People Take To Social Media To Share Their Delta Glitch Experiences; How Was Your Trip?


Thousands and thousands of DansDeals readers were able to grab the Delta glitch tickets a few weeks ago and now we’re getting the first trip reports from folks via social media…hit the comments or social media to share your story!
See trip reports and reactions from Twitter and DDF after the jump…

Dan, I was on the 9 am flight on Sunday, jfk to lax. You could have held a seminar on the flight! It was 3/4 frum, all Dans Dealers. You would have had a lot of nachas. I felt like I should have carried a banner saying ‘Thank you Dans Deals’. But your influence goes even further… Tierra Sur is booked solid. And a lot of the restaurants should give you commission for all the business that you brought in. I want to once again be ‘makir tov’ to you dan. THANK YOU, DANS DEALS!!!!!!!!!
-fradl, via DDF











Just flew LAX – JFK. 13 (out of 16) of business class got their tickets from Dans 🙂 almost had a minyan!
-MC, via DDF

I have flown the JFK – LAX route this past week and I think the front of the plane was chock full of DansDeals Readers. No upgrades for the medallions, that’s for sure.
-Mordy788, via DDF

My sister is on a flight right now from JFK-LAX in business. Business class has 24 seats… 20 of the passengers are frum!
-alpicone, via DDF

I live in LA. We’re swamped with strangers last week and this week. Kinda funny. It reminds me of a few years ago when the skverer rebbe visited with an entourage of 150+ chassidim.
-momo613, via DDF

My Delta flight last night was 3/4 frum in business 🙂
From my perspective, it was kind of annoying with the number of babies in business, but you can’t complain at $60.
-EJB, via DDF

Reports are that today’s flight jfk-lax was jam packed with Jews. Today was the sample days that Dan posted, so lots of people took it as if it’s the only dates.
Can’t even count how many people I heard saying that they didn’t book because they weren’t able to go 1/19 – 1/26!!
-Crazy tools, via DDF

I’m staying now at the St Regis in kauai and the hotel butler asked me what’s going on we have several Jews now in house they all brought along their food to freeze, did you all make up to come together.
-Tzadik Nistar, via DDF

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Going to YUL on Friday…


Nothing to be proud of..
Flight attendant gave us the looks
Hope not chillul hashem


Flight attendant has no idea what you paid.


I had to change my date on the way going so i called them up but they didn’t want only for $2500 so i made a new ticket on the way going with united and i wanted to use Delta business on the way back, but when i wanted to fly back they told me that your ticket is cancelled because you didn’t take the first flight. so i paid for 2 new one way tickets. is there a way i can ask them back money?


I am going JFK-LAX in July. Am I going to see some of our Dansdeals fans? Seems like everybody only booked for the next 2 months…


Is that what they serve for lunch in business class? Salmon??


@shea, if you don’t fly the outbound flight, all airlines will cancel your return. You’re out of luck with a refund. I would suggest reading Flyertalk. You never would have made that mistake if you were aware of the rules.

Now for the bad news. I’ll be a no-show my trip to LAX.


@Dan: True, but they can kinda figure it out in this case…


They’re not stupid


Do they serve kosher meals in biz?


@Brooke: yes, although you’re better off taking along your own food.


@guest: I flew 2 round trips and found the flight attendants, make that all of delta extremely accommodating.


Over the last few Friday nights, in Shul, our Rabbi welcomed our guests and thanked Delta for their deal. He should mention @DansDeals.


@sammy: …as well they should be. Still doesn’t mean didn’t know…


I hope the people thanked Delta too, for honoring tickets they certainly didn’t have to honor. They deserve lots of praise for what they hope will be a positive outcome in public relations.


@Treks: the flight attendant gave you the looks and therefore “there is nothing to be proud of”…. What shouldn’t people be proud of? Are you having some self hating syndrome?


Know someone who got $70 rt tix to Hawaii and got bumped the way back for vouchers!!! Wow!! Writing this in the terminal on the way back from Israel on the united glitch 🙂 thanks Dan!


All the delta flight attendants are aware of what’s going on.


I was supposed to fly with a brother of mine (age 13), but he is not able to join me in the end. What would be the best way for me to take my sister who is 14. Obviously i cant’ change the ticket or i’ll need to pay heavily. Do you think i can just change the first name, or do they ask for ID? Is there any way around this? or do i just lose this ticket?

cincinnati Yid

Got 2 tickets to Denver for $65 but sadly the flight was cancelled due to the frigid weather 2 weeks ago. Delta said that I had to use the tickets within 3-4 days and anytime after that will have to be booked with the new airfare. Needless to say we didnt go. Was there anything I could have done?

oy vey

I don’t know how I’d survive a flight with so many frummies on board, I’d have my face in my hands the whole flight!



