NYC-Milan With 2 Stops For $257 Round-Trip With Tax


Update: You can now book from the Wideroe home page and switch the language to English and the currency to USD in the top-right.  From there you can search for NYC to MIL and find valid dates into May.
For example 05/07-05/14, 05/11-05/18, or 05/14-05/21 are just $258.29
The home page link above in USD and the link below in NOK can give very different fares, so be sure to check both.
Also be sure to try searching from LGA, JFK, and NYC separately as the fares can also be very different.


Wideroe still has cheap tickets bookable to Milan

Not nearly as awesome as yesterday’s $100 nonstop fares from Newark to Milan. But for those who sloozed yesterday you can go from LaGuardia to Milan with 2 stops for about $250.  The flights are on Air Canada and Lufthansa.

The total journey will take at least 14 hours depending on the day with a couple hours layover in either Toronto or Montreal and Frankfurt or Munich.

Just search departing from LGA going to MIL.  MIL is the code for either Milan Linate (LIN) or Milan Malpensa (MXP).

Milan is home to a highly acclaimed Park Hyatt hotel that you can book for 22,000 Hyatt or Chase points.  Or take a quick flight or train to Venice, Florance, Rome, etc.

To figure out the price in dollars just divide by 6.07.
-Use a card without foreign transaction fees to save the 3% fee.
-It can take 12 hours for these tickets to confirm.
-The US country code is +1

24 Hour Flight Cancellation policy.

Sample dates from LGA to MIL:
01/13-01/20: 1,581 NOK ($260 USD)
01/20-01/27: 1,581 NOK ($260 USD)
01/26-02/02: 1,566 NOK ($257 USD)
01/28-02/25: 1,571 NOK ($258 USD)
02/02-02/09: 1,566 NOK ($257 USD)
02/09-02/16: 1,566 NOK ($257 USD)
02/17-02/24: 1,581 NOK ($260 USD)
02/23-03/02: 1,568 NOK ($257 USD)
03/04-03/11: 1,578 NOK ($259 USD)
03/11-03/18: 1,581 NOK ($260 USD)
03/18-03/25: 1,578 NOK ($259 USD)

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let the fun start


Dan, you rock. I would love you if you could figure out anything from the West Coast, please 🙂


any thing for london?


Do you have a day to cancel?



Any good ideas on how we might spend our week in Italy? For the kosher traveller.


If Milan can be booked with ba miles to TLV this can be a good LGA – TLV or vice versa route as well for extra 20K miles


24 h cancellation policy?
Dan ur the man! Thanks


We booked this about 4-5 hours ago. No errors like last night so act now before the overload.


LAX routing, please 🙂


do you have 24 hours to cancel?


Off topic but do u know anyway for a yeshiva bocher to get a .EDU email address


i just checked sample dates and it’s not showing up
02/09-02/16: 1,566 NOK ($257 USD)


I just searched for the dates of 1/5/13-1/15/13 and there is nothing for less than 3000 NOK


@Anonymous: go to college


@Anonymous: Why doe the word BUT justify u to keep asking your question?


can u stop over in montreal for more than those few hours (for a shabbos) and then continue on to milan?



Like I said in the post, you need to search from LGA to MIL.



Is there a Jewish community for shabbas?


2/5 – 2/10 – $177
1/30-2/10 – $216


Dan, any ideas of how to book a cheap flight to TLV in beginning of Jan?


Of course.

I’m seeing 1,566 NOK ($257 USD) for 02/05-02/10.
And 1,581 NOK ($260 USD) for 01/30-2/10.


weird. the flexible dates calendar shows different prices…


Rome has kosher food contact JEWS FOR ROME and they have all the info they have great knowledgeable guides . we used them coming home from Israel in oct.


The flex cal seems to be broken.

Awesome Dan

Anything around the summer time?


