?


if i dont want to buy another ticket, what are the other options?


Do I get the same coverage from Visa Signature with the united mileage plus explorer card?



Stop being so ignorant.


At this point in time, just do a 2 browser trick, book 5 on 1 and 4 on the other… this fare is starting to die down, so better bird in hand than two in the bush…


Just booked to Joburg for pesach!
If anyone interested, these are the dates that worked:
3/31-4/14 $401 each ticket

high end hobo

Guys, if i understand correctly, if you book a ticket with a stopover in paris enroute to AUH YOU WILL BE ABLE TO COLLECT MILES TO AMERICAN!
can someone please confirm or deny this?


@Yehuda: How did you so SA for Pesach? I don’t see those dates available at the low price. Any insight would be appreciated


@Excited!!!: The price is coming up as $931 per person. Please advise.


@zalman: For which dates?


I know I am definitely in the minority buy why would a Jew want to patronize an Arab airline, even though it is supposedly one of the best airlines out there?


is this dead?? the only good fare i can find now is AUH, cant find one good fare to hkg or jnb


Considering that the actual fare on these tickets is between $0 and $100 you shouldn’t feel too bad 😉

y id

Its Dead.


try clicking through, it might then show the Christmas/Hanukkah special gift from the Emirs price


@yehuda: Which dates did you do for that price? Thank you


I booked 2/19 – 2/26 from JFK to DEL for $392.13 per person for two people. That was at 12:41 Eastern time. Now my buddy is trying to do the same at 1:41pm and it looks like he can’t get it to make it to the payment page without pl jacking it up. window may have closed.


it says the ticket is non-refundable when i go to book….is that true?


looks dead


If you don’t cancel by 11:29pm tomorrow, yes.
Read the post.


Did anyone get any good deals out of Los Angeles???


searching on ethiad all deals seem dead now….NUTZ


@dan I booked a flight from JFK to Abu Dhabi with a friend march 15-19. We are both 20 yr old yeshiva guys, I hope we dont get killed! MY PARENTS ARE BUGGING!!!haha .Any kosher food at all there?


Just Booked from Nyc to abu dhabi with a friend. We are two 20 yr old yeshiva guys! Hope we don’t get killed! Any kosher food there at all? ( MY PARENTS ARE GONNA KILL ME)#YOLO


i tried a bunch of the sample flights but every time i go to select the return flight it jumps to 1000+


Is the deal from JFK-Hong Kong dead? I can’t get any dates to work

Visiting South Africa

On the Chabad South Africa website they have suggestions of places to stay.

I called Rabbi Kievman and he was very helpful offering advice of places to stay for discounted rates as well as restaurant and tourist info. He also mentioned that they’re planning Pesach at a resort so that may be a very worthwhile time to go


better to use sapphire preferred or amex platinum?

Shabbos in Dubai?


In Dubai from Feb 4th to the 11th can we make a gourp for shabbos anyone?

can we start a column where people can try to meet up in Dubai, not gonna be a lots jews to bump into.

Thank you!

Shabbos in Dubai?


when did you guys book for?

You save my marrige OVER AND OVER!

Thanks again for this deal dan. We booked JFK-BOM, JFK-JNB AND JFK-HKG!!
ONLY concern I have is that most of the flights are operated by Jet Airways for Etihad. Etihad is the highly rated airline with better planes. Was wondering if any one had flown with jet airways and what the experience was like?
Thanks again


@Shabbos in Dubai?: We booked from march 15 to 19.. do you know anything about kosher food? also can i take my tefillin in my carry on

Shotzer Rebbe of Mumbai (vehaglilos)

Hi Dan,
Booked Joburg and Mumbai.
I am now “the” Shoter Rebbe of Mumbai.
Thank you.


I spent six years living in Abu Dhabi – do not recommend walking around there if you are a religious Jew (I am Jewish myself but not religious). Country is great but full of a lot of uneducated Arabs and they will not take lightly to it – trust me.


When I put on a baseball cap most arabs actually assume that I’m arab and greet more quire warmly 😉


What dates you get for $187?


Which dates did you get for $187?


Oh ya that is totally fine (I am Jewish and spent six years there) just do not recommend walking around asking for Kosher restaurants


How are people booking Johannesburg if you would arrive 1.5 hours before shabbat starts risking delays considering there are two stops?


anyone plan on spending Shabbos in Abu Dhabi or Dubai on the 23rd of jan?


