HURRY! SMOKING HOT!!! Price Mistake! Save $$$$ With No Fuel Surcharge On Select Routes When You Book On!!!!

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Update 9: New York-Shanghai is just $562 on!!! ($928 on
Sample date: 11/04 (AA309/2)-11/11 (288/1918)
HT: Finckmyster, via

Update 8: You can manage your British Airways bookings (request kosher meals, assign seats, add frequent flyer info, etc.) made via by using this link.

Update 7: London/LHR to Los Angeles is available for just $267 round-trip on AA or on BA.
I was only able to get such a low fare to price out when departing from London.
Sample valid dates: 11/05-11/12.

Update 6: I just booked 7 tickets for my cousins from JFK to Tel Aviv for $613/ticket, so the deal is still alive and kicking.

In order to get it to book I did have to choose the multi-city option as follows:
New York-London: 01/26/09
London-Tel Aviv: 01/26/09
Tel Aviv-London: 02/09/09
London-New York: 02/10/09

All flights are on British Airways.

On the way there the layover is just 1 hour and 50 minutes, however on the way back there is an overnight layover in London of 12 hours.

I was able to get them a 4 star London Heathrow hotel room on Priceline with a $70 bid. It turned to be the Sheraton Heathrow, where the regular rates are over $200 with tax.

Again, I’d like to reiterate that this deal will not create cheap tickets for all dates, it will simply take about $650 off of the price of a British Airways ticket. So go to, find the cheapest dates, price out a trip until you get the tax-inclusive price, and then you will have an idea of how much the price will be on

While some people have been able to book travel to Tel Aviv via the regular round-trip booking option which doesn’t require an overnight stay in London, most dates will give you an error. The only way around this is to try different flights or dates, or you can stick with the same dates and just use the multi-city option which will require an overnight stay in London, but should always work without an error.

Update 5: This deal is bookable from Tel Aviv as well!!! (And for that matter it should work with this method from any city in the world!)
Here’s an example of how to do it:
-Step 1: Search from Boston to New York for 02/10/09 to 02/17/09.
-Step 2: The next page is the search results page, go into the URL and find both instances where it says BOS and replace them with TLV.
-Step 3: You will now get the search results for Tel Aviv to New York. Select the British Airways flights and the final price comes out to $638 which is more than $600 off of the lowest price available on!!!
-Use this same method for any other orignination city by using its 3 digit airport code.
HT: Eeh-Lye

Update 4: NYC to Tel Aviv is now available for just $617 Round-Trip including all taxes on British Airways when booking via, which is more than $600 off of the lowest price available on!!!
HT: Charles Light, via

Additionally Los Angeles to Tel Aviv is now available for just $796 Round-Trip including all taxes on British Airways when booking via, which is more than $750 off of the lowest price available on!!!
Sample valid dates for NYC or LAX-TLV: 02/10-02/17.

Update 3: NYC to/from London is now available for just $353 Round-Trip including all taxes on AA and on British Airways when booking via, which is more than $300 off of the lowest price available on or!
Sample valid dates: 11/18-11/25.

Update 2: It’s fitting that while I’m in Chicagoland I give back some love to the windy city! I just priced out tickets from Chicago/ORD to London for just $327 Round-Trip including all taxes on AA and on British Airways when booking via, which is more than $300 off of the lowest price available on or!
Sample valid dates: 10/22-10/29.

Originally posted on 06/15:

Update: Some people are having trouble booking JFK-TLV-JFK. If you are having this problem the workaround for this is to use the multi-city search option and book it as four segments. New York-London, London-Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv-London, and London-New York.


-Book on the US version of for the best deals!

-This deal works better if you only use one airline

-Tickets booked on are refundable for 24 hours.

-If you want to select a destination city not on the list just scroll down to “other cities” and type in the name of the city (not the airport code). It will then give you an error message, but you should then be able to find the name of city that you entered right at the the drop-down menu! is very picky with certain credit cards…keep trying different cards until you get one to work!

-Using the lowest price search at or is a good way to find the cheapest dates and flights. You can then search those dates at LAN.

This deal was sent to all of our facebook group members. Join the facebook group to receive similar alerts.

New routes will be added to this post as they are found!

LAN, home of the incredible 20,000 Starpoints=50,000 LAN kms. transfer and of the no fuel-surcharge award tickets, is selling regular tickets on other airlines without a fuel surcharge! is pricing out select routes and airlines without a fuel surcharge, yielding potential savings of hundreds of dollars!