No need for FT to teach that. Dan posts it on every main site airfare deal.

Also, we Have ddf.


Travelling on a glitch ticket in and of itself should not be a chillul Hashem. Many readers of FlyerTalk booked them, just not mostly JFK-LAX. Only travelling like the “Ugly American” will be frowned upon especially by people of other nationalities and persuasions. Travelers in general have an opportunity and responsibility to represent their kind favorably to people who would not otherwise come across them.


Thanks @Dan currently enjoying LA
Our flight JFK-LAX had 26 seats in Business 4 did not look frum. I think I heard the flight attendant ask the non-jew Did you order non-kosher meal?


@sammy: doesnt mean they didnt know….




had an amazing 8 day trip visiting 3 Islands in Hawaii, I hope to write a trip report. I believe you can do it in 2 days per Island. Actually I know you can, since I did it.


You can also “do” 4 islands in 4 days.
But you’ll have missed so much on each island and killed a lot of time packing and flying.


We only got a “trip number” from Priceline but no tickets. We waited a few days for the crowds to get off the “horn” to Delta and then we called.
Delta was very professional and confirmed our tickets to San Diego ($40.00 R/T)
for the end of next month. One way on business class the other Economy Plus.

Oh. Just another day @ Dans Deals.

There be more deals.
Just tune in and book RIGHT AWAY.

Thanx Dan.


They don’t ask children for I’D but they sometimes ask them their name. I wouldn’t want to ask my kid to lie.


@oy vey: why be ashamed ?


Waiting in the Delta lounge I asked for SPG crossover rewards standby upgrade. At first nobody working the lounge had any idea what I was talking about but after researching it they now have me on the list.


Currently enjoying the sunshine in San Diego, courtesy of 5 $50 tickets and Dan!! Thanks for the tip!


Agree with both ends here:

On various flight deals to Israel, understand very excited frum people, not just to travel but to go to eretz yisrael.

Ive seen kids running on plane? very loud and noisy tzniusdik dressed girls chewing gum loudly and all over the place bouncing.

Now, ive seen the same and worse from other nationality’s races and religions..

It irks us because either kol haposel, b’mumo posel. Or, we simply cringe at what seems to be a chilul hashem.

We can debate for instance if one who books a first class fare at 65$ is morally entitled to demand the same service as if one had paid in full, while the criteria was met, as stated above, others know what you paid and if you act like a putz its a chillul hashem


What’s the best activity to do in Honolulu with kids??


Can somoeone please advise??
supposed to fly with a brother of mine (age 13), but he is not able to join me in the end. What would be the best way for me to take my sister who is 14. Obviously i cant’ change the ticket or i’ll need to pay heavily. Do you think i can just change the first name, or do they ask for ID? Is there any way around this? or do i just lose this ticket?


Just got back from LA wife and daughter. I usually fly United because Ewr and there points system is great. This was my first time on a delta flight and I have to say I was very impressed we had a great flight.

Thanks Dan.


Any idea of nice upscale hotel with minyan or close to it in nice spot in LA, or surrounding area like Palm Springs, San diego????


@oy vey:

this site is made for Frum guys if you don’t like it get the hell out of here shame on you.


any idea who will deliver kosher take out to LAX i have 2+ hour stop on the way to HNL Lunch time


@motty: It seems like no one will, i tried so many places and it is not worth their time and money since traffic is bad they say


Thanks Dan will give it a shot

Miri Maui

I have returned from Maui. We had the best time and saw other fellow yids who took advantage of the Delta deal. The weather was magnificent…thank you, thank you!!


Sitting iin business class waiting for our flight to take off. So far every set of seats but one is jewish (dansdeals off course). Guess someone has to pay retail 🙂 Luv ya Dan


amazing! We are so grateful, just came back from LA – we flew a family of 11 for $250!! While in la we were approached by those van city tours, and they said, well take your whole family on a tour for $400. we said, no way are we gonna pay more for a tour than we did for airline tickets!! The guy was so floored he videoed us saying that!!
Also I really didnt want to pay $25 per suitcase to check in, so each child had their own carry on suitcase. That was 11 pieces. When we get to the gate, the agent says, are bringing all that on board? We said yes. They said, If you like we can check all the luggage for free, since you are helping us out by freeing up space. oh yes!!! and we picked up all the luggage by baggage claim.


I bought 5 tickets and we paid $2 in total $290 in total. The night before we flew out to LAX Delta called me if I’d be willing to go with an earlier or later flight and they’re willing give me a $300 coupon per ticket. So i received coupons of $1500. Thanks dans deals