Can someone please tell me the best price they are getting to Abu Dhabi now in January – I am dying to go to back and visit? I am happy to give you suggestions on Abu Dhabi as I lived there from 2007-2013

Visiting South Africa

I’m told there’s a 12 minutes train ride from the airport straight to the central chabad house with many hotels nearby


I just tried to book JFK-Hong Kong for the fall and the cheapest one was about $1400 (with major layovers). Any idea what I could be doing wrong?


@noam, if u were really there, and jewish… the Rebbee must have a shliach there, so tell us, whats his address, so we can crash for shabbos


Can I ask how you booked Hong Kong, and for which dates? I tried and it is coming up with much higher prices.


Anyone for a minyan on Shabbos Bo in Kabul?

any tickets left for JFK joburg for pesach

any tickets left for JFK joburg pesach time


what if I take the flight to abhu dabi with a stop in paris and just not take the flight to abhu dabi and stay in paris?


is it for sure refundable on priceline? im booking now to manilla and its telling me that flights are non refundable. is that true?


Read the post and look at the screenshot.


Is it still possible to book the deal to Johannesburg? Thanks


we just came off a flight from israel and saw this. help, is it still alive?


Has any booked in the last hour? Is the deal dead?


hi dan great offer!! does it also work starting from europe? does it also work business class?


i booked in the last hour to S. AFrica but options are quite limited now, i would have wanted an extra day, but it wasn’t working with the deal, and spending 12 hours in paris with my wife doesn’t seem like the worst thing in the world.
booked for $368 each from JFK


if someone could post about the proper way to do a short 2-3 day safari at kruger with kosher food, which providers are good etc. it would be a great benefit to the hundreds who got tickets today!
also where to stay close to the frum areas for shuls/food etc.


@bobby think its still going on . just hard to book cause prices keep changing and timing and tickets going


@jm what dates did you book?


oct. 13 – 20


Any idea how to do multi destination trip…if it’s possible to spend a few days in Paris on way to ABH?


I booked probably at 5:20pm EST and paid $330.85 round trip with travel insurance. I have a stop over going and coming back, in Paris though. Tried booking direct for a little cheaper, put in all my info and credit card info and it didn’t work. Fought with Orbitz on the phone for a little while. Used my Sapphire Preferred card to book, unsure if this gives me travel insurance, figured I would pay the extra 26 bucks as I’m unsure if I can go because of work. Jan 20 – Jan 27.


@jm how did you find those tickets to South Africa? What were the dates??


anyone going to jhb from JFK on the 28th of janurary 2015?

i need some help.


If a store put a sign on their front window boldly proclaiming that Israeli’s are not allowed inside, I’d imagine 95% of the commenters would never go into that store even if you (as an American Jew) were welcome.

So I am a little dismayed to see how few people have any qualms about flying into/through a country that openly bans Israelis (on an airline owned by said government).

Surely there has to be others out there for whom “they’re not anti all Jews, just Israeli ones” doesn’t pass their moral code

Yes, I might have to pay a few hundred more on coach fares, and yes I might have to fly premium products not as good as Etihad’s and Emirates. Life will go on.


Any way to get a flight to Johannesburg with out stopping in Aby Dabai? please?




I got Mar 21-Apr 8 @ $430 incl taxes, insurance.


I booked a flight from JFK to MNL with a stop over in AUH. Do i have to get on the connecting flight or can i just stay in AUH? Will my luggage automatically go to MNL?


Anyone finding good deals right now? I should have booked this morning!


Is anyone finding flights still? if so, what dates and where to where? I should have booked this morning when I first saw this!


for those of us who got a direct flight to abu dhabi – where(how) should we credit the miles? i saw air berlin as a partner. thoughts?



what a silly and ignorant comment. israel too does not allow people to enter israel who have passports from abu dhabi or dubai either (UAE citizens, known as emiratis). so it is a 2-way street, not some sort of discrimination against israelis. the two governments do not have diplomatic relations so of course their respective passports are not accepted on the other side.

guess you don’t have any qualms about going to israel, a country that “openly bans” emiratis? and saudis? and kuwaitis, omanis, bahrainis, malaysians, etc. etc. etc.? your moral code only works in one direction apparently. LOL. (rolling eyes)

i have been to the UAE many times (dubai, abu dhabi, etc.), and it is a friendly and safe place to people of all faiths and cultures. i can tell you from personal experience that jews are absolutely welcome there with no problem.

your decision not to go to one of the world’s richest, most exciting and safest countries makes zero difference to them or anyone else. ultimately, you are the one missing out on a wonderful life experience.