Here are some sample routes with valid travel dates that I verified this on so far:

1. AA/BA: NYC/JFK to London/LHR on 11/05-11/12: Savings=$311
The price for this RT ticket including all taxes and surcharges from British Airways and from AA is $761, but is only $450 on either airline from!

2. Qantas: NYC/JFK to Sydney on 09/07-09/14: Savings=$258
The price for this RT ticket including all taxes and surcharges from Qantas is $1,637, but is only $1,379 from!

3. BA: London/LHR to Tel Aviv on 11/05-11/12: Savings=$311
The price for this RT ticket including all taxes and surcharges from British Airways is $728, but is only $417 from!

4. BA: NYC/JFK to Tel Aviv on 11/10-11/18: Savings=$663
The price for this RT ticket including all taxes and surcharges from British Airways is $1,377, but is only $714 from!

5. BA: NYC/JFK to Tel Aviv on 10/06-10/27 (Sukkos ’08): Savings=$686
The price for this RT ticket including all taxes and surcharges from British Airways is $1,850, but is only $1,164 from!

6. BA: NYC/JFK to Tel Aviv on 04/06-04/22 (Pesach ’09): Savings=$529
The price for this RT ticket including all taxes and surcharges from British Airways is $1,470, but is only $941 from!

7. BA: NYC/JFK to Johannesburg on 11/04-11/11: Savings=$763
The price for this RT ticket including all taxes and surcharges from British Airways is $2,060, but is only $1,297 from!

Find another great deal? Post a comment!

Things to note:

-The LAN website is incredibly buggy…

-This seems to only work with OneWorld carriers, but it may work for other carriers as well. Try to stick with travel on one alliance.

-There doesn’t appear to be a way to get the site to display more flight options, either take what it pulls up or search for a different day.

Get more details on credit card offers and compare to other cards:
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Does anyone know what the cancellation policy is (If I decide that I want to cancel my ticket)?


Are the award tickets the same way

Dan/Ctownbochur is merely the booking agent, the rules will be the same as if you bought it from the airline.

Most likely changes will be at least $200+change in fare.


Doesnt seem to work for me- I priced out those dates to Tel Aviv on British and got US$ 762.96 final price.


Scratch that, I was pricing from JFK to TLV… Not London to TLV…


Are there dates for Succos from either JFK< NEWARK OR LGA?Please let me know ASAP, if not for succos than any dates in summer or ELUL


I just priced ou JFK – LHR Leaving July 1st and returning July 8th (I already used Airmiles bfor this trip as the price has been way too high!) and it priced out at a mere $596.02 on American!! I check and the price is $955.90!!!


You should check how much it would cost to cancel the mileage ticket!


Lan never charges a fuel surcharge on award tickets:


So here is the question – since has a terrible interface, maybe someone knows how to use a better site to see what is available – in other words it will show you which of the flights on that day are cheaper priced, or even better – it will show you the cheapest flight during that month – and then *** use a formula to calculate how to remove the fuel surcharge so you will know how much the price will be on **

Also, does anyone know if some airlines are cheaper then others? I get choices of AA, Malev, British air, and others – which should I choose to get the cheaper price.


I thought about that Dan but here’s the thing; Originally I wasn’t even going to use Airmiles Because I had British miles and they charge close to $400 in taxes and fees plus the 50,000 Airmiles so it would actually have still paid to buy a regular ticket at the time I was booking becasue all I was saving with the whole 50,000 miles was $400 (I can use 50,000 domesticaly alone and save more then that!) But then a Miracle happened and Virgin Atlantic decided to put on an Airmiles sale (-still going by the way for anyone traveling before the end of July %50 fewer Airmiles and %25 for travel after July… -) and offered me a ticket for half the amount of Airmiles! Here’s what was cool though; I only had 11,400 Airmiles with Virgin and they were expiring next month as I haven’t traveled with them in years so I was going to loose those miles (what can u do with 11,000 mile on an Airline u don’t use???) and then along comes the sale!! SO I booked one way with Virgin = 11,250 plus tax (about $130) and then one way on British = 25,000 plus tax (about $250) effectively really getting my trip for 25,000 British Miles (I don’t count the Virgin Miles as they were so few and worthless to me anyway as they were expiring!) and about the same $400 in taxes and fees…


Just use a site like orbitz to find the cheapest flights and match them up on LAN.

