Save 25% On JetBlue Award Redemptions! Fly From JFK-Bermuda For 1.8-2K Points, JFK-Los Angeles For 6.3-7K Points!

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Update: JetBlue is now including Mint class in this sale, it was accidentally excluded by JetBlue earlier today. Mint class includes private walled-in suites with 3 course kosher meals available.

The value is lower than coach tickets, but is a great deal for Mint class. For example a Mint class flight from JFK-Los Angeles on 9/13 is $598.10 or 34K points+$5.60. That’s a value of 1.74 cents per point (598.10-5.60/34,000). With an additional 10% rebate you’ll pay 30,600 points after getting back 200 points and the value will be 1.94 cents per point (598.10-5.60/30,600).


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Save 25% On JetBlue Coach Award Redemptions

-Book by August 4th
-Fly September 7 – November 16, 2016
-Blackout dates 10/6–10/16/16
-Not valid for travel on Sunday or Friday
-Not valid in Mint class.

This is a great opportunity to use points earned from JetBlue’s incredible 75K promotion! 

If you matched your status from another airline to JetBlue you can even cancel your flights for free.

If you have a JetBlue Plus World Elite Mastercard you always get free checked bags and an additional 10% points rebate.. The card comes with a 30K signup bonus for spending $1,000 in 90 days. It has a $99 annual fee but it also comes with 5,000 bonus points (5,500 after the rebate) every year that pretty much covers the cost of the card.

What are JetBlue points worth with this promo? It all depends on the flights you take, but here are 3 examples:
1. JFK-Bermuda on 9/13 is $63.90 or 2K points+$5.60. That’s a value of 2.92 cents per point (63.90-5.60/2,000). With an additional 10% rebate you’ll pay 1,800 points after getting back 200 points and the value will be 3.24 cents per point (63.90-5.60/1,800).

2. JFK-Chicago on 9/13 is $77.10 or 3.6K points+$5.60. That’s a value of 1.99 cents per point (77.10-5.60/3,600). With an additional 10% rebate you’ll pay 3,240 points after getting back 360 points and the value will be 2.2 cents per point (77.10-5.60/3,240).

3. JFK-Los Angeles on 11/9 is $138.10 or 7K points+$5.60 after 25% off. That’s a value of 1.89 cents per point (138.10-5.60/7,000). With an additional 10% rebate you’ll pay 6,300 points after getting back 700 points and the value will be 2.1 cents per point (138.10-5.60/6,300).

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Any cheap flights to Miami mid August?

David Smith

Hey! I posted that first! 😤 Just kidding, I don’t care.


@Hirschel: Don’t go to Miami in mid August (even if the airline pays you!).


Can anyone confirm receiving the 75k bonus points on tickets booked prior to receiving the email confirmation from Jetblue?


is it worth it to buy points?


Any details on how to book to Bermuda? I tried to book for the second week of September and it’s giving me a much higher value on JetBlues website then you are stating


Why do you minus the 9/11 fee in your calculation of points value? Shouldn’t you add it and not minus it? The revenue fare includes it, but with mileage you have to pay the fee in addition to the miles.
Also, with the revenue you earn miles as well. I thought you used to take these into account.


you can cancel flights, but they go towards a jetblue credit, NOT a refund


Any way to get to Hawaii with jetblue? I have lots of miles now


@Jacob: Look at his calculations again.


Oops, you’re right. My apologies!


Wanted to confirm that tickets booked using these points will NOT satisfy the roundtrip flight requirement for the Virgin promo?


@Ash: @jb: yes. They partner with Hawaiian airlines.


@Nathan: the examples given are for one way travel. Return from Bermuda is always higher due to taxes. JetBlue fares to Bermuda now are $62 some days.


@Yank: “TrueBlue points can not be used to search for flights operated by our partner airlines.” 🙁


can i book international as well this this sale ?? like to south africa ??


@Anonymous: @Ash:
Get to know the program my friend get to know the program


@Yank: kol hakavod taking time to answer them 🙂