I booked a trip (earlier today) to Hong Kong together with 6 friends, 10/20-10/27 for $400! Thanks Dan!



your luggage will automatically go to MNL. only way you can do what you are requesting is if you have carry-on luggage only.

however, if you miss your connecting flight, please note that it will automatically cancel your return portion.

hope this helps.


ANA earns 50%.

HKG is awesome!

Don’t miss out on Sunday dinner at the JCC!


Just booked JFK (via Paris and A.D) to Joburg for $368 – 9/15 – 10/6. I played around for maybe 30 minutes before I was able to book. Keep at it if you’re interested.


Well done!
Tough to find fall dates to JNB, most were snapped up earlier.


@Rob: I totally agree. And anyone thinking American Jews are welcome on Ethiad, Emirates or Qatar are kidding themselves. They are merely tolerated because they have to.


@MZ:Its more like a 45 min cab ride which will cost you 50 euros. You’ll have plenty of time to go to the Eiffel Tower. Maybe even get a bus tour of Paris and see more stuff. No time for Louver though.


Why do they have to?
Saudi Arabia and Saudia Air bans all Jews from transiting AFAIK.

Whereas I’ve heard from dozens of people who has gone to Qatar and the UAE who have nothing but positive experiences to share.


Any suggestions for the Chicago departures? Good dates/prices?


Etihad has an on-board nanny:

Imagine if El Al had that 🙂



hi dan, i love your deals — thanks a million for the great hookup! but please note that i’ve been to saudi arabia a couple times. jews (american, canadian, british, etc… non-israeli passports) are absolutely welcome to go there (visa required for almost everyone). it i an extremely safe country, however it is very boring compared to the UAE, so i wouldn’t tell anyone to rush to go there! 😉


missed out on the sale… any fares still available from JFK? I tried a bunch of dates to auh and jnb but not getting any hits. any suggestions?


cant find anything from JFK… any suggestions for dates to AUH or JNB?


Thanks. Interesting that there seems to be conflicting info online regarding that.

Read the brand new post update for starters.


Is there a way to upgrade the ticket with point/miles?


“what a silly and ignorant comment. israel too does not allow people to enter israel who have passports from abu dhabi or dubai either (UAE citizens, known as emiratis). so it is a 2-way street, not some sort of discrimination against israelis”

Surely one can’t be this dense? Is someone seriously questioning the motives of the UAE’s banning of Israelis?

It’s one thing to turn the other way about traveling to the UAE. But at least don’t have your head that deep in the sand…


Dan i tried priceline. not getting anything less than 1800. google flights shows the price I want but then when the booking options appear, they are all much.. much… higher.


Dan thanks for the tip I got 2 tickets with a friend to Manila. I checked the forums bit can’t find a trip report. Do you have one or any ideas what to do?


It worked early this morning. Not working now. Sure it shows you a $444 ticket to bom or mnl. As soon as you fill it all in it turns into 12k ha! Waste of time maybe we should all give our $300 to our brothers in israel and not our “cousins”


“Why do they have to?
Saudi Arabia and Saudia Air bans all Jews from transiting AFAIK.

Whereas I’ve heard from dozens of people who has gone to Qatar and the UAE who have nothing but positive experiences to share”

I’m sure Qatar and UAE are fun and safe places. And I’m sure the products of the airlines subsidized by those govt’s are far superior to the ones I will fly.

I’m also sure not every single person in the BDS movement is a complete jerk. There comes a point where it’s about more than just great fares and onboard showers.

Like Alan Dershowitz with the prepostorous academic boycott and holding that for the purposes of any boycott, consider him part of Israel….

honest question Dan – I’m sure you have close family in Israel. Are you personally comfortable traveling to a city knowing full well that they would not be able to just because he is a Jew living in the Jewish state of Israel (and please, unlike Yerachmiel above, if nothing else, at the very least let’s not be in denial about the motives of the Israel ban)



rob, nobody cares if you go to the UAE or not. you are the only one missing out if you base your airfare choices on bilateral political disagreements. i’ve been to the UAE half a dozen times; you have been there zero. so i know whose head is in the sand (nice pun, btw!)… just another armchair expert.

