NYC To Montevideo, Uruguay For Just $373.40 Round-Trip With Tax


Update: DEAD!


-Bookable on Orbitz (with regular mileage earning and free cancellations until 10pm CT the day after you book.

– Earn 3 MR points per dollar with American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card, 3 MR points per dollar with The Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN, or 2.14 UR points per dollar with Chase Sapphire Preferred.


This fare is valid on Copa, a member of the Star Alliance.  It’s from JFK to Montevideo via Panama.  Airfare to southern South American is normally more than $1,000.
You will earn full miles when credited to United, so that’s 11,170 round-trip miles (worth over $200 in my book). The miles also count towards United elite status.
United elites also get their elite mileage bonuses of 25%-100% bonus miles. United elites are also eligible for complimentary upgrades on all Copa flights!

Alternatively you can credit the flight to Aegean, which only requires 19,000 miles to earn top-tier Star Alliance gold status.  Plus Aegean Star Alliance Gold status does not currently seem to expire, so with it you may get 3 free 70 pound checked bags for you and your companions along with free Star Alliance lounge access worldwide for life! Though it would be a good idea to credit at least one Star Alliance flight to Aegean every 3 years just to make sure your account stays active.  Fly twice to Uruguay and you’ll have more than enough miles to earn that awesome alliance-wide elite status. Or fly once and you’ll need less than 7,000 more miles to earn Star Gold.

Bear in mind that seasons are inverted, so fall in the US is spring in South America and winter in the US is summer in South America.

There are Chabad Houses and kosher restaurants in Montevideo and Punte del Este.

You can take a ferry nonstop to Buenos Aires from Montevideo or Colonia. The upshot? While Argentina charges a $160 per person fee for Americans flying into Buenos Aires there is no charge for Americans entering Argentina by ferry! According to recent reports Argentina may now be charging the fee even for arrivals by ferry.
I spent a week last May in Buenos Aires and had a great time. Best of all there was no jetlag as the time zone was only one hour off from home. Plus for the foodies out there, Buenos Aires is home to what’s possibly the best kosher restaurant in the world!
Argentina is very cheap for Americans with an official rate of 1 dollar to 5.1 pesos but on the street and at stores all over in Buenos Aires you can get double that as the Argentine government tightly controls dollars and locals are always looking to trade their pesos for dollars even at highly unfavorable rates. With such cheap pesos you can eat like a king and buy goods for a small fraction of the cost of other travel locations.

Finally don’t forget about Iguazu Falls, a waterfall so lush and beautiful it makes Niagara look like an ugly leaky faucet. It doesn’t hurt that’s located in middle of rainforest that makes the air oh so sweet. You can fly from Buenos Aires (AEP) to Iguazu (IGR) for just 15,000 Avios round-trip, but you have to call BA to book that LAN flight. You’ll need 1.5-2.5 days to fully explore both the Argentinean and Brazillian sides of the falls, each beautiful in the own right. There is a Starwood property located right next to the Argentine side, the only hotel actually in the Argentinian park.

I’ve done your homework for you, below are the currently valid dates for this fare:

More after the jump…

I didn’t include some dates that were available for $396, so read about using ITA Software to use their awesome month-long calendar search to help find other dates with cheap flights.

Valid outbound JFK-MVD travel dates:
-12/02 ($396)

Valid return MVD-JFK travel dates:
-12/08 ($396)

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can i upgrade to biz or first with points?


Random question: how many points for ink bold and chase freedom?
Is there something specific regarding points through orbitz for the cc you metioned? that you don’t mention those?


dan u rock!!!!!


Looks like it works for Aegean status run, no? AIRLINES

However, did not see Aegean drop down in FF# dropdown. Will give to gate agent.


Probably, but I’m not sure how COPA upgrades will work.
COPA uses United miles as their currency, you’d have to call COPA to find out the details.

Those cards don’t earn bonus points for flights.
Unless of course you buy prepaid gift cards ot office supply stores or Lowe’s, etc.



You can do it in the summer for $528.40


why am i not finding these prices? the cheapest i found is 435


Summer here=Winter there.

Which dates?
On Orbitz?


bookable with thank you points!


how much is the ferry? how much is the visa?


which cc points can transfer to AA miles?


@hey: “MileagePlus Upgrade Awards can be used on any United- or Copa-operated flight, with no fare restrictions.”


The ferry is Buquebus (and a couple of others as well) but, just as a warning, friends of ours who had arrived in Buenos Aires by cruise ship and took the ferry to Colonia/Montevideo DID have to pay for a visa to re-enter Argentina with the return ferry. (And afterwards they had problems, since their credit card was charged twice for the visa!) YMMV.

Dani Klein

BOOKED! Awesome. Thanks Dan.


Dan – thanks as usual! You’re awesome… just booked.


10/22-10/28 and 01/22-02/02 are the ones I checked so far and, yes, on orbitz, I clicked your link.


BOOKED! Wow what a steal….where is everyone staying? Trying to burn my useless Hilton points now, but doesn’t look like they have any properties there


too bad it doesn’t work in June 2014.. for world cup



Visa for what?


Right, but United’s upgrade chart is for businessfirst flights.

Interesting, everything I’ve read online from people who have done it is that you only pay the Visa for flying into EZE and AEP airports.

@Dani Klein:

Both those dates still work.
I’m just searching for 1 seat though.

Tickets are never sold that far in advance.


Oh I searched for two. Ill do it again. Thanks.


1. no dates for oct.
2. visa to uruguay


@Dan: seems ferry is over $300 each way.


1. They don’t publish their schedule that far out.
2. No visa for Uruguay required for Americans. No reciprocity fee either.

Those ain’t dollars!


“those ain’t dollars” best comment yet hahah


@Dan: says USD. what do you see?


Where does it say that?
The prices on that site are in Argentine Pesos.
Probably will be best to pay down there in pesos as you can get them for half price. Or find someone going to Argentina before you and have them bring back Pesos for you.

You can also save money by taking the ferry from Colonia-Buenos Aires and enjoying some time in that resort town if you want.


it looks like it works searching for one seat. do you suggest getting a seat for my infant? or do lap? lap is about 125 bucks. and if i dont do it now, can i add him later for the 120? also is this kinda trip doable with an 18 month old? looks like theres a stopover and its almost 14 hours in total


Definitely buy the infant a seat.
You’d have to be crazy not to at this price, just $100 extra each way for your sanity.
Do you really want to risk having to hold your baby for that long?
With a seat you can bring a carseat and hopefully they’ll sleep.


I booked the Dec. 2-8 trip, not only for cost, but to not burn too many vaca days. May spend 2 nights in NYC before leaving. I will probably follow your lead on the ferry, etc.


The fee now applies at any Argentine entry point. It is also now only payable on-line. The payment booths at the airport are gone. You must pay the fee and print and bring your receipt with you. Without the receipt you’ll either be rejected for entry, or (if you are lucky) have a rather long wait at the border while they lk you up.


how do i book?


I have been searching all afternoon, in both Orbitz and ITA, for anytime/date, but cant find this fare on either. Even selected dates listed above without success. Tried 7 nights and less.
What am I missing Dan?


the deal is most likely gone…

mauricio tub

now they require the visa (and charge) even if you’re coming to argentina by ferry.
recent experience.


Dang, sorry I missed this deal 🙁 Thought I jumped on it quick enough.


we need a deal from argentina to united states please