Im sorry for my offense i wont do it again though im not sure what the word KEEP means


Just wanna say… comment 695 on the United thred… this afternoon… just saying… does noone read what everyone else writes? The Comment thread is like a party line.. everyone just screaming about there own issues and not realizing info that is being spoon fed to them.

might be dead

changes in prices already from what I’ve seen


i was soooo annoyed i missed the deal yesterday! but i gotta tell you this kinda makes up for it. booked! 1/15 – 1/26 = 520 r/t for 2 passengers.



does anyone have a solution? I’m trying to book onmy cellphone and the page cuts off halfway in the middle. Anyone has this issue?



Get to a computer.


I have 2 Hyatt nights that are good in any Hyatt property worldwide. Perfect for the high end Hyatt in Milan. Need to unload. Expires 1/15/14. Please email


Works from JFK now for $259



Chana: Thank you! I read it. And I booked immediately after reading it. See posts 36 and 37 under Rules of the Deal. I thanked Dan because I felt like he deserved some appreciation after the ridiculous posts from disgruntled people under Rules of the Deal. This deal went viral after post 37. You deserve credit for your persistence in finding the deal. And Dan’s entire website and forum is what makes it all possible for many people to get in on deals we would otherwise never hear about. You can often find valuable information just by reading the comments.

For the Haters: If you had read the comments instead of complaining because you missed out on the Israel deal, you would’ve noticed the new deal that Chana had uncovered to Milan. $127 direct would have been nice, but I can hardly complain about roundtrip for $250 a piece despite the minor inconvenience (2 layovers not to mention the journey I have to make to get to NY from GA).

Dan: Thank you once again for making this possible. If not for your platform I would have never seen the deal Chana uncovered.

not dead

booked 5/14-5/21


Worth to note yesterdays deal pretty much required a weekend stay but it looks like you can use this one to make a quick jump in and out (sun-wed/thur) of you don’t want to be there for Shabbos…


Just booked 3/23 – 3/30

Thanks Dan!


Thank you but I was not looking for credit. If I was not trying last night I would have never read all those comments. It just amazes me that I see comments from people from last nights thread on this one and there still not reading comments other people post! I cant count how many deals I have gotten in on that people thought were dead but someone posted a comment providing a work around or extra glitch. I work in customer service and one thing I know first hand ia people cant or wont read directions. Its said what this world is coming to. Im glad we got in on the deal!! And of course I thank Dan because I would never have looked at that site was it not for him!!!!! I am so excited for Italy, its for sure a bucket list item!!!

Sholom Dov Ber

Thanks Dan. Me and 5 of my friends are going to Milan jan 20


Booked two tickets in March and they were just ticketed!


I don’t understand I just tried so many dates, including the last few in the comments, but I keep getting higher fares, around $750rt, what could I be doing wrong?


Thanks Dan, Booked for President’s week!
I think i purchased a cancellation policy or something of the sort, but i’m not sure what that means?
Does it allow me until the actual date to cancel it? Or do I still have just 24 hours now to decide if i want to keep the tickets?



“The home page link above in USD and the link below in NOK can give very different fares, so be sure to check both.
Also be sure to try searching from LGA, JFK, and NYC separately as the fares can also be very different.”

24 hours from now.


dan ba only has stop over to Israel with avios any tips


can we book this from ny to manchester uk ?



Do you have a program that scours this site all day looking for deals? How exactly do you pinpoint the airports for which prices are so low?


Thanks Dan!!!…

got 2 tickets for $523 (05/04 to 05/11)!!! You rock!!!


So stop, big deal.

I wish.

Buon viaggio!



So how exactly are you finding these deals? Are you continuously searching the site with different airport codes? Are you using Matrix or some other meta search engine?


how do you order kosher food for the flights?



Use your imagination… read the posts of some of the people who alert Dan to the deals… try to see where they are finding them… and then again google’s your friend… it’s not difficult, it’s just legwork…

or if not sit back and enjoy the fact that Dan and his fans are doing the work for you.


Hi There where u ever there anyone have info of what we can do in italy


anyone have experience successfully canceling on this site? trying to cancel and can’t seem to find out how


@israel: @Israel, i will go to visit my inlaws…but in Italy you can go to Museums, food (nice kosher places) and just walk around, its Europe!!!