ANYWAY, more cheap tickets for the rest of us who are more open-minded 😉


Still working i just got 3 tickets you have to play with dates


are there tickets still available from Los Angeles-Yerevan, Armenia is $190 round-trip


what dates and where?


keep at it…just booked JFK to CDG(overnight stay- never been to paris) to AUH. Feb 2 to 11th.


Looks like the JFK-HKG deal is over. On Orbitz I’m seeing regular prices for flights now (i.e. $1,228 JFK-HKG round trip for most dates in Sep, Oct, Nov). Priceline is giving similar prices.


“rob, nobody cares if you go to the UAE or not. you are the only one missing out if you base your airfare choices on bilateral political disagreements”

That’s what we’ll refer to it now? “bilateral political disagreements”? Cool stuff. Ahmadinejad wasn’t an anti-semite…. he just had a “bilateral historical disagreement” with Israel on whether the holocaust occurred.

And yes, I’m sure I’m missing out on a lot of cool stuff on Etihad and in the UAE. I’m also missing out on cheeseburgers bacon – i hear they’re delicious. If you think I am unaware that i might be missing out on stuff by not flying Etihad or going to the UAE, you couldn’t have missed the point further if you tried


any dates? i tried looking but i couldnt find any



rob, again, it is not an “israel ban” … it is a mutual ban. citizens of the UAE can’t go to israel either on their passports. in fact israel bans citizens of dozen of countries from entering israel on their passports. this does not seem to bother your sense of morality.

these are bilateral political disagreements. israel is at war. in a war some governments ideologically take one side and some take the other. we live in a complicated world.

if you aren’t comforable with going to those countries due to your views on israel, that’s obviously your choice. but why criticize other jews for not sharing all of your views and seeing the world exactly as black and white and israel-centric as you do?


I’m a huge Yankee fan. Over the past 2 decades, I have probably missed over a dozen huge playoff games because they fell out on shabbas or yom tov.

If I have Yerachmiel logic right, I should give up being shomer shabbas, right? After all, by choosing to not be mechalel shabbas, I have missed out on tons of fun.

high end hobo

If case anyone wanted to see the booking rules


Anyone going Jan 28- Feb 4 to Joberg that wants to do a small Safari?

Anyone know of a short cheap Safari?


When credited to American, are the miles earned eqm, and if i book for me and 4 of my friends and earn over 100,000 aadvantage miles would that give me Executive Platinum status?


“israel is at war”

they are?

“but why criticize other jews for not sharing all of your views and seeing the world exactly as black and white and israel-centric as you do?”

Actually, I think the vast majority of people here have very similar views of the world/Israel as I do – which is specifically why I posed the question here and not on another blog

Obviously Yerachmiel has his head in the sand as to why the UAE doesn’t let Israeli’s in…. but to the remaining 99.9% of folks who are cognizant of why UAE doesn’t allow Israeli’s into their country, I repeat the original question I posed:

1) If a store had a sign out front that said “Israeli’s not allowed here”, would you patronize that store?
2) If yes, would you go to the UAE and/or fly an airline owned by the UAE government?
3) if the answers are no and yes respectively to those questions – I am wondering why. Honest question posed to those that have clear understanding of why the UAE bans Israelis (sorry, that excludes you Yerachmiel)


Can you upgrade the tickets with points/miles?

Jake from StateFarm

BOOKED!!! Abu Dhabi here i come ive been wanting to go for years now. Finally got a great deal thanks alot Dan and i got a 10 hr layover in paris so i can check out paris as well.


Hi All. I have seen ppl asking about places to stay and where to go in jhb. We live here and happy to help with any q’s. As far as places to stay in frum area, not many options. Best bet is Walkable to dozens of shuls and kosher restaurants with kosher deli and bakery in the same centre. Closest decent safari option in Pilansberg game reserve (about 2hrs from jhb). Maleria free. Kruger about 5 hrs (def take maleria meds if coming in summer).

