London To Newark In First Class For $45 One-Way Or $75 Round-Trip! London To Tel Aviv For $76 In Business Class! Price Mistake Valid For Dirt Cheap First Class Travel From The UK To Most Cities Worldwide!

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Update: 10:10am: is no longer pricing any tickets in Danish Kroner, so this appears to be dead.


To book go to and change the country to Denmark on the top-right:












This fare is valid from anywhere in England to most cities in the world. It’s only valid for flights originating in the UK.

Be sure to select business or first class!

A flight from London to Newark in first class round-trip prices out at 497 Danish Kroner.  That’s just $75 USD.

A one-way first class flight from London to Newark in first class will be about $45.













A flight from London to Tel Aviv is pricing out at about 502 Kroner round-trip in Swiss business class. That’s $76.
















Do not sign into your United account or else it will error out.

When checking out, just use leave the billing country as Denmark, but otherwise enter your US street address, city, and zip code and it will ticket!

Use a card that doesn’t charge a foreign transaction fee.

Post what you book!

HT: kangarruu, Gary, and FT


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One more leg

Any good ideas for TLV-LHR roundtrip or one-way?



Denmark isn’t available cause the deal is probably dead

casey majer

Did anyone check the charges for booking fees. They charged me the booking fee in dollars. Also do they refund the booking fee when you cancel? I booked a few flights.


Anyone here really live in Denmark ? That’s a fraud !!!


Awesome! Thank you Dan, you’re bringing mishpacha’s together


I see a $40 charge for each ticket I ordered. Does anyone know what this fee is about?

The regular charge I see from “United Airlines Denm” and a $40 charge from “UNITED”


I ticket 2 flights, Lon-ewr and lon-OGG-ewr. Thanks!! Can i enter my mileage info without the res being cancelled?




#Amy that’s true ! All tickets ll be cancel bec nobody live in Denmark . That’s a fraud !!!


Won’t work.

Read the post update.

Are you crazy?
What was the “fraud” exactly?

Is it also fraudulent if I read CNN Denmark and I live in the US?


Randy Forman

Thanks for the info however,I did not choose my seat assignments when I booked the flights because I was afraid that United would delete the Denmark option and I would get shut-out.However, I appreciate the info and when I get to the seating choices I will use to try and get the best seating options avialable


I booked two roundtrip tickets from LHR to Jnb for 195$ total and United charged my card. I didn’t book it through my mileage plus account and they have yet to send me any emails. Anyone know how I can look up my reservation without my confirmation number?


My tickets were confirmed and I received an e-ticket # and everything.

Here’s to hoping that United doesn’t cancel my tickets.
Time to find another roundtrip ticket NYC-LHR


is this deal dead SOMEONE ANSWER ME

@ Dan

Why won’t Anya’s idea work, I called United and asked them if I miss the London to NY flight and want to use the Newark to London Flight, they said if I give them advance notification they will honor the ticket.
I have never done this before, please let me know if thats a mistake because I will cancel my tickets if that is so.

Kyle B


the post update says that it’s dead. LOUD NOISES!!!!


@@ Dan:
You were misinformed

You must fly from London. If you miss it you’ll have to pay a change fee and difference in fare.

Don’t need to cancel though, open a credit card and you can fly to London several times for free.


Dear Dan,
osm deal! Unfortunately, I was unable to get confirmation as after entering my diferrent credit cards it said could not verify me and/or the fee has changed.
Though I checked the option to pay by cash (Western Union) – and I got email with reservation number which says that I must pay until 14th February otherwise my reservation will be cancelled.
Could you advice if there is still hope that if I pay cash to Western Union the tickets still might be booked?
Thanks a lot!


Worth the shot.

DUMB @$$

@chaim: NO! IT”S STILL ALIVE!!


I booked Manchester-Newark return and have received a confirmation email. But like so many others I’m not sure what I have been charged…the receipt says eTicket Total:930DKK….but at the top mentions 3954GBP….and nothing is showing up on my card yet!

