NYC To Tel Aviv Nonstop For $812.32 Round-Trip


-Earn 3 points per dollar with American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card or 2.14 points per dollar with Chase Sapphire Preferred.


Bookable on Priceline or on Orbitz. Orbitz tickets are refundable until 10pm CT the day after purchase. Priceline gives until 11:30pm ET the day after purchase.

Very limited valid dates for this fare:

You can fly United and depart Newark on 03/03 or 03/04 and return on 03/10, 03/11, 03/12, or 03/13.

You can fly Delta and depart JFK on 03/09 and return on 03/17, 03/18, 03/19, 03/20.

Or if you want a really long Pesach trip to Israel you can depart Newark on 03/16, 03/18, 03/19, 03/23 or 03/24 and return on 04/29, 05/01, 05/03, or 05/05.

If you find other dates post a comment!

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If anyone finds succos dates pls post. Ty


If anyone finds for around 05/05 -05/13 please tell me


Im looking from
Israel to nyc, anything?????!

Dans fan

not good for ראש השנה!

Boeing flyer

Week of Purim with a stop Example march 12 till march 19 $659 with a stop that’s a good price


Nothing at this price.

@Boeing flyer:
Lower than that if you’re willing to take a stop, read Friday’s post.

Boeing flyer

@dan u are talking about the e newsletter I forgot that


looking for February cheap


Interesting fact.
I booked a itinerary on orbids last week because I remembered that I can change or cancel it till next day 11:00 pm. But its not always the case . I made a mistake in 1 of the names and I called orbitz right away and I had to get a supervisor to cancel the ticket and rebook it it for no charge. She told me that because I called right away she will do it for no charge otherwise if I cancel they would charge me around $30 to cancel. It was a multi airline ticket


What about pesach?


Is it too early to start booking israel to us for the summer


Dan, I have a ticket back from Israel (thanks to you!) I cant seem to find a cheap one-way back to NY; are they always more expensive than the roundtrips?


@ Yoel
A one way ticket will only be cheap if bought with points.


Thanks Dan! I got them from JFK from 3/09-3/18 for 812/pp!


argentina to ny ???


What about Los Angeles to Israel?


i c that if i wanna go for a longer period of time like 3 weeks or more i can’t get that cheap price?????????? 🙁


Anything for the first week of February?


Dan u da Man!!! Got 3/16/14 – 3/26/14 2 Pass each $592.85
Total $1,185.70


anything coming from Israel right after purim?


Anything for purim?


i followed dans instructions and found the same price for stays of longer periods. ex: jan 30- march 3 for $752


any cheap flights from Montreal to Israel which don’t have crazy long layovers or multi-stops? mid march


Its available for “LOG BOAMER” ???

Maurice Hamaoui

Hey Dan,

By any chance do you know if there will be any deals to Israel in August like from Aug 24th to September 3rd. Thanks

linda j

Need 2 round trip tickets from israel to ny, baltimore or memphis anywhere from march 31 to april 27 .any deals?


just got the same fare on EL AL for March.
their website says 913 but it priced me 813 !