Price Mistake! Fly Emirates From The Maldives To Europe For $65 Or To JFK For $100!

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Update, 12:30AM: DEAD!

Update, 12:15AM: This fare is dying, but may still be bookable on Expedia.

-Stay In An Overwater Bungalow In Bora Bora Or The Maldives From Just 31K Starpoints/Night! Plus: Which Miles To Use To Get There

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Bookable on Priceline. Tickets purchased from Priceline today are refundable until 11:29pm EST tomorrow. Please see this post for directions on how to cancel these tickets.

Emirates flights originating from the Maldives are currently pricing without fuel surcharges on all flights from now through 11/30!

For example:
-A one-way flight from Male (Mah-lay) to Dubai is $54 instead of $750.
-A one-way flight from Male to Cairo, London, Milan, or Paris via Dubai is $64 instead of $700.
-A one-way flight from Male to JFK via Dubai is $100 instead of $1,000.
-A one-way flight from Male to Fort Lauderdale via Dubai is $103 instead of $1,000.
-A multi-city flight from Male to JFK with a stopover in Dubai is $124 instead of $1,000.
-A round-trip flight from Male to JFK via Dubai is $142 instead of $1,000.

Emirates is an excellent airline and there are no issues for Orthodox Jews flying on Emirates or in Dubai. I’d highly recommend booking a multi-city ticket and adding a 2 day stopover in Dubai.

Of course if you’re starting in the USA you’ll need to get to the Maldives in order to get a $100 ride home.

You can use miles one-way to get to the Maldives or you can fly on an airline like Aeroflot via Moscow for $441 (Use Google Flights to find more dates)


There are lot of great points hotels in the Maldives.

-25K Chase or Hyatt points is enough for a free night at the Park Hyatt Maldives.

An overwater villa at the S. Regis Maldives is on sale from 46.8K Starpoints per night on a 5 night stay. It’s probably the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in.

-The Conrad Maldives starts at 69K points per night an a 5 night stay.

-The Sheraton Maldives costs 16K Starpoints per night on a 5 night stay and can be reached from Male by boat for just $136.

Note that you’ll have to pay some $500-$700 for a seaplane to get from Male to most resort islands, though some can be reached with a far less expensive boat ride from Male.

If you’re looking to use miles to get to the Maldives:

Male, Maldives is served by:
-Aeroflot (a SkyTeam/Delta partner) via Moscow
-Air France (a SkyTeam/Delta partner) via Paris
-Air India (a Star Alliance/United partner) via Bangalore
-Alitalia (a SkyTeam/Delta partner) via Rome
-Austrian (a Star Alliance/United partner) via Vienna
-British Airways (a OneWorld/American partner) via London/Gatwick
-Cathay Pacific (a OneWorld/American partner, but not bookable on via Hong Kong
-China Eastern (a SkyTeam/Delta partner) via Shanghai
-China Southern (a SkyTeam/Delta partner) via Guangzhou
-Edelweiss/Swiss (a Star Alliance/United partner, but not bookable on via Zurich
-Emirates (an Alaska, JAL, and Korean partner) via Colombo or Dubai
-Etihad (an American partner, but not bookable on via Abu Dhabi
-Korean (a SkyTeam/Delta partner) via Colombo and Seoul
-Lufthansa (a Star Alliance/United partner) via Frankfurt
-Singapore (a Star Alliance/United partner, but not bookable on via Singapore
-Turkish (a Star Alliance/United partner) via Istanbul
-Qatar (a OneWorld/American partner, but not bookable on via Doha

For example:

-A one-way flight from the US to Male on Etihad or Qatar would cost 40K AA miles in coach, 70K in business, or 105K in Etihad first “shower” class. You can transfer Starpoints to American at a 20,000:31,250 ratio with the current transfer bonus. You must call AA to book these awards.

-A one-way flight from the US to Male on Cathay Pacific would cost 40K Alaska miles in coach, 62.5K in business, or 70K in first class round-trip. You can transfer Starpoints to Alaska at a 20K:25K ratio. You must call Alaska to book this award.