Trial and error is your friend with this deal…


On it does not give the option JFK – LONDON?


Like I said in the post, you have to go to “other cities” and type in london.

gotta know

if i bought a ticket last month to israel on elal will i get a fuel charge when i get to the airport? flight in aug


is it better to earn lan miles or aa miles on this?


i’m now geting fare no longer available when I put in my cc info..


Trying to book jfk-lhr, but route doesn’t seem to be offered on Clicking on ‘Other Cities’ doesn’ give an option to type in city


Managed to book jfk-lhr by using the ‘multi city’ tab. Price for dates 8th july – 13th july with BA was £317.69 around $630. Price on is around $950


You have to type in london, not lhr in other cities.


I tried 11/5-11/12 NYC-TLV and the cheapest I got was $782. How do I get this lower? Also, it wont work if you try to book with an infant.


Looks like the 12th sold out at that price.
With a return on the 11th it is $714.
Check to find the cheapest dates and flights and then search those dates at LAN.


$2 RT NYC-Toronto on Greyhound NEON:

I just bought a r/t ticket for september at $2

no kids?

did anyone have problems with booking infants? it won’t let us do it


@no kids?:
Infant fares aren’t bookable on


so only one person succeeded in booking??


ok, I have tried many many dates, and many different combos of airlines, and I even tried booking a $2000 flight and I still get the same stupid message:

The fare you have selected is no longer available for your chosen flight.

We have no effected any charge via the provided form of payment.

Please return to the purchase process to select another flight or fare.

anyone have any idea?


oh… and about being picky with credit cards – how do I know if they were picky about one I tried using..?


I was not able to get new york-tel aviv to ticket, so I booked new york-london and then london to tel aviv and it worked!


ok I will try that too..


can you please help me.
i got your facebook message to check out this deal.
and i’m trying to book a ticket to TLV via london.
for September 1 and to return on march 25/26

i got the flight numbers from
and couldnt match both on but matched the one coming back to nyc. and the price they are giving me is 3,208

please email me what to do
thank you




I was able to price out an itinerary for your dates under $900 using the multi-city search option to force the routing nyc-lhr, lhr-tlv, tlv-lhr, lhr-nyc.

Remember to stick with BA for the entire trip.


i booked a ticket jfk-lhr in november. the fare was $450.00 instead of $750.00.

thank you dan!!!


to TLV: what final price did you got for booking seperately? and what month?


here is a question – what happens if you want to make a change to a RT JFK – LHR + a RT LHR – TLV?

I would need to pay $200 change fee on each of the “trips” + fare?

That could kinda suck…

as a side note – pricing 2 rt instead of the one direct seems to price out $200 – $300 more so it kinda kills the deal for me…


I was able to price a ticket to israel for august at 1170 instead of 1500+ by using MALEV




Instead of pricing 2 RT’s did you try booking it as a 4 segment ticket (nyc-lhr, lhr-tlv, tlv-lhr, lhr-nyc) using multi-city search?


what is MALEV?


I booked a flight to Israel in February for 714 on British Air. It wouldn’t take my credit card the first time, but I tried again from the beginning and it worked.


Dan: is there any way you could update this tip with what will work and what will not work now? and also what the prices are? I have wasted so much time and i am sure that others have also.

thank you and we all approeciate the work you put into your site.


I will try the multi segment and see what happens.


Im in LA and would love to get to the holy land asap. anyone have any help? im willing to go to nyc to london to tel aviv if neccesary.


Ok, thanks dan for all your help – the multi city trick worked – I got myself JFK>LHR>TLV RT Sep 22 – Dec 30 for $799.

Now its time to find that flight from LA to NY….

@cali – you should just do what I did, and then buy a ticket to ny on any other airline – it comes out cheaper…

also, it seems BA is the cheapest… so stick w/ them..


to BZ:Did it work?


yup – ticket purchased and confirmed. I will buy my flight to ny later…


Seems like this is available lax-lhr-tlv-lhr-lax all on BA for just $900 or so.

loyal reader

I searched and found a deal that seems almost too good to be true. The bottom line..will BA charge the fuel tax at the airport???


ye… it probably wasn’t available on the days I wanted, + I’d rather spend the extra $100 and spend a few days in ny 🙂


@loyal reader:
Extremely unlikely. Fuel surcharges are only charged at the time of ticketing, not check-in.
BTW, what’s the deal you found?


Anyone able to do anything for Yom Kippur Sukkos time frame. I’m trying for quite some time.