@Sue- did u select for 2 people? Because thats the fare for 2


so, whats with the tickets we booked to tel aviv?
I still haven’t been ticketed, though I have my reservation and chose my seat


Thanks so much Dan! Just booked for my parents!!!


Any cheap fares to Australia for february time?


@Chana and @Dan – I finally got it to work after 3 hours of trying by starting over in a new browser. Thanks.


Just Booked 4 tickets ..Thanks Dan ! 05/8 -5/15


@Sholom Dov Ber:

like a gvir


Just booked 2 tix for mid February…got immediate confirmation. Thanks Dan. On our way to Israel tomorrow from the US air deal of the summer. Thanks again!

Dan is the man

Hey Dan excellent work as always booked in january for me and 2 friends thanks so much.

I wanted to know a couple of things. .. First of all does the 24 hour cancellation policy work from the time you get ticketed or does it work from when you first bought the tickets?

Second thing I am a little curious about kosher food options on these flights and who I can speak to about it.. would you happen to know who I can talk to to find out about my kosher meal options? For the shorter flights I dont need but the longer ones such as Toronto to Munich would be nice


@Dan is the man: You must be in touch with the airline itself I believe


@dan: any idea what the best way to do MIL-TLV is?


Dose it work also the other way around from MIL TO NYC?


I’m trying to find tickets from Europe back to North America for these cheap deals, but I can’t find anything going that way (only from NY-EU). Does anyone have any search suggestions for me? Search dates, anywhere between Feb 6 (dept) and March 1 (return).

Whoop whoop!

Just booked at 8am est for $260rt 3/11/14-3/18-14


Any idea if it is necessary to pass customs and get luggage during stopover in toronto

rav shach

Thanks Dan


Any word if this is going to be honored? I booked EWR-MIL for $157, received e-tickets Sun 3am.


yes, customs in toronto, immigration too. US does it in toronto before you board on plane.


guys flights are still insanely cheap. lga – mil


2/12-2/17 = $236 with two stops


Yes but when you click on the actual dates the price skyrockets, it shows a different price than it actually is

dan is the man


Which airline? I thought it was Air Canada for all the flights but I tired putting confirmation number into their website and it didn’t work. I got ticketed though


prices just price rocketed or is it just me?


@Levana: yes, i just booked it again (prices went down so i cancelled my 520 r/t for 2 and purchased r/t for 2 @ 482 🙂 ) prices just skyrocketed


Is there any way to change the name of one of the reservations?


Dan, thank you thank you. I’m going to Milan 5/11. Awesome!


Does AC to MXP books in a class that earns UA miles?


anybody have success changing dates?


How would I get to Israel from here


i just tried to book lga-milan for 2/16-2/23 coming up as $8,902 NOK….is the deal over?


yes i think the deal is over


Is was able to book a flight from LGA to MIL for ONLY 258$ round trip right after davning שחרית במנין at 9am. God bless dan-deals.


How do I change a ticket that I booked. I put in the wrong birthday


The deal is over.


Don’t worry about DOB. As long as your name correct you good to go.


Dan, you rock! Our family of 6 is headed to Milan 5/16-5/23!


Accidentally I misspelled a letter on my first name to the flight to that a problem ? What can I do to fix it ?

garbage truck

@yitz once u got the ticket booked and and confirmation u have to call the airline they should change it


I called them(air canada) and that say thay can’t do anything about it(can’t change a misspelled letter on a name).when I emaild the Norway flights websit that said that it’s not a problem if it’s only 1 or 2 misspelled letters. I’m not sure if that is correct. If anybody had th same issue please try to give me an advice. God bless you all.


If only 1 or 2 letters are spelled wrong it is no problem to travel.

Vennlig hilsen
Best regards

Gerdanne Gunnarsen
Widerøe Internet AS
Strandgata 15
8656 Mosjøen, Norway
This is the email I received from them.