LAN: Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, Or Orlando To Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil From $272 Round-Trip

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Update: DEAD!


-Bookable on Priceline. Priceline tickets are refundable until 11:29pm ET the day after purchase. Just click on “view full itinerary” in your email confirmation and then click on cancel flights.









Iguaçu Falls (also spelled Iguazú or Iguassu Falls) is one of the most stunning places in the world. I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced it in 2005 and 2014 and can’t wait to go back again.  It’s everything that Niagara is not. My own amateur pictures below from our family trip last October can’t possible capture even a fraction of its grandeur, it’s truly awe-inspiring to experience in person.

A ticket from the US to Iguazu is typically well over $1,000, this is the cheapest price I’ve ever seen for this route. Miles can be credited to OneWorld airlines like American and British Airways.

Travel is valid on limited dates between August and November.

Sample dates:
Orlando-IGU, 08/19-08/24: $272.97
JFK-IGU, 08/19-08/24: $323.97
Los Angeles-IGU, 08/19-08/24: $374.97
Miami-IGU, 08/19-08/24: $422.97

Other sample dates from JFK-IGU: 08/16-08/23, 08/17-08/24, 10/07-10/15, 10/14-10/19, 10/19-10/26, 10/26-11/05, 11/01-11/09, 11/08-11/16, 11/15-11/22, 11/18-11/22, 11/25-12/02.

-Use Google’s ITA Matrix to find other dates.  See this post for a demonstration.























Eleanor Roosevelt had it right when she said “Poor Niagara” upon seeing it. Instead of being in middle of a concrete jungle it’s in middle of beautiful rainforest with wonderfully fresh air. It’s much bigger and far grander than Niagara Falls.

You can see it up close and personal from the Argentine side and you can view the majesty of it from the Brazilian side. Both sides have their own airport, IGU on the Brazilian and IGR on the Argentine side.  Unfortunately both Argentina and Brazil charge a $160 reciprocity fee for Americans to visit, though the visas do last for a decade.

You’ll need a day on each side just to see the sights and more than that to get into the myriad of adventures available. There is an SPG category 5 Sheraton in the Argentine side in the national park with a view of the falls.

You can use 7,500 Avios to fly from IGR to Buenos Aires/AEP on LAN, a haven for kosher food. 4,500 Avios is enough to fly on TAM from IGU to the largest city in the western Hemisphere, Sao Paulo. 7,500 Avios is enough to fly on TAM from IGU to stunning Rio de Janeiro.  Flights to AEP will need to be booked over the phone with British Airways. No fuel surcharges apply.

You can also use 25,000 Delta miles for 2 flights within Brazil or Argentina on partners Gol or Aerolineas Argentinas.  Or 12,500 United miles is enough for an intra-Brazil flight on Azul, an airline founded by David Neeleman of JetBlue fame who obviously has a favorite color.

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Yoni Levine

When i went to book the ticket, it said that it is not refundable, are you sure you can still cancel after you book the seats?


@Yoni Levine:
Yes, see image in the post.

It’s nonrefundable after 11:29pm the day after booking.

David Jeremias

“stunning Rio”?? Really funny coming from a guy obsessed with kosher.


Tho i didseeit before u posted, thanks tho


I just booked a week for this deal.. I am confused on how it all works and how to go about getting the most out of our time there. So i see that this flight goes straight to the fall.. where else can we see other then the fall b/c I don’t think we’ll need a whole week at the fall? or do we? What do you suggest we do, where else can we go and how would we transport– another flight in between, or buses?

Also in regards to the visa, where can i get them?

Thank you SO much for everything.


And now, for the typical amateur question that is required of every such post by federal law…

Can these tickets be upgraded to business? 😀


I know most people are booking RT, but if you throwaway the return leg, you can book a new BA award ticket from Brazil without the fuel surcharges. The entire ticket won’t have YQ charges. So if you call and book Brazil-USA-Israel-USA on one ticket youll get a steal of a deal!


no direct flights available? With the dates u booked with I would get there Thursday night.


Thank you! Just booked for Thanksgiving!


No direct flights?


Dan, great! Just booked MCO-LIM-IGU-LIM-MCO, 8/17-8/23. Looks like the Sheraton is sold out. Any other suggestions for lodging there or nearby, or easy side trip? Thanks.


For anyone who ordered free iphone 6 case it was cancelled so I called Amazon and they credited my account for 40 dollars


@Eli: what did you tell them? Thanks



What did you say to get $40!?


Nothing specific just disappointed about it being cancelled they were very accomadating as always
Good luck!


some of the travel time is 40+ hours sadly.