-A one-way flight from the US to Male on any Star Alliance airline would cost 42.5K United miles in coach, 80K in business, or 140K in first class round-trip. You can transfer Starpoints to United via Marriott at a 18,667:25,000 ratio.

-A round-trip flight from the US to Male on Emirates would cost 60K JAL miles in coach, 100K in business, or 155K in first “shower” class round-trip. You can transfer Starpoints to JAL at a 20K:25K ratio. You must call JAL to book this award.

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Pretty awesome – unfortunately I can’t make this work for me.

My mann

Any issue with zika now?


can i book a roundtrip from maldives and just take the return flight to maldives and then take a one way back


Any idea how to get it to price like this for other cities in the US? Is there a reason why it would only apply to JFK but not other cities with a direct EK flight from DXB?


What about booking the RT and then missing the MLE-JFK leg? Could that work?


can i just book a round trip from maldives to jfk and only fly the way there as my one way ticket? or will they not let?


can you book rt and just take JFK to dubai leg?


doesn’t seem to work in august


An I book two round trips and take the return flight of the first and the originating flight on the second to engineer a round trip from New York?


No! If you miss the first leg of your trip, the entire ticket gets cancelled.


Anything from ATH?


Can I make a a multi city trip from male with a two day stopover in Dubai and then to Europe.


Sitting with friends in Milts. Just booked for summer. Thanks, Dan!


@Yosef_S it works to FLL


My biggest hurdle:
Note that you’ll have to pay some $500-$700 for a seaplane to get from Male to most resort islands.


@Dan – would you recommend waiting on booking the inbound just in case Emirates cancels and if so, how long to wait until its “safe” to buy


Did you ever have that a airline didn’t cancel after skipping a leg? If yes which airline?
Emirates also flies from ATH to EWR, anything for that route?


@Dan any ideas for cheapest option to fly to Maldives from NY August 8/9?


Just booked a ticket from Male to Dubai to JFK for $102. Now I gotta find a flight the way there

Wild deal

Is this something they will fix or intentionally priced that way ? Book exonomy flex and upgrade with miles if available.


@dan anyway it could work to get to isreal.


Too bad can’t book for trip in January. That’s my only opportunity for extended travel.

data points

seems like we need some data points with emirates if people have skipped the first leg and been able to fly still…


Woohoo! Thanks, Dan! Booked in Nov.


Trying to find dates. Anyone have any idea what dates do or don’t work? Are people booking on Priceline?


Plenty of dates still available. Even checked memorial day weekend and Thanksgiving time.


How are people getting to maldives? The tickets are a bit pricey on the way there. Any ideas?


What is the likelihood of getting upgraded to an overwater bungalow at the sheraton if I’m a SPG platinum member?


whats the weather like in oct/nov?


Yes, but still expensive 🙈


Is the deal dead?

I booked one flight, my other flights are not booking.


i keep getting a something went wrong message on priceline. any suggestions ?


I booked successfully in Nov for 100.
Tried again for this month and hit an error


I booked the tickets for july,
now the question is if I should cancel because of the weather of july in the Maldives…


@DAN any ideas for cheap hotels in Maldives? We booked in august and are taking kids. Any ideas for relatively cheap hotels?


I booked 2 tickets in November to FLL using 10k total MR points. Is this flight eligible for upgrade using points? I looked online on emirates and it said certain saver tickets are not eligible for upgrade.


can you credit the full miles flown to any good partners ?


Is a 2 hr stopover in dubai enough connection time?

Baruch how do I

How do I arrange for a2 day stopover in Dubai?


Works to Las Vegas (LAS) @ $112


Willing to be rent a girlfriend for a week…Dan you make me feel so single when you post deals like this fml :S

Paul ,the rebbe

“Der inyan fun the Maldives in the inyan fun coach in der inyan fun a mensch is is a Baki bcredit card point vchyotzei bazeh is nisht nor farshtandig ober did is oichet a stira “


is it nice over there even if it rains?


