SIZZLING!!! HURRY!!! Join BMI Airline Diamond Club And Get Free Star Alliance Silver Elite Status And 2,000 Miles!!!

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Update: DEAD!

Originally posted on 04/07:

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You will get Star Alliance Silver status and 2,000 miles immediately upon opening your account.

Star Alliance Silver is extremely valuable for anyone who doesn’t yet have elite status on a Star Alliance carrier.  As you can see from, Star Alliance Silver members get 2 free 50 pound checked bags for themselves and all traveling companions in their reservation when flying Star Alliance airlines such as Continental, United, and USAirways.  You’ll also get other benefits like priority standby (very useful when there are lots of canceled flights!) and elite security lines which take some of the hassle out of traveling.

“Silver status will be awarded for 12 months, during which time members will need to earn a further 16,000 membership status miles to maintain Silver status ”

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When i say i live in united states it refreshes the page and doesnt let me continuee?


If I fly before I get my elite status card from bmi will I get charged for bags on continental, or will it be in continental’s system that I am star alliance silver?


Worked for me, try another browser.

Go to your reservation on and input your BMI number.
It should recognize you as Star Silver when you check-in online and it will tell you that you have 2 free bags. If it doesn’t try calling up Continental and ask about it.


can i combine these miles with United miles?


I tried mozilla chrome and IE all of them BMI website doesnt load correctly… any ideas please?!!???!?!?!?


i just did it for my all family but do they have to travel in the next 3 months to get it?


Does anyone know how to set up different accounts using the same email address? It keeps saying you are already registered.


Do we get the Exclusive lounge access?


I just setup my account, but it was not shown as an immediate upgrade to “Silver” status; instead it shows me as a “Blue” Diamond. What gives?


Used a different email address, tried again and this time Silver worked… ???


I did it on IE using Autofill (from USA) and no probs!


Figured it out, dont change the airport from london and it will be just fine


it’s not working in either Firefox or Safari


oh you have to be on the US page, not the UK page


thnx. signed up my fam.

are there any other benefits aside those that u stated in the post?


If you use your BMI number on another Star Alliance partner you will receive benefits of Star Silver, but you lose the miles for that partner.

Is it me or is gaining Elite status getting easier these days? Soon Elite lines will be as long as regular security. This type of action dilutes the value of status for those of us who earn status by paying for flights.


Hoverspeed, you might have done what I did. If you sign up and the special code isn’t listed (I forget what they call it, maybe voucher?), then you will be signed up for a blue account which is the basic one available to anyone. Make sure you use the link above and that the code field has something in it. Good luck.



you will need to make another email address. Maybe a free one on yahoo/gmail. they track the accounts through email addresses.



the list of benefits at the airport are listed on the flybmi website. log into your new account and you will see them.


Anyone know if these miles are transferable?


how do you add your bmi number to your united ticket?


I got silver with them a month or two ago who is this matchable with


Will my silver status show up on my continental account?


if i already have elite status for this calendar year, does this have any added benefits?

cheap dude

were should i put the bmi # on co. com?


thanks allot dan!
could i combine these miles with my continental miles?


Can I still get this if I already have a BMI account??


@cheap dude:

Log into your account at Co. Go to Manage profile. Click on Edit Traveler info. There scroll down to add/edit frequent flyer programs. After you are done, you can click the down arrow to review all your programs.


Same Problem as Shalom, it refreshes when you put in USA for Location of Residence, whats going on?



Can you please clarify your first sentence? Do you mean if I book a flight on for a CO flight, I will not benefit with the Silver Star Alliance unless I use my BMI number versus my CO number? Don’t both work together?


im not planning on flying, but i signed up. how do i notify continental of my new status with bmi?


I was having trouble as well, so i signed up by leaving the country set to UK and after completing the process i went to the edit my account tab and switched it to USA…

Also, how do we apply the silver status to our Continental or Air Canada accounts?


thanks! anything like this for delta?


@flyinace: With gmail u can place a period (.) in any part of you email address and it will still go to ur gmail – but they will view it as a different address.

Example: is the same as and


is there any way to get Delta to match this?