How long have I got to cancel if United don’t honour the cheap price?

happy reader

just wanted to show my appreciation and thank you for this blog and info. booked 6 tickets from lhr-ewr first class. all went well and confirmed. thanks sooooo much !!


Dan, is there a ‘Best’ site for online travel prices, and is $626 a good one-way fare from NY to London? Your advice is appreciated


i ve just spend 1,5 h on the phone with united reservation agent. I had a reservation till 14th february because it would not accept my credit card. Lady confirmed that they will hold on to the price i got on my flight reservation which was 1800 dkk ($280) for 4 people round trip london-ny… Within 24 hrs they should charge my card and send me an email confirmation.

Thak you @Dan and greetings from Poland!!


I mistakenly booked my son with my wife’s last name, am I doomed?


Is there any way to see how many people visit Dansdeals today? 🙂
And how many people are signed in now


Thanks a mill,you have no idea how happy youve made my family


Which website you are looking in???


Is this deal still available?


Pls post if your booking was ticketed. As I tried to do the same (my Lithuanian card was rejected during the payment) and the lady at the customer service declined to charge my card and advised to contact local travel agency.


I just talked to an agent of the United, he told me that the reservation and all tickets issued today in Danish currency, they were a result of failure in the system and all without exception would be canceled.


My reservation just got cancel now and i received the refund !!!! :(((


Anyone else have two credit card charges on their card? One for the flights as you expected and one charge for $40per person? I have two charges and i’m scared to call United so they cancel my tix 🙂
ITs still an obviously great deal ($80 per person in business class), but $40 per person was an even better story. My husband wants to know exactly how i plan on bringing our children into business class though w/o anarchy from the other passengers. Maybe trade someone in coach!

Dan S


I’m on the phone with United now can you tell me what they told you?


So I just got off the phone with United and the supervisor told me they won’t be respecting reservations and that I can go ahead and sue United if I would like to.

joel n.

@Dan S:

your right with that, in regards to the tickets to the US, what about flights that i booked from LHR to TLV? ARE THEY ALSO BOUND BY THIS RULLING?


@ralph: why cancel? sell your ticket?


Even if u got confirmation already?


Just tried to change the location on and the Denmark option has been taken away. I think they’re onto us…


aww, they just cancelled my tix 🙁


Cancelled my tix too and left me with $250 as a “remaining value of my tickets” which I can use for another purchase. Oh well..


it is generally illegal to price discriminate within the EU – so any fare they offered in Denmark must be offered to any other EU nationals


My 5 tickets from lhr to tlv…. What is the recourse plan? Any ideas or suggestions on how to handle the situation? DOTwould only take care of flights from US we were traveling from London and booking thru Denmark….???


First thanks @Dan!!!! Amazing find 🙂 you make us all international jet setters 😃I booked 5 tickets from LHR to TLV which I got a cancellation email for this am. It had already been processed by the Swiss partner website. Is there any recourse? I dont think the DOT would have jurisdiction over these flights as they were booked from Denmark and the US isn’t really part of my itinerary despite me living in NY… Any suggestions? What is everyone doing?

Mark Hobson

Hi everyone,

I successfully booked 2 First Class Tickets LHR to Newark using this glitch and just like everyone else United refused to honour the tickets. I had a lengthy email exchange with Customer Services in which they declined to offer any compensation for the cancellation and so eventually I issued proceedings in the Small Claims Court. I have now received United’s Defence to my claim in which they allege that I have been criminally fraudulent ! Has anyone got any advice as to how I should proceed ?


it does not work help me out pleas


I tried and tried and it dos not work do i net to put some code in I do not se those price


Read the line written in red right under the post title.


were is Danish Kroner im in ny


is the ticket from london to tlv still avilable for $76


any tickets to London on may 11 and coming back at may 15 2016 pl reply!!!