I was booked into Economy (Y) <- that's how it shows on my reservation, no mention of the fare class anywhere else but I did book via the Norwegian site before I knew it was accessible from normal means like Expedia 🙁

Dan, do you think that means that is Y fare class? Dumb question, obviously Y means coach but Y is also 100% credit to Alaska. Not sure if that's the fare class or not.

Joe Barker


You can stay in my hotel room.



I got 2 tix just in time Malei to JFK roundtrip


@Chaim: howbmuchfor each ticket total per person including the way there?



I think it was $285 for 2
I didnt figure out the way there yet….I will most likely fly to BKK for a week or about 10-13 days first (leave america right after sukkos) and then from there to Malei for a few days….orrr I might figure how to incorporate a Cairo trip to earn Elite Qualifyings for my AA Executive platinum status through beginning of 2019…

Missed it

I think it’s dead. Checked earlier and could have booked. Now I’m checking for any dates between September and November and it’s coming up as over 1500 per passenger on the return. Buzzkill

Spenser Simon



I booked the way there with BA points on Qatar Airways with a layover in Doha. Any issue with religious Jews flying through Doha?


@dan I miss the deal, you think if I call I can still get it?


@Chaim: if you ask nicely there’s a chance. mention dansdeals to really up the odds.


What’s there to do about kosher food in the Maldives


There is a Bravo Pizza and Reserve Cut on every island.


Any one who but this ticket and changed his mind not to fly, please just reply to this comment, thanks!

Not sure

Hi dan- Thanks for the steal deal. I booked one way so far.
If I’m not sure I want to keep the ticket till I find a return millege – am I able to get a refund on taxes and fees if I don’t take the flight?
Fare was $7 and taxes and fees $93.96


If I bought the one way and cant find an affordable way back, does it make sense to cancel in the cancelation window or hold the ticket and hope that the airline offers some kind of comp for canceling?



The airline will probably end up cancelling these .. and no compensation will be provided either way


I got an emailed itinerary from Emirates that shows the flights as confirmed. I am also able to pull up the tickets with barcodes. Never done this before, so not sure if I am in the clear or not.


@daniel If you able to change the name on your ticket, I will buy it from you!!!


Uh oh! I accidentally booked on cheapoair, and I have to cancel. Any advice? I’m within 24 hrs, but they want to charge me $75 per ticket to refund $100…


@To69: I’ll sell you mine, lol…I have 7 tickets. pm me on the forum handle exasahi

Cool Stuff

I bought two sets of tickets for my wife and I. One for July and another August. I certainly won’t be keeping both. Gotta decide if that whole trek during the rainy season there is worth it.

In the mean time trying to find a way to get there. Got lots of AA points. Spoke to them on the phone today and they told me that Qatar and Itahada haven’t released seats yet for July or August. Anyone ever hear of this? What Can I do?

Is there a comprehensive report on the latest hotels, cost in points and what they are each good for?


Can someone give some ideas of trips that can be done to specific cities where when it’s over, you can do a cheap connection to male to catch the flight home? $500 seaplanes per person is a bit much, I feel like 4 nights is the minimum to really get the max value.


@Jonaton: I’m trying to contact you!


Since when can you change names on airline tickets lol never

Reports are all tickets are being cancelled


@Changes: I’m not flying booked two tix


How do you know if your flight is confirmed?


flights are being cancelled


mine cancelled. showing up on OTA but, emirate showing cancelled. Any one else?


Mine, and my friends cancelled too
@Dan Should we file a DOT claim?


called emirates and i was being told the tickets are suspended, but i can’t cancel because it was booked through priceline..
i’m trying to cancel with priceline.

still upset

UPDATE: waited 20min on the phone and it was successfully cancelled


@Dan – are they going to get away with this? How can they cancel? Concerned that if they get away with this, will set example for others who want to cancel. I think we need to go to DOT.


@Ben, @Dan yes, we should do DOT. It’s inappropriate