I’m trying to take a large family K”AH so this could make a HUGE difference.


Not to rain on anyone’s parade but the RT example for Y”K, Sukkos in Dan’s sample fares is better than some popular TA fares, but only marginally.

For example one popular TA is advertising those same fares for $785 RT, when you call and price it out it actually comes out to about $1300 per adult ticket. Dan’s saving you about $200 per ticket compared to a travel agent. Which is great but it’s not the $700 compared to the BA website.

I haven’t found my dates yet anyway, just thought I’d point that out.


What airline has $1,300 tickets?


Lufthansa. And I’m told Alitalia also. Do you want to know the Travel Agent?


No just curious. Personally I’d rather fly BA than either of those guys.


It’s over for flying out 10/06. Price for one adult is now showing at 2157.44 on It really doesn’t want my $.


You’re not doing it right, you have to pick BA for both legs.

To find the cheapest BA dates you should first search at before using


The cheapest one I could find was using BA for both legs.
When I changed to any other airline, the price shot up tremendously.

But I did receive a follow up confirmation email last night (24 hours AFTER booking) confirming the flights and price ($714 RT JFK-LHR-TLV-LHR-JFK)


CL was this for Yom Tov?

I was finally able to get it down to 1260 using Dan’s method, and only trying 1 adult.

I need help. What were the exact steps and flights you did. I think maybe Dan’s original flights are no longer available, because the flights taht I want on BA aren’t showing up on Lan.

loyal reader

I undertand that BA is the ebst way to go with this, I put in nyc-lhr-ncl-lhr-zurich-zurich-lhr-nyc. for all this it was under 1g @ ticket, traveling July 21 – August 21!


Got it to work!!!! Now to get the order through!!!



@yada: Not for yomTov.


Okay, so I’m ready to book. Which mileage program should I choose? I only have american airlines frequent flyer. Should I sign up with LAN and choose LAN or choose AA? Or signup with someone else.


anyone have them tell you the fare you selected is no longer available after you entered your cc.

is there any other way to book this fare other than

is it because i am trying to book too many tickets at once?

i’m afraid to split them up because then maybe i won’t get all of them.



Were you actually successful buying tickets for 10/6 – 10/27. I am trying 10/6 – 10/28 which is significantly cheaper. $889 a ticket!!!! But every time I enter my cc it tells me those fares no longer exist. Then when I search for fares they are there. Is there a problem with my cc or is it a problem with the dates and if I give the exact dates you gave it will work?


Thanks dan 4 the tip. Do u know if there is any way i can get a deal like this originating from TLV & going to ny ? I tried on but it didnt give me the option to start from tlv


@yada: Even if you dont get all of them, you have 24 hours to cancel without any penalty. So its worth a shot at splitting them up. If it doesnt work, you can cancel.


@yaakov: I was trying to figure that out also (How to originate the trip in TLV) for a friend.
Whatever I try, it doesnt give me the option to begin in TLV.


cl: thanks I’ll try that


thanks man, i books tix to London great price!!! i always see offers but never need it, this time it came in good use! thanks again


You saved my family $700.

Thanks Dan!

Shall Remain Nameless

Saved my family so far $900….. With more bookings on the way.

This has got to be one of your best deals ever!

Thank You

Let’s hope they don’t decide to charge us the full amount when they realize their mistake.


How do we know this not a travel scam like others in the past.
Do you remember last year an Israeli agent “subcontractor” scammed a lot of people?
It may have been ?


take note if you want to book with kilometers on Lan you must have them in your lan account. Transfering lan from Starwood can take 30 days.


This message for Yada or anyone who can assist. Yada, I too am trying for 10/6 – 10/28 but none of the flight’s leaving from TLV to London arrive in time to meet any of the London to NYC trips. How did you book your flight back home?


I didn’t end up getting Yom Tov! I was curious to know if anyone actually bought yom tov? You can’t get a reservation number and when you call tech support, they make you call sales. which is worthless, because their price is more than anyone elses.

Did anyone actually get tickets for anytime in October. I tried so many combinations and none worked.