Dan – you wrote above to Ben that he should check in online to get the free bags. Is that the only way to do it? Will they recognize the silver status with the free bags if I check in at the airport? Thanks for this great deal.


do i get a card in the mail???????


No, generally speaking miles can’t be combined with other miles.
If you have enough miles on an airline you can book for travel on a partner airline, but you can’t combine the miles.
The exception to this rule are point currencies like with Starwood or AMEX.

United specifically allows you to specify a mileage number for benefits and a number for earning miles.

On Continental it’s trickier, but I’ve discovered that if you check-in with anumber you will get the benefits for that number, and after you check-in you can change the number to another number for the actual earning via “manage reservations”

No, this will not make your Continental account Silver, but you do get specific Star Alliance Silver benefits like free bags.

They should recognize it at the airport, but if you do it online before checkin then when you checkin it should say that you and your entire party each get 2 free bags.


I had the same issue changing the country.
My solution was to scroll down and change the country first, then fill in all the information.
Worked for me.
Thanks Dan


Why is everyone trying to sign up more then once?


@ Heshy and Shalom

The refresh when you select USA just refreshes the prompts in the rest of the application for the american usage of such terms (e.g. “address” instead of “house number”). You should still be able to sign-up using the link Dan provided – I was able to.


Hi all

Please note. This deal is on flyertalk as well and the silver status is only valid for a limited time. My guess, since so many people sign up, they will delete the accounts quite soon. Has happened before


I have never used BMI, if i put in the membership # when making a flight with one of the alliance partners, will that give me miles with bmi as well? or do i have to go through their website?

united flying today - ASAP

I’m flying back to NY with my return flight this aftyernoon, I signed up and got the silver status, however when I try to checkin online and enter my BMI # it still shows up as 25 per bag, any ideas, I called united they didn’t seem to find my status or know anything about it, anywhere I can print out a temp ID please advise asap

Cheap guy

Please post a link were to enter the bmi# on continental .com


Dan. Their credit card is offering 24 000 miles for sign up. Is that a good deal


Just signed up!

Thank you Dan!!


Anybody know if this is also good with Lufthansa and Swiss?


Wow, thanks a lot Dan, great deal!
Im actually sitting in PHX right now, waiting on a United/Continental flight, and signed up will sitting in the terminal. I just have 2 questions:
1) Where do we input the BMI number into continental, to get the benefits?
2) Think there’s any chance I can get my money back for the bags I just paid for twenty minutes ago?:)


Update: I found where to input the BMI number, it’s under reservations > check my itinerary > edit traveler > frequent flyer information (on bottom). Only problem is, when I choose BMI and put in my number, it tells me “!Please enter a valid Account Number”. I assume this is just because the registration hasnt fully registered in the system yet, as I still havent even received a confirmation email. Either way, Ill try calling United/Continental and get my party of 6’s $ back for the luggage costs! You think I have a chance?
Thanks again!


do you get 2 free bags to any destination?


ok folks. make sure your voucher code says IN033


That means when we fly we have to use our BMI account and wont get miles for flying…or can we call after the flight and tell them we didn’t get out miles?


DO u get a card in the mail?? Tx



If you were already Star Alliance silver at the time of the departure, then either airline should refund your money, especially if you tried to get it waived by showing them proof at the airport. Go for it; send them an email to that effect.



While I hope they don’t cancel all the accounts, I do recall the terms stating that the status is valid for 1 year.


so this won’t help to be able to book continental rewards tickets without fees?

dan fan


It doesn’t work!!!

I tried adding a period to my email, as i t was telling me a profile already existed and it successfully created a new account, but I haven’t received any information to my gmail email address.


Hi Dan,

Is there a reason to sign up if I am a United Premier?



hey dan, thanx. I was wondering how to put this thing towards my flight? also it seems from the website that only if fluing certain airlines in the star alliance get free bags?


“flying”. sorry


can i open more than one a nd get more miles


Worked for me.
Thanks Dan!


@shmuel:the Voucher didn’t work and they dont let change the Voucher code

US air

Thanks Dan! If i’m flying USair, will i be able to put my united # for rewards and bmi # for benefits too?


I Just signed up for it, is this the Same thing as Signing up for Star Alliance?
What exactly is Diamond Club? Is it specifically for BMI, or i can use it for other Airlines?