Your Name Here

seems dead


hi, i just checked jfk to jhb 3/31-4/19 and its around $1000+. 🙁 deal over?


It seems the JFK-JNB is finished, I cannot find anymore days!!!


@rob Is your life really that boring that you are sitting on a random internet blog arguing about your views on Israel and comparing it to not watching a Yankee game of Shabbos. Its time for you to get a job/life buddy.Best of luck to you.


is the deal still alive


Is the deal still available?


Looks like it’s dead just tried a few different itinerary but I did get JFK-del this morning and JFK-jnb this afternoon ,now I need cheap tickets to Isreal for Pesach


is there a way to add Cape Town from Johannesburg or will I have to buy separate ticket




can i still get cheap tickets from Jfk to John??
im trying now and cant fined anything.. please help


wow, its amazing what some people will do for a few dollars, scumbags!


How do I get american miles for this flight? I don’t see any option to insert mileage number.


Dan, I am looking for flights to India, and can not find anything on price line

Can you help me in some days I can find?

I have to look it up on Multi-Destination?

Eli Feiglin

Hi Guys!
I am one of the partners managing a 5 star Pesach Program in South Africa for the last 5 years, last year we did it in The Palace in Sun City, and this year we are doing it at the Fairmont Zimbali, (near Durban) so if anyone wants to go away for Pesach and tour South Africa at the same time, these very cheap tickets are a perfect opportunity.
Feel free to check out our website or the hotel website for more information.
(Website only has basic info yet, currently adding the rest)
or email:
Eli Feiglin


Srrms like it’s dead


Just have to thank you. Finally getting some fam and friends to visit us living in SA. When Dan says sizzling hot he’s not kidding!
Thanks again!


I got the confirmation for my booking made on Is there a way to select seats?

I signed on to manage my booking section. It does not seem to let me to select seats.


Has anybody booked JFK – BOM (mumbai) or Delhi for a month for this price? Please specify the dates


Anyone booked from JFK-MUMBAI/DELHI for 4 weeks for this price…let me know the dates


Any dates left to HKG?


Hey Dan,

Do you know if there is any way to transfer a ticket from one person’s name to another?

Thanks so much for posting this!


Dan, just for your info, Saudi Arabia do let Jews (chasidish even) travel with their airline. My father traveled with them once as a connect flight. you just cant get a visa to enter as a jew.


“jews (american, canadian, british, etc… non-israeli passports) are absolutely welcome to go there (visa required for almost everyone).”
Pardon me Yerachmiel, but this is simply not so. If you put on your visa application that you are Jewish than you are not welcome. Additionally, if you are not Muslim you are not allowed to enter Hejaz. My friend who visited the Kingdom “mentioned” that he is Jewish at a party when someone kept on saying anti-Jewish comments and the air froze around him. Yes, nothing happened to him and he had a good time. Some of the same people at this party remained friendly to him. But to say that “jews are absolutely welcome there” is simply not true. Please note that the Irani visa application doesn’t ask the applicant’s religion, the Saudi does.


@Dan: what’s your recourse if these tickets are not honored despite a ticket number?


DoT complaint will do the trick.

Pesach in South Africa

I’ve been told that Chabad is arranging an affordable Pesach retreat.
They said that they will soon be promoting the info. You can contact for details


@Whoopydoo: i am going those exact dates too!


@MZ: No problem.


how do i book these tickets tom Jhb?



I really need help booked four tickets to Mumbai and need them cancelled three of us can’t fly!

Any suggestions?

adam kan


no, jews are not banned, just make sure you do not have an israeli stamp in your passport. i went.


I was at Chabad’s Pesach Retreat. It was incredible value. We landed in JHB and it was less than an hour to the resort. We rented a full size car at the retreat as chabad arranged unbeatable prices of less than $20 per day. Rabbi and Mrs Kievman looked after all guests and took extra care of us foreigners. Price was around $1,000 for 9 nights included all meals which were very generously catered, kids were well looked after with professional programs almost all day, they had Ashkenazi and Sefard minyanim and multiple rabbonim with fantastic shiurim for adults, venue was on a safari so didn’t have to go far to experience the big 5, there were so many attractions nearby that we we will still have to go back to SA to experience Kruger and Cape Town. If anyone is considering their pesach retreat for next year I would highly recommend it based on my experience.