I booked for 22-30th of november. Now its research time


I am really not sure what your hype is all about it look like rushing mud waters.


Other attraction of Iguaçu is Itaipu Dan:


@David Jeremias:
What does a physically beautiful cityscape have anything to do with kosher?
Go to the other cities I wrote about in the post.

Direct to Iguazu?
Doesn’t exist.

Buenos Aires?

When there are heavy rains it turns muddy, unfortunately we were there during flooding.
But that doesn’t take away from the grandeur.


@dan the hotel in the park is now called the belmond i dont beleive it’s SPG anymore
do you know any different


It’s still a Sheraton (on the Argentine side).

Plenty of options 14-16 hours.


I think this is dead on Priceline. I get a message “we’re sorry, we were unable to confirm the price for your flight”


Maybe a dumb question… This available in June?? From ny.


@dan did you ever finish that brazil trip report?


Booked through Orbitz.
Oct25 – JFK-LIM
Oct27 – LIM-IGU
Nov1 – IGU-JFK
2 day stopover in LIMA!

@Dan – THANKS. Any thoughts on bringing a 2.5 yr old and kosher food near IGU? Thinking of flying to Buenos Aires for Shabbos on BA points.


Nope 🙁

Bring food with you.
2.5 year old is fine, though you won’t be doing rafting or that kind of stuff.

Sao Paulo, Rio, and Buenos Aires are all great options for shabbos.


Priceline isn’t allowing me to book an infant seat. Is there any way around this?


Just make your infant older than 2.
Nobody will care.


Thanks, Dan! Trying to search using ITA to get a longer layover in Lima (like three of four days instead of 12 hours). Using multi-city search changes the whole thing though. Any tips?

ilya k

long layover is possbile – i’m stopping for a week in Lima 🙂


Now it’s dead and DW wouldn’t let me book since she didn’t wanna pull kids out of school. :o/




Is this deal still on?? I am getting full prices, $1000+


Sooo refundable yes, but $7 fee per ticket and I booked quite a few different itineraries last night so that I could consider which would work best for my family when I was more awake. Now customer service not budging to help remove those fees, saying to write a letter to executive team, have HUCA’d twice now…anyone?


Weak sauce man 😉


I cancelled mine online.
No fees.


Is there a big difference seeing the falls on the Argentine side vs. the Brazil side?


@Mike: I heard that from the Arg side, you can get below and closer to the falls. Brazil is more above, but maybe more scenic. either way I hear it is spectacular!


Massive difference.
You really do need to do both.


@Dan: Hi Dan, do you need to pay an additional $160 reciprocity fee to visit the Argentina side? We already have to pay for Brazil. Booked 2 tix 11/15/15-11/22/15 Thanks!


@Dan Bought thought Orbitz, got an email at 11pm last night that the ticket wasn’t confirmed and was cancelled. Can I fight it?

“We regret to inform you that, due to limited availability, the airline was not able to confirm the flights you requested. As a result, no tickets have been issued for this trip and we have reversed any credit card charges.”

I selected seats… Doesnt sound like lack of availability….


Also wondering whether further purchasing Argentina visa is necessary to “see both sides” of the falls if we are thinking of staying on Brazil side at the Belmond rather than at Sheraton. Visas are going to be more than the flights! lol.


Once someone does this trip can you post back advice. Especially the Argentinian Visa requirement and whether the tourist guide was able to “convince” the border agents to allow you to cross without one. I already have a BR Visa but don’t want to pay for the AR one to do 1 day there. Also I know that Paraguay also requires a Visa. Are their border agents relaxed as well? Would be fun to cross in that country for a day but not at $160.

Any advice on descent hotels $80-150 a night, tour guide companies and activities or share your trip plans. Thanks.


Just came back after three days at the falls. Left Wed 11/4 at night, 5 hour lay over in Lima, took a cab and visited historic center of Lima for 2 hours, went back to airport, and continued flight to Brazil. Rented a car from Unidas ($60 for 3 days) and stayed at Hotel San Martin right outside airport and Brazilian park entrance. Falls are amazing, I prefer Argentinian side because you see many more of them and up close as well. You need a visa for Brazil ($160 through consulate by appointment) and a reciprocity fee for Argentina ($160 pay online). Third day, we visited Itaipu Dam and walked to Paraguay over bridge (no visa required if you just stay in Ciudad Del Este); shopping town worth a one hour visit (so you can visit all three countries; make sure you get to see Brazilian and Argentinian border markers as they are easily accessible). LAN is a great airline with very good service. Thanks to Dan for alerting me to this deal.