Thanks for your quick response. In one of your earlier posts you mentioned a TA. Would you share that name w/me? I am not from the NYC area and need names of TAs that deal in trips to Israel as I’m not having much luck on the internet. I did find a trip using the TA that sponsors this site but it was too expensive for my budget.


dan please help me i try at list 250times i like 2travel 2adu +1(3years b”h)+1inf for y”k or sucos i can get any god fare


how do i choose other airlines on LAN.COM?? for example AA..


dan im wondering how to get SA for that cheap?
please respond ASAP


can someone please tell me how to get the NY/TORONTO for 2$ RT? every time i tried it came out 170$ please some one i need to book now ASAP thanx in advance u can write me in my email if u wish

Shall Remain Nameless

Is there any way for me to rebook my reservations? It went down another few hundred dollars


Joel L.

Cant seem to find any availability for the NY/London routes i even tried the sample you gave still didn’t work.


@Joel L.:
The sample dates I gave work just fine. Be sure to read all of the instructions in the post to get the deal to work!

Every AA and BA flight that I tried for 11/18-11/25 worked perfectly.


i booked tickets to london when you first posted the deal. nov 12 – nov 19 for $450.00
the price went down to $350.00

according to lan, they do not do price adjustments. is there any way to get the cheaper price?


Anyway to start the flights from israel or does it have to be from nyc


I think that this may be dead. I tried to buy April 27th to June 9th and it let me get until the 6th step before telling me that the fare I selected is no longer available. Anyone else have any problems?


doesnt anyone find it strange that this deal is still alive? Wouldn’t they have figured things out by now? Or is this a quick gimmick before bankruptcy or something..? Anyone know how long AMEX gives you to submit chargebacks?


coming up as $3k for a british airway flight from ny to tel aviv and back for august 11-20. sorry, i think it’s fixed.


It’s refundable for 24 hours, after that you’re probably stuck.

I can’t get it to start with TLV because the other cities workaround is only available in the destination field. If any computer geeks know how to rework the javascript on the page to get the other cities to apply to the origin field then please speak up!

No airline sells tickets for >330 days in the future.

Apparently has never been programmed to charge the fuel surcharge for other carriers!

Ask pcdan, or better yet just read the post in its entirety!


Are you saying this deal has always been around from


well read 😉


You CAN start from TLV!!

On the Flyertalk forum someone advised to simply search for a departure city that does exist for example, if you want to go to NYC search from LHR to NYC when the results return simply replace LHR in the URL with TLV. For a round trip reservation it will need to be replaced twice. I just searched for a sample and got 3/24/09 TLV-LHR-NYC and 3/30/09 NYC-LHR-TLV for $653.74 total! The lowest price on Kayak for the same dates was $1230 on KLM. I hope this helps everyone.


I just tried this for January 2009. It let me get to the last step and then told me that this fare is no longer available.


When that happens you need to break out the ticket into 4 segments as outlined in the post.


Dan, I am trying to book a flight from nyc-lhr-tlv, and tlv-lhr-nyc(jan 20- jan 25) This works when booking a rt(it just fails on the last page) However, if I try 4 segments, on the return it shows (jan 25)a BA flight from TLV to LHR, leaving at 7:25 and arriving at 11:10. However for the LHR-NYC segment, nothing is shown on the 25th leaving to NYC after 11:10. Do you have any ideas ?


You can try to book the RT with a different credit card, or on another country’s LAN website, but if that doesn’t work then the only thing you could do is to take the earliest flight the next morning out of LHR and enjoy London for a day!


The NYC-TLV does not work any advise


Folks, every date works with this deal, it’s just a question of how much BA is charging for the ticket.

For tickets to Israel the final price on should be about $600 less than the final price on

If charges $3,000 for a certain flight you’re not going to find $600 tickets for that flight on!

brooklyn guy

i entered the dates and when i click “search flights” nothing happens– is the website down? is the deal dead?

good shsbbos

it looks like they dont go to russia, it would be great to book this for uman!!! GOOD SHABBOS




Walk me through getting a ticket JFK to Tel Aviv. I am going to Sem and every penny saved makes it all the less impossible.

We start on September 2 and we finish for Pesach on March 24 (or Sem finishes for the year on June 15).

(The lowest I’ve found so far has been around $1200.00 (a far cry from the quotes others are talking about.

Your help is greatly appreciated!!!!


BA seems to have those dates (April 27th to June 9th) available. Shouldn’t I be able to book it on LAN?


YOUR THE BEST DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just booked pesach 5769
3/24tlv-ewr 4/26 ewr-tlv

2 tickets for $1277 that’s just $638 a piece!!!!


what do i do if i need to book an infant? can i just book my ticket thru lan and the infant directly from alitalia?



call lan direct they charged me $111 for an infant however you have to send them a copy of the passport and c.c.


