Save 50% On Select British Airways Avios Coach Redemptions To/From London; JFK-London For 6.5K Avios, JFK to Tel Aviv For 16.5K Avios Plus Fees

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British Airways has 50% off Avios redemptions in coach for select flights to or from London.

This sale requires ticketing by 6/17 and is valid for travel from 9/1/18-5/31/19.

Cities with 50% off to/from London include:

  • Bermuda
  • Boston
  • Dubai
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Hong Kong
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Seychelles
  • Singapore

Typically you never want to use BA Avios to fly BA coach as the fuel surcharges are ridiculous, but with this deal there can be some worthwhile uses, especially if you only need a one-way ticket.

If you book a one-way flight to London with this sale you can also use miles with another airline to fly back from anywhere in Europe to US with lower taxes and no fuel surcharges. Note that London’s APD tax only applies for departures from London and not for connecting in London. It also doesn’t apply to kids 15 and under in economy.

Sample one-way redemptions (Fuel surcharges are typically less when booking one-way):

  • JFK to London: 6.5K Avios+$178
  • Boston to London: 6.5K Avios+$178
  • Fort Lauderdale to London: 8,125 Avios+$178
  • Los Angeles to London: 8,125 Avios+$178
  • JFK to Paris via London: 10.5K Avios+$197
  • JFK to Venice via London: 13K Avios+$197
  • JFK to Dubai via London: 13K Avios+$391
  • JFK to Seychelles via London: 14,625 Avios+$353
  • JFK to Tel Aviv via London: 16.5K Avios+$225
  • London to JFK: 6.5K Avios+$332 for adults. 6.5K Avios+$229 for kids.
  • Paris to JFK via London: 10.5K Avios+$250
  • Dubai to JFK via London: 13K Avios+$336
  • Seychelles to JFK via London: 14,625 Avios+$290
  • Tel Aviv to JFK via London: 16.5K Avios+$221

Post what deals you find!

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Would this work for Succos from JFK to TLV or better yet from BWI to TLV?


@dan what would be the best uses of ba points? I have a bunch, never used them.


” Avios cards are not subject to the 5/24 rule, so you can get approved even if you have been approved for 5 or more consumer cards in the past 24 months.” But if you have too many cards opened recently, they may close all your cards.

Krum Cup

Of course 2-3 days before Pesach to TLV is sold out…. 🙁


Is avios still good for aa domestic?


when aa releases saver space, absolutely, but also depending on distance


2 questions:
1) I have a credit with BA for cxl’ing flight LY. Can I use towards fuel surcharge?
2) Some of these fuel charges sounds higher than a regular ticket one way – London to jfk, paris-jfk. am I wrong??


Anything in WTP or Club ?


Is YYZ included?




this is not same offer as previous then i got to tlv round trip for 23k miles now its 33k


is it possible to tranfer spg point to ba?



The truth

I am wondering what they think, that they are giving you a “reward” ticket. For a typical roundtrip to Europe you need to pay about 5 times more in cash then the value of the reward. So it’s like the ticket is worth about $600, but $500 out of that total you need to pay cash, and for your 13k miles (wow! 50% off!) you’ll get a small little discount on the few remaining dollars…

Nice definition of the term “Reward”…


Has anyone found anything LAX-London-TLV for a similarly good deal?

Roslyn Weiss

Would this work from Miami to tel Aviv for Yom Kippur


PHL and San work too but the taxes back from Europe are attrocious $350 :/


Does anyone know if it is possible to get coach award seat with Avios and either assign exit row seat or pay in advance for exit row seat? 6’8” here so can’t fit in 31” for 10+ hours


”Cities with 50% off include” how in the world am is anyone supposed to understand what in gods name you mean? is this for all flights leaving from this places , or landing in these places etc? i find that many of your posts are vague and missing clarity. to much internet makes you not focus. please
write clearly


dans deals generally is worthwhile mainly for those who use it a lot. those people have spent enough time following these posts to know what he is saying.
as for everybody if you can’t understand a phrase or a code try copy-pasting it into your browser, airport codes and airline codes will be self understood from that point on. as for other things you might not understand, there is a ddf (Dans Deals Forum) page that explain lots of dansdeals terminology called acronyms for the uninitiated heres a link
I hope this helps you


u can get BA tickets for $500 next year at most random times- they really should drop the fuel charges – it really makes this not worth it


dan do youhave a post that shoes where its best to do ba redmptions?


Perhaps something to consider in unusual circumstances but, in general, even at “half price” this is a terrible deal.

If you have some Avios points and live in the USA, using them for some non-European flying on AA is a far better deal.


That’s assuming you can find award flights on AA. Not so easy these days.


Can you transfer Chase points to Avios and fly FLL -> TLV? Thank you.


If you are interested in going to Israel for Pesach 2019 (4/19-4/26) can your trip start outbound from US and return after the 5/31 deadline? Thank you very much.


When I start booking using this link, I am getting the regular points cost. Will this drop by 50% when I finalize the transaction?


dan, why are you so quiet about the British Airways Fuel Surcharge Class Action?


Because unlike me, he was never stupid enough to pay their outrageous fees, so he is not a party to the suit


I could not locate any dates.
I called British Air and they said theses prices do not exist