Fly Between NYC, Boston, Chicago, DC, Or Miami And Los Angeles, San Diego, And More For Just 5,000 AA Miles Each Way!

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Update: This deal is still alive!

Originally posted on 11/6:

Use American’s advanced mileage search via this link for flights nationwide and you can find Economy Web Specials for just 5K miles each way!

You can’t change the dates of Economy Web Specials, but you can get a refund of your miles for a cost of $150 for the first passenger and $25 per additional passenger.

Don’t forget to book a seat for your infant and that you can book your an extra seat for yourself at these crazy low rates, just make the first name EXST with your last name.

You can currently earn 70K miles on the Citi AA Business card and 50K miles on the Citi AA Executive card.

Click on Economy Web Special to find dates from just 5K miles each way:

Sample routes:



Lots of other routes are on sale, post what deals you find!

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Toronto is also 5k


whats EXST


Is this a glitch or a regular sale?


When using your link, I get the old search. But when searching from the main page I get the new system.

Random guy

Would AS be same rates?


So now AA miles arent really the most horrible thing after all, eh?:)


I’m not seeing it on flights from LA -> east… any sample dates?


Never mind. Found them. Forgot to click Specials.


Dan can you do a full overview on luggage? Some cc you need to buy ticket to get green luggage some you only need to be cardholder. What about international as more Carrie are doing basic-e…


Just when I thought my AA miles were useless we start getting all of these economy web specials.


There is an $80 surcharge fee?


close in fee


Do you need to pay extra for checked in luggage or carry one?


can you use avios?




are you able to hold the flight for the 24hrs at this rate or they can change it if dont book it?


How do you get the old reward search calendar (the one used in the screenshots above), the new one is awful!


$75 close in fee applies?

Esti A

Too bad not Hawaii


“You can cancel your trip and reinstate miles, but fees may apply.” Anyone know what those fees are?


please explain if the EXST will get a boarding pass? and does this guarantee a seat. ty GURU

Jowy a Dan\'s D. Reader

Yes I’ve done it numerous times , only downside ever had was , my 2 seats were not 2gether , so some other person had a empty seat .. so be sure to check in early to have seats 2gether


can you transfer from chase ?




can I cancel for free within 24 hours without paying $150 ?


Should I transfer points into AA? Will the deal still be alive?

Kyle Reese



Thanks Dan! I booked erev Pesach early morning flights PHL MCI for 5K outbound, 11k return. The return had a Basic economy price of $511 one way. Now that’s a deal at just over $0.10 value per mile.


AA lets you pick seats when you book using miles. I have no status with AA. I don’t have their credit card either.


Is web special a new type thats here to stay or its a temporary promotion?


What if I did EXST for both first and last name on same reservation

More than 1 EXST?

How many EXSTs can one book? One passenger.


Has this been active all along? Or did they just release more discounted seats?

A. L.

Is there promotion for flights from N.Y to Las Vegas?

Deal Guy

I clicked on the AA link above, and I’m not getting the nice old AA monthly award calander on my phone.
Is it history?


Booked PHL –> MIA
Thank you!


I see Hawaii 15k some dates. Not as good as miles and smiles but that seems like its being closed down.


alot of these prices are more then what a standard award flight used to be. not talking about the hard to find 5-8k. a lot of the jfk-lax flights are 16-18k used to be 12k


Nothing from ORD to LAX