I have tried about 10 different dates and I keep getting the same message at the very end of the confirmation process that the fare selected is no longer available.

Any advice?


thanks did you book yourself also thru the phone or only the infant after you already booked yourself online?




Can you help me? I’m tryingto book from tel aviv to toronto, leaving 07/27/08 and coming back 08/31/08. Your help is greatly appreciated




yes, just found for 640 on my first search

loyal reader

it works, it works!
I just made a very complicated itinerary to include quite a number of stops…and it worked!
I saved over 2gs over doing this with BA. There was a disadvantage, though. There are fewer choices of flights….but for this price I can use some of my starwood points for a stay over at LHR!!!!!
thanks a bunch Dan…..plese keep these wonderful deals coming!~


loyal reader, what was the complicated itinerary like… I have been trying so many different combinations but nothing went through.

loyal reader

it seems to get the great fares use BA and keep going through LHR


I didn’t look at any other iteneraries, but the Chicago-London fares increased by $290pp overnight at I noticed roughly the same fare increase at, so this may or may not be more widespread…


I tried jfk-lon-tlv and back for passover. (4/8/09-4/17/09 and the price is only about $300 less than (about $1320 pp)


The cheapest ticket on for those dates including tax is $1,627.78.


How do I book from TLV to NYC? What does it mean when you say ” go into the url ” Thanks!!


Was anyone able to get a deal for Israel for Sep 11th or the 10th coming back on the next week. I cant find any deals…


thanks dan for all the work!! one problem: after i finally enter in all my info the screen tells me ” the fare you have selacted is no longer currently available…” any ideas??


You have to do the multi-city workaround.


The URL is the web address, which can be found where you typed in


FANTASTIC!!! Booked 2 tkts from NYC to TLV stopping in London for just over $1400 total! It worked like a charm. Now onto finding a hotel deal.

Thanks so much.



if i give you my credit card info can you book me a cheap ticket to israel for rosh hashana? (im a continentals onepass member, does that help… email is )



Thanks Dan, Just booked a $697 ticket for Mid January from NYC to TLV with stop in London.

Thanks for the savings!!


i just purchased 19 tickets on british airways via for 360.22 each and want to makesure i want get chaarged any surcharges and also wanna make sure we all going up to the aircraft cause all those are for my brothers wedding in london please reply as soon as possable cause in case of any errors i can still cancell them untill tonight.
thank you


also looking for cheap tickets for rosh hashana to eretz yisrael.
thank you so much.


please answer me on my email address if possable


Just purchased 2 tickets to Sidney aust
on with qantas ,saved 500.00

joe k

iam looking for a flight 2 isreal from jfk sep to mid june the cheapest i found was 1139(usd) on lan if anybody knows of a cheaper flight plz answer me .


is this LAN site really legit


Does anyone know of any cheap flights this week or beginning of next week(anytime before 7/14)

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!

Mike G

why are you even on this site, if you don”t trust dan?!


i am trying to book one adult and child on but its not working.does anyone know if i would buy the adult and then call to book the child would it work?

meyer apfeldorf

my dtr tried tlv-ny[tlv, got 780$
bad news – the prices we saw through do not exist. I tried to order them but it said that the fare was no longer available so when i called up they explained that tel aviv is only a destination and not a departure site
– which is also why we could not select tel aviv from the drop down menu on the initial site. im so upset! what should i do now???
i will try again with diff cards, but if u have solution…please


@meyer apfeldorf:
Please read update 6.


please please can anyone answer me,how do i get a childs price with or is this not possible?


You cannot book a child or infant on
If you are trying to book a child, just book them as an adult.


can anyone help me with tickets from ny-london..
form aug 31 (flexible by day or two) till sep 10 (somewhat flexible…) really desperate.


so im trying to book a ticket on lan for august 11-17/18 from TLV-NYC (Via LHR) and i did the whole changing URL deal and im gettin the same price as BA is offering..? What am i doing wrong, that i should be doing differently.. Thank you


but i would like to get that further 25% off childs ticket, is it possible? also if i would purchase an adult ticket for a child can that be a problem?


Remember that BA only includes tax after you select the flights.