Thanx so much.


Thanks. Sign up worked flawless (leave dep airport London and change country to USA, fill in rest of info). Used my hotmail address and Chromium browser. Saw 2000 miles posted to my a/c immediately and Silver Elite status! Thanks Dan, you rock 😉


Yaakov says he spoke to mohammad from india and he says this deal is worthless for fllying on continental.


So many guys are asking so many questions to Dan

Half of them have been asnwered or are obvious.

Read through the post, if you still have a question use ur brain. If something is still unclear then ask.


I’m flying CO from TLV, will it give me elite status for upgrade waitlist or should I leave my non elite CO numver on my reservation?


@shimmy, did he say why? I called BMI, confirmed my silver status and asked about benefit when flying continental domestically in the US. The agent confirmed free bags, no club rooms of course, no reward travel benefit either but that’s what we expected.



Diamond Club is BMI’s frequent flier club, and you are awarded silver status in that club by taking advantage of this promotion.

Since BMI is part of the Star Alliance, that silver status also gives you silver status in the Star Alliance. As a result, you can request matching silver status at any other Star Alliance partner.


You MUST leave London Heathrow as your airport. The address can be in the United States. If not, you will only get Blue status without the miles.



Are we going to get a confirmation email after signing up? I’ve gotten nothing. I’m guessing that they are going to flag all these new accounts and cancel them.

Has ANYONE gotten an email confirmation?


ditto. on firefox. followed comments and it worked! thanks!


Didnt work for me. Leave airport as Heathrow and didnt even change address to US and still blue and no miles.:(


@Avi: thats actually not true i changed it to NY and i bh got the 2000 miles and silver status


I just signed up, I used NY as airport and it worked. silver status plus 2000 miles. Thanks Dan!!!


Another BMI benefit is 600 miles minimum per segment on any partner airline even if not elite. For Silver you also get 25% bonus.


What gives? I just tried twice, once with EWR and once with Heathrow and it gave me Blue status both times.


no matter what i do, i get blue status (tried all above options).


Also tried — three times — all three times blue status


just did it with I.E. and left in all the pre-filled info, put in a real london address and used a new email(all my old ones got me blue status) and had no problems. then edit my account and changed the address


only managed to get blue, the voucher code changed to OWE , any way to get the silver?


I used three different emails and made sure to leave the prefered airport as heathrow and still am left with blue status?


Looks like it is now dead.
The accounts I opened for family members are still all Silver.


BTW, I spoke to a continental onepass agent, asking them to match the silver elite status, and they said that they can’t do it…whatever.

Also, I would like to reiterate a question which was previously asked, however, it didn’t get answered. That is: If I’m flying US Air, will I be able to put my Continental # for rewards and BMI # for benefits too?

Thx for getting this

a bochur

i just applied it to my reservation for my flight tom orrow and the lady on the phone said she never heard anything about free bags or does she see it. she said ill have to fight it at the airprt. so it doesnt look like itll work to me. any advise???


I may be wrong but I think this was answered above. Check in with BMI # for benefits and after check-in go back into manage my account and enter CO # for rewards. This may be different since now you are involving a third airline but there is something about this above.



Did you check in online yet or did you just enter the info into your profile? The test is whether when you check in the boarding pass has the *A Silver on it. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

@a bochur:


I just got an email asking for my jcwizo membership. what can I do to keep this


I just received an email from BMI asking for my membership number, they said if I don’t provide it my membership will be canceled, what is JCWIZO????


I jut got the same email, aygart. Dan, what do we do?? They’re asking for JCWIZO membership number, Diamond Club membership number, and a copy of two forms of photo ID (i.e. passport and driver’s license). I thought it was a scam at first – the email seemed like a phishing scheme.


It would appear from the link you posted that in order to qualify for the BMI silver status, you need to be a corporate member of this organization. The annual membership fee for that is 150 GBP.


I already received my BMI card showing silver elite thru May 2011. I guess I should be good until then without paying any membership fee.

Dan what do you think


Well, at least I called them and got my card expedited.. Maybe it can at least help to skip the security line as they wont check the validity of the account..


Yes, if you already have the BMI Star Alliance Silver card that should be good enough to get waived baggage fees until the card’s expiration.


