NYC To Tel Aviv For Just $953 Round-Trip With Tax!


Update #2, 12/05: This sale will end sometime tomorrow.
It is now valid from JFK to Tel Aviv and from Tel Aviv to JFK.

Additionally on Orbitz there are flights on Swiss between January and March on select dates for under $740 round-trip from Tel Aviv to JFK via Zurich or Geneva. Use ITA advanced routing code LX+ to find valid dates.
Update: 12/02: Now bookable on El Al as well.
I posted yesterday the details of an upcoming El Al fare sale.

Delta and United have now gone ahead and proactively copied their fare sale, offering nonstop flights for $953 round-trip with tax.  The El Al sale won’t be bookable until tomorrow.  I wrote in yesterday’s post the pros and cons of each airline but suffice it to say that I’d fly on United from Newark even if I didn’t have elite status with them.

-The fares are bookable now on Orbitz, which offers regular mileage earning, price assurance refunds and more importantly free cancellations until 11pm ET the day after you book. (I.E. Book at 1:00am and have 46 hours to cancel for free), or you can book direct from the airline, though with United for example you will then have a shorter cancellation period (24 hours from whenever you book)

Don’t forget to use the best credit card for airfare:
-Earn over 5 points per dollar with Chase Freedom (up to $1,500 per quarter with registration), or 3 points per dollar with American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card, or 3 points per dollar with The Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN, or 2.14 points per dollar with Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Seats for specific dates are all limited and may sell out quickly.

To help find other valid dates check the Orbitz box to search “3 days before and after” to help find other valid dates.

Or I highly recommend that you read about using ITA Software and use their awesome month-long calendar search to help find dates with cheap flights.

-The JFK-TLV flight must begin between 01/13-03/10.
-Maximum stay is 30 nights.

Sample valid dates:
-02/17-02/26 Purim
-03/10-04/08 Pesach

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Do any of these 3 airlines fly out of PHL?


USAirways flies from PHL. Nonstops start at $1,210.


Dan will they make it for lag beomer as well?


Do you think USAirays will match this sale?


Anything to Paris for pessah??

liam Knuj

Side note: Orbitz has changed their “Price Assurance Guarantee”. It’s not really worth much now (no refund check. Rather some sort of voucher credit toward certain hotel bookings).

dion waiters

dan, waht about from tel aviv to nyc or cle… would love to being my sister home for pesach

Fraida Cohen

Can you explain what you mean “with tax” ? That means tax is included in the price you quote or tax is additional. And what about surcharges?

Lou bob

@Fraida Cohen: all taxes,and surcharges included. Look it up


Yes, he means that tax is included. That figure includes all of the charges, No additional surcharges


I believe the 5 points freedom card is only if you book direct from the airline


Already booked on Elal directly – 949 is activr


Orbitz doesn’t actually charge you, the airline does.


Dan, what about from tlv to nyc ?


IS this deal going to last a while?


Can this b upgraded to business?


Must be booked by 12/06.


the price $953 is on Elal and Delta would anyone know which airline is better going from JFK

Yitz Weiss

Dan, I just called Orbitz. Their customer service said that flights are not cancellable. I tried looking for something on the site that says you can cancel up to 11pm on the day after booking but couldn’t find anything. Are you sure about that? Can you tell me where to find it?


@Yitz Weiss:
After you book it you will have the ability to do a courtesy cancel until 11pm the day after you book it.

I don’t think it’s a published policy, but many many people have used it.


@Dan how do you do a courtesy cancel?


I take back what I said, the cancellation until 11pm ET the day after booking is an official policy:


If you do a courtesy cancellation, you will not be refunded Orbitz fees which are $6.99 to $13.99 (they don’t specifically say in the reservation). Not a huge $ amount, just something to be aware of


There are no fees for tickets that originate in the US such as this.
When you book the ticket if there is a service fee it is clearly marked as a service fee.


Per the link you provided. “Please note: The refund amount includes only the ticket cost, not any service fees.”

On the orbits fees page it says “Orbitz fees

– Service Fee: Airline tickets booked on for multi-carrier itineraries and flights that originate outside of the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean carry a non-refundable fee ranging from $6.99 to $13.99 USD. The fee varies based on airfare, carrier, destination and other factors.”


Are you reading what you’re posting before posting???

The fee only applies for flights that originate outside of the US or for multi-carrier itineraries.


Are these flights good for this week or chnaka?


anything from argentina to jfk chip flights


Hey Dan I was wondering of u think there will be better deals to fly to Israel or should I just buy thi deal??? I really wanna go for pesach


what about from TLV to NY?

rosanne skopp

can’t find this deal on united from ewr. searched jan, feb, mar, apr, may. cheapest is 1099.


which credit cards are good to use in israel and what about when renting a car in israel


weres the link to the tickets?


Is the chase ink card good to use for this deal? how many points per dollar would I get?


Anything with business fares for us snobs?

Lemone Juice

Will this work 1 way from TLV-JFK Jan 30?


Called orbitz they don’t have any India about the deal to Israel what’s going on


@Lemone Juice: NO! If you book two way ticket and miss the first one, the whole thing gets cancelled. Don’t do it.


@chani: Sapphire is excellent since there’s no foreign transaction fee.


Would you know if i can use this sale to change an existing ticket to an earlier date (Dec. 20 change to Dec. 16)? please respond ASAP!!


i don’t see that delta matched these prices, or united – is there a link somewhere that im missing?


How many pcs can I take on these tickets? If it’s only 1, any way to get an upgrade to 2 pcs per person?


i have to be there for a wedding on dec 30 what the cheepest way to get there


Dan, you replied to me in post #2 that TLV-> PHL is >$1200.
just wanna let you know that I booked tickets tonight for dates in January for $1003.00 for non-stop.
I guess they had to drop prices due to united/delta sale.


how do i buy united vouchers that would be good for ewr to tlv


@curious: DELTA!


is the $740 deal up?


umm so i cant find the 740 tickets? i tried ita with the advanced routing code and still no luck is the deal dead?


are there any good deals for a one way trip to Israel in july or augast 2013? thanks


there are deals for under $800 now if you search on


My sister is getting married Jan 23 we are 6 people
Do you think prices will go down or up in near future?

Dan L

Hey Dan, I am looking for a ticket from Newark AP to Ontario, California from January 15 to the 22, for under 200 dollars. Do you know of anything? Thank You in advance for all the great work you do on this websight.