No offense, but there’s an old saying that comes to mind here, “pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered…”

You’re already getting a massive discount on the correct price for the ticket, just buy an adult ticket for the child and be done with it. You won’t have any problems.


so theres not really much of a discount the ticket its about 1700$..ok it was worth the try! thank you


I believe that there will always be a discount of about $600-$700 for TLV.
Are you selecting the same flights?


yes wtvr is available… i got the chpst down to about 1450 which is not cheap. thank you for your help


excellent answer dan but i still think that it is a jewish obligation to find out if i would book an adult online would they give me the child for a further 25percent off if i called their calling center ,didnt you hear the saying “a shod oif yiddish gelt”,so does anyone know if this would work.i have no interest in calling to try it out since i might cause them to realise this mistake!


dan muy bueno
te felicito


Does LAN do domestic flights to? if not where can i get a good price im looking to go somwhere from nyc for a mini vacation


I keep getting this message

“While we were attempting to process your transaction, certain changes were involuntarily made to the travel information. As a result, the operation could not be finalized. Please try the operation again at ”

Can anyone help me to get around this ?


Did you try the London multi-city workaround?


Yes , NY to London -London TLV.Thanks for your help

Beryl Eckstein

how much is it to fly from New York to Tel Aviv leaving Sept 25 and returning Oct 28


*beryl it prices on lan —-US$ 1,068.78—


Thanx Dan. Gr8 deal as usual! Just booked 4 tickets on different dates for $588-700 !

Does anybody know the cancellation/change policy? And what is my best way to protect myself for any changes or cancellations that may necessary?


I know I’m a little late in this, but can s/o explain how to book a ticket from TLV to NYC?


I’ve seen a number of messages regarding very inexpensive tickets NYC-TLV via LHR, and I booked same for Dec08-Jan09 for $670 RT. I’m still skeptical.

I’ve heard of fuel charges getting tacked on at the airport. Has anyone already flown with these tickets purchased on LAN.COM and what was their experience?


These tickets are issued on LAN ticketing stock. AA/BA can’t just ask for the fuel surcharge after they’re bought, and LAN has no method of collecting a fuel surcharge at the current time.

However any changes you may need to make will likely have to go through LAN.


As of this am the website shows no flights available and doesn’t provide any fares. I have tried several different dates in different months NY-LHR-TLV. Got 7 tickets last week though.
Seems like the party is over…..


The issued e-ticket comes with a locator code. This locator code corresponds to the one on BA’s records. so you can actually call BA (or go to their website) and see your itinerary as if purchased thru BA.


hi i tried this a few times, and every time it just says The origin-destination chosen cannot be purchased online. Please contact a LAN sales office. how does it work?


Still going strong!!!

Kayak was showing my desired route at over $1000 on aerosvit, over $1200 on British (going from TLV to JFK in April for Pesach).

I found it on for $650, but it wouldn’t let me book. I played with the dates for hours, and it still wouldn’t let me book (though it doesn’t tell you that until AFTER you put in all your booking information).

I called them up, and got the tickets for $710 round trip.

If all else fails, just call them. It was painless, though they have some weird payment requirements (faxing copies of credit cards, authorization forms, and passports).

Now, I need a way to get from JFK down to Baltimore. Train is comfy, and $260 round trip for both of us together. Bus, less comfy, way cheap.

Any recommendations on renting a REALLY cheap car from the 7th through the 19th of April at JFK?


I got a good fare last night, but today, they are quoting regular fares….is the game over?!


British Airways General Conditions of Carriage states:

“4a5) We may charge any surcharge to the fare for your ticket which applies under our tariff on the date you pay for your ticket, for example a fuel or insurance surcharge”.

Doesn’t this give them a right to charge the fuel surcharge at the airport for the tickets bought at


No, nor are they quoting any regular fares-they are not able to.

That’s for a BA ticket. From what I’ve read they can’t do this for a LAN ticket.



In 2a they state: “Except where clause 2c says otherwise, these conditions of carriage will apply to all flights we operate under the BA airline designator code and to any case where we have a legal liability to you in relation to your flight”.

It doesn’t say that the ticket has to be issued by BA.


People have already flown and not been charged anything, but if you’re worried then don’t buy.


Someone told me that you have to be a reisdent of Chile in order to purchase these fares? please confirm if this is true….

loyal reader

I tried yesterday to get a ticket nyc to tlv. I couldnt get to the screen to confirm and pay.
is the deal over?


it looks like the game is might still work if you call them 1866iflylan


Deals seems over. Friends just called and they wouldn’t let them book.


dan could you please let us know if the deal is over?
i spent 2 hours on this today but to no evil