I guess the early bird catches the worm:)


Thanks Dan for the tip on calling to get the card, you never know when something like this can happen.


Now the question is if I can get platnium on El al matmid.
Sent them a fax will see what happens


I flew with it and got 3 free luggage checked, a savings of 80 dollars plus. I got my savings worth! Best dans deal post yet for me!


i had a united flight with 5 in my itinerary, it didn’t automatically give me off but i printed out the web page where it shows my silver status and they gave just for those with elite status 2 free bags

Print out your status before it expires..


got my card and free bags last week on continental hope i wont have problems next time!


Will we be getting cards in the mail? Or do I need to print out my status online?

If they are coming in the mail, how long does it take, I signed up on April 7th and haven’t received anything yet.


Moshe, I called and got my cards pretty quickly. I read somewhere they don’t mail cards unless you fly with them or request them. I would call asap and request them. If questioned about the jcwizo I would say I am sending the info in soon. You might get lucky.

Btw, I wouldn’t join jcwizo just for *A silver. Continental and other partners sell silver for $99 which is less than what the jcwizo is charging. With CO, you get passes for lounge and other stuff. I am sure they are running that promo. If it expired,then it’s max 150 right now and you get some extra perks. I can post it if someone is interested.


I got the email and called at 8 this morning to get cards sent and they said it would be here within 14 days hope it is! I’ll let you know if it comes or not


$99 for CO Silver? Link?


Thanks will call.


what is the number to call


don’t know if this is the link you are talking about

i am looking to buy silver on skyteam (delta) i pay too much money for luggage!


That’s $199 and it must be paid for in person in Latin America…


I called +44 (0)1332 854274 (used Skype at very low rate) and got through right away. They have a US number on their site but someone complained that they were having trouble getting through.


Going to back track and see where saw it. Will post back. btw, The one Delta posted works although it is $199 with lots of perks. You can easily use a PR address and then
call and change it after the initial sign up and request dups. Not ideal of course but I think that promo had more extras with it.


It’s £150/year to get Silver not £100.

if you ignore the email you will lose status in 28 days…

so the question is if in the interim, you can get another airline or alliance to match it….

Please post tips on getting it matched…


i am a member of the fb group but never received any message…

some thoughts

i dont remember putting in a promo code so… maybe its illegal for them to do this ……….


The message was sent out on 04/07.
Be sure to follow dansdeals on twitter to never miss a deal.


I haven’t forgotten about the CO deal. I can’t find it. Still looking. Might have been pulled but I am sure it said “ongoing”. Will post here if I find it.


i just called the 877 number, pushed 1, and asked to be transfered to diamond club. i asked the agent to please send me a copy of my card. he just asked for my address, i guess for security reasons, and then said it should arrive in a few days…he didn’t ask me anything to do with “jcwizo”. i hope it comes… try what i did. just ask for a ‘copy’ of your card and dont mention when you got silver status.


just got my diamond club membership card today without calling or doing anything special. Hope it works!


Just got my diamond club card today. I’m concerned about the email – will the card be worthless in a month?



Same here. What can we do to take advantage of this?


Dan. for the people that got their card will they be able to swipe the card if necessary.

even if they got a email asking for the JCWIZO info

what does this card do for us


If you show your Star Alliance Silver card to Continental, United, USAirways that should be good enough for free bags, but YMMV (your mileage may vary).


so i posted that i called for my cards and received them earlier today with a luggage tag. hope it works for free bags on us airways.. has anyone tried to status match with con. usa or un??


@flybmi: Hey, what was that 877 number you called?

@anyone: I know it’s early but has anyone tried to see if their card would work? I’m curious to see if it will actually expires within 28 days. I’m going to be testing it in about month from now.


oh sorry, actually, it is 18667163790. i just asked the lady to transfer me to diamond club and asked the next agent for a copy of the card to be sent to me. i got my card yesterday, but i think its the card that everyone is getting now, so they prob are ganna send me another one because i called up. diamond club is open 8am-8pm mon-thurs, their time.


is it better to call continental before i fly to status match? or just show up in the airport and show my card?


Continental won’t match the status of partner airlines.


so just show up at the airport and show the card?


