Rent A Private Jet From NYC To Cleveland For $536


JetSuite offers last-minute deals to rent out a private jet on the cheap.

For example among other deals, you can rent a jet and fly 6 people (plus an infant) one-way from NYC/Teterboro tomorrow to Cleveland for $536 with tax.  The $536 price is the same no matter if you fly solo or with 6 people.

With 6 people that’s $89 per person to fly on a private jet.

The reason it’s so cheap is that they need to ferry the planes anyway for customers paying the big bucks so they offer deals that change daily based on where they need to ferry the planes.

They had this same deal a few weeks ago and some DDF guys booked it, had dinner in Cleveland, stayed in the Sheraton hotel at the Cleveland airport for 4,000 Starpoints, and flew back to LGA the next morning for 4,500 BA Avios.

WiFi and refreshments and free.

So, who’s in 😀

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I understand miami but Cleveland? No offense.


Smooth ride ?




Is this deal only for a use for tomorrow?

Jacob Weiss

I need a few people ready to order


Dan, Are you available for dinner?

Y.M. D.

I would love to order if five nore r in


I’m one. Can we get five more people?


You cheap freak


Outing all my secrets .
I’m no longer cool if you give away all my secrets .


Any other locations?

Jacob Weiss

My suitcase is packed already any plans about coming back


its sold (I hope DDFers got it)


lol. already sold!!!


Thank you, booked it.


Anything from Chicago??!


Also, are there any other companies that do this?


I would love to book it and show up with 6 people who each way 500lbs


@Mdw: +100


cool for 3 couples to take a quick getaway great for sholom bayis



Why would you love to book something , prevent the company from selling it to someone else , drive to an airport to then be turned away and then wait a month for the charge to credit back to your account? You ought to think about maybe looking for a job or finding some hobbies.


I guess if you have nothing better to do with your time, you might want to try it.
But don’t be late for your chavrusah!


I don’t believe these guys had dinner in Cleveland. NO one would fly to Cleveland for the food. Did they eat Kosher Pizza? Hard to believe they took a private plane for that!