LAN: Los Angeles, Miami, Or NYC To Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil From $423 Round-Trip

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Update 2: This is alive again from JFK and Miami between January and March. It is not available from Los Angeles this time:

Sample valid $480 dates from JFK-IGU:
01/17-01/25, 01/21-01/25, 01/24-01/29, 02/01-02/08, 02/04-02/08, 02/25-03/08, 03/04-03/08, 03/18-03/22, 03/25-03/29

Sample valid dates from Miami-IGU:
$480 dates: 03/08-03/12, 03/08-03/15, 03/22-03/29. $580 dates: 01/28-02/05, 02/03-02/08.

Use Google’s ITA Matrix to find other dates.  See this post for a demonstration.

Originally posted on 12/02:

Update: DEAD!

-Bookable on Orbitz. Orbitz tickets are refundable until 10pm CT the day after purchase. Earn 2.14 points per dollar with Chase Sapphire Preferred.


Iguaçu Falls (also spelled Iguazú or Iguassu Falls) is one of the most stunning places in the world. My own amateur pictures can’t possible capture even a fraction of its grandeur, it’s truly awe-inspiring to experience in person.























Eleanor Roosevelt had it right when she said “Poor Niagara” upon seeing it. Instead of being in middle of a concrete jungle it’s in middle of beautiful rainforest with wonderfully fresh air. It’s much bigger and far grander than Niagara Falls.

You can see it up close and personal from the Argentine side and you can view the majesty of it from the Brazilian side. Both sides have their own airport, IGU on the Brazilian and IGR on the Argentine side.  Unfortunately both Argentina and Brazil charge a $160 reciprocity fee for Americans to visit, though the visas do last for a decade.

A ticket to either airport from the US is typically well over $1,000 but can be had now for under $500.  Miles can be credited to OneWorld airlines like American and British Airways.

You’ll need a day on each side just to see the sights and more than that to get into the myriad of adventures available. There is an SPG category 5 Sheraton in the Argentine side in the national park with a view of the falls.

Search for flights into IGU on the Brazilian side for this deal.

You can use 7,500 Avios to fly from IGR to Buenos Aires/AEP on LAN, a haven for kosher food. 4,500 Avios is enough to fly on TAM from IGU to the largest city in the western Hemisphere, Sao Paulo. 7,500 Avios is enough to fly on TAM from IGU to stunning Rio de Janeiro.  Flights to AEP will need to be booked over the phone with British Airways. No fuel surcharges apply.

You can also use 25,000 Delta miles for 2 flights within Brazil or Argentina on partners Gol or Aerolineas Argentinas.  Or 12,500 United miles is enough for an intra-Brazil flight on Azul, an airline founded by David Neeleman of JetBlue fame who obviously has a favorite color.

Flights are available from JFK in January-March, from Miami in January-May, or from Los Angeles from January-July.

Sample valid dates:
-Los Angeles-IGU from 01/22-01/26 for $423
-JFK-IGU from 01/21-01/25 for $480
-Miami-IGU from 01/18-01/25 for $480

You can use Orbitz +/-3 day flex search option to help find valid dates.

You can also view lots of other valid departure dates on DDF.

HT: Ya’alili, via DDF

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Dan, will this rate work from nyc to gru?


No, but it’s just 4,500 BA Avios to fly from IGU to GRU or CGH on TAM.


this work for presidents week?

dans the man

I think this is dead, on Orbitz matrix i see the price$430 but when i click on it prices are $1,000+


Out of this world! Those pictures makes me want to go!


Do Israelis pay for visa? We were in the Dominican republic and had my israeli passport and didn’t need a visa while the Americans had to pay like $20


What’s the best manner to book a stay at that Sheraton? Via points? If so, which point currencies would work?
I would need the evening of Dec 24th. Advice would be most appreciated.
Many thanks,


You can make the fare work with a stopover if you want to go to a different South American city for an extra $100 or so, I got it to work for LIM, GRU, SCL and a couple of others.


It’s a shame the double-visa cost makes this an unnattractive place to visit for Americans. I’ve been once and liked it; I’d return, but the extra $320 in fees per person makes me unwilling to do so. If you’ve never been, though, it might be worth the money.


can’t find any dates for this price


Keep in mind that nowadays, Iguacu Falls is a haven for Radical Middle Eastern Expats who are Hamas and Hezbollah Sympathizers, so it might not be safe to walk around being visibly jewish there.

I personally would not go there no matter what. Be careful!


It’s a must.

I don’t think you do.

Starwood cash and points is a good deal there.

Huge shame.
Though I do love both countries, and Visas are good for 10 years.

It’s dead.

That’s in the city perhaps, not in the park.
Stay in the park and tourist attractions and there’s nothing to worry about.


No, if you have an Israeli passport you don’t need a visa. Just make sure to bring both passports of course, since you will still need your US one to come back home.


anyone have a SWU on american so i can get home from med school in style ? id forever be grateful. email me


For 570 you can get to SP or RIO. any other site works besides Orbitz (can’t leave from RIO-JFK)? If i only have one day, whats the better way to spend it?


Saw RT fare from MIA-IGU for roughly $950 for two last nite for spring Break. Did snooze. Did lose. Total fare now increased 2.5X to $2,360… Mad cuz should have followed advice to book on Orbitz – book first, think/cancel later!!! There does my spring break plan… Anyhow, will be GIG in July for 6-9 days, any cheap options to get to IGU to visit the falls?


British airways tells me that you can’t use avios miles to fly to/from IGU or IGR. they have no agreement for miles usage with any other ,ocal airline.