Got my card(s) today. Hope it doesn’t expire.


So now that I and others received there bmi silver cards…What airline would status match? Air Canada?


So I received my bmi silver card. I am traveling on Turkish Airways and Lufthansa this summer. Anyone know what I can use my silver status for? Free baggage? Upgrades? Lounge access?

Also, it came with family memberships. Does anyone know if my family members will also have silver status?



Thanks, Dan for posting the deal!
Just got my card today.

However, after pesach I flew usair to phl from phx, and I tried showing them the printout of my status, and they didnt believe me (I still took advantage of the priority checkin and security lines 🙂 ).
I ended up paying $60 for my two bags.

I then proceeded to send an email to the star alliance, being that I know that usair will totally ignore it…

Star alliance was about just as helpful – they very nicely forwarded my correspondence to usair.

That was two weeks ago. I haven’t yet gotten a response from usair.

I”m very inclined to send an email to the BBB about this, as they have resolved many issues I’ve had with companies in the past.

Any thoughts, Dan? Anybody?

Also, I didn’t change the ff# to my onepass # after checking in, because i still want this refund…


Oh, and as a side point, I actually argued with another representative as to whether or not silver status on *A get two free checked bags! I said, I can show you the link, and they didn’t let me show them…


Dispute it with your credit card.
Send them where it says on their site that baggage should have been free for Star Silvers.


Dan: I flew home from London after pesach with BA. I tried collecting miles with AA; they told me that since they fly there (the same route to London) I can’t collect…


Hey dan, by pesach I sgner up myself, my brother and sister in law. For some odd reason my brother and I both got rejected, but my sister in law, go a nie little package today in the mail from bmi as a star alliance silver member.. I have no clue how she slipped through. But good for her!


Hint: If you call up and ask for it the rest of you can get it too.


I got my BMI Diamond Siver packet today. The card says expires 05/2011. Do you think it will in fact be valid until then for all the Star Alliance Silver benefits?
I did get an email from BMI Diamond Club taht I needed to send in my JCWIZO membership, otherwise my BMI Silver will expire in 28 days.


Dan, what do you mean I can get it too? I just call up and they send it to me?? Can you give me some details?


I got the package with the card! Does anyone know which airlines I can status match with?

Do you think Delta will match BMI Silver with a copy of the card, or will they just issue me a challenge?

Any other airlines?


Hey all, so I just card my card and kit in the mail too, Im not flying for about 3 more weeks, but Ill keep you all filled in on how it goes!
Anyone have any luck yet?…


im flying united in 3 weeks. i called them up to ask how to input my diamond club number and the rep told me to email with my most recent statement. since i dont have it, i copied the page online which shows the silver status and emailed it to them with my united mileage # and they told me theyll match it – theyre making me premiere level for 90 days. basically free bags and upgrade for me and one companion to economy plus


hey dan if i put myself on my brothers reservation with my bmi miles number and then cancel my ticket will they still recieve the free luggage


I just checked in using my BMI account and received free bags and *A on my boarding pass. I guess they never got around to canceling those account!


In order to get the freebies, I have to input my bmi number when I book, and then it automaticly works?


hey dan, if you have a chance im flying on usair on sunday on a mileage flight. what do i do to get the free bags i have the luggage tags and the card, but do i have to put the bmi number in anywhere or just bring the card to the airport?


Worked just fine with the card.Got free luggage thanks Dan


got back last night, when I checked in I gave them the bmi card and they switched the num (u don’t get mileage for a mileage flight anyway) and they switched the num upgraded my seat and checked two free bags. Thanks dan fir the deal! Hope it worke for the whole year.

Mrs M

In case some of the last posters come back here is how it is done. Just like Dan instructed: When you are checking in (online or at the airport), enter your BMI number under frequent flyer account. There is a drop down to select British Midland Airlines. I suggest you check in online so you can see that you still have Silver status and that your bags are still coming up free. After you check your bags, stop at a self service kiosk and change your frequent flyer number to whatever airline you want to accumulate the miles with. I have done this on two flights so far and it has worked perfectly. You can also hand the BMI card to an agent but it’s a lot less hassle to enter it yourself at home (to make sure in advance it is still active) or at the airport while checking in.