Wow Air Will Resume Flying To Israel In June

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Wow Air has flown to Tel Aviv for the past 13 months, but they will suspend flights to Tel Aviv after 10/25/18.

I wrote about the flight suspension back in July and said that, “It’s still possible that Tel Aviv flights will continue or that the route will be available in the summer time only going forward. Or it’s possible that they will pull out of the Israel market entirely.”

The good news is that Wow will indeed resume flights to Tel Aviv starting 6/11/19. Tickets should go on sale for next summer starting tomorrow.

In fact they will be increasing the frequency of the flight from 3 times per week to 4 times per week when it resumes. Flights will operate from Reykjavik to Tel Aviv on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday while return flights from Tel Aviv to Reykjavik will operate on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Wow had sale fares from the US to Tel Aviv for as little as $220 round-trip, making them one of the cheapest options to Israel. As an ultra-low-cost carrier, they work better for some than others. If you can hop on a plane and don’t need a lot of luggage, don’t need a specific seat, and are OK if you wind up delayed overnight in Iceland then it’s fantastic. If that’s not how you travel, then the model becomes less attractive.

The flight sits on the ground in Tel Aviv from 4:55pm until 8:55am the next morning as flights have to be timed for connections in Reykjavik. That means the plane does a lot of sitting in Tel Aviv where it’s not earning flight revenue. That seems to have doomed the flight for the winter season, but Wow thinks they can still operate it profitably in the summer.

In other news, Wow will be ending service to Cincinnati, Cleveland, and S. Louis.

Have you flown WOW to Tel Aviv? Share your experience in the comments!

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AKA the Transatlantic EGED bus experience


I flew WOW last winter. Great experience and easy flight.
For the price i paid i expected to sit in the lugguge compartment:)
other than paying for drinks and no screens- the seats were just as good as any other flight i took


What about Norwegian Air? Are they good? I see tickets for below $500.


Beautiful planes, when I flew with them last and a stopover in ARN.
Kosher Food, seat selection,2 bags..


How did you book? I’ve seen some people say 2 bags and food. Thru gds?




Isn’t pricing usually more? Which specific site did you use


Kosher food? There was a scandal of them using the ok when it’s wasn’t.


He is talking about Norwegian Air


I just flew them to London. I did not mind bringing my own food and although I couldn’t choose my seat when booking the flights, I had a large seat selection when checking in. Very good customer service and the planes are nice. If there is a considerable price difference, I would definitely do it again.


I flew with my family to Israel this past summer on WOW with no issues at all.

Larry I Strauss

Fantastic. I flew them from israel 150 one way. I was thrilled. I used miles on United going so I could take luggage. Left the luggage with my kids and came back with nothing on wow. Best way to go.


Get your tix for azi’s BM!


They are no longer flying from KCI and under investigation in Iceland. Iceland is reportedly preparing to make “emergency ” plans if the airline goes bankrupt this winter. Planes may be spending longer on the tarmac than you think.


Dan, thanks for posting about this and please keep us updated. those of us that have large families aren’t always able to travel in first class so this is perfect!

Good airline

I booked Wow 2 months ago.I loved the flight,the flight attendants were kind and caring.They gave me a seat with ultra-large legroom-like 4 feet.It felt like first class.Would definitely fly wow again.Thanks Dan for posting so many flight deals lately.

Are they going to have kosher meals this time?

Make sure the food is actually kosher 🙂


If you bring your own, you won’t have a problem.


I flew in summer with my family, they did anything they can to make it easier on us.

orrin d

WOW Air didn’t wow me……in fact, they called security on me when I politely tried to correct their error…

Be Aware! Even though you reserve an extra leg room seat, chances are that you won’t get it!

We were returning from a trip to Israel and took WOW from KEF to EWR. The tickets were reserved and paid for in full many months before the flight. I had read reviews on line and reserved extra leg room seats. My wife and I were supposed to sit together. I’m 5’10”

I observed that my boarding pass had a different seat for me, away from my wife, even tho I had reserved and paid extra for neighboring seats with extra leg room……close to $100 each!.

The terminal agent said that I had to speak with the service desk representative. I went to the service person, who told me that I needed to speak to the gate agent. The gate agent said that I had to go back to the service desk….but since the plane was boarding, that was impractical. She further claimed that it was impossible that I had spoken with the service desk person……in other words, she called be a liar!
I politely requested her name so that I could report this fact back to the people at WOW Air, and she refused.
Her name tag merely said “Gate Agent”…..I put my hands behind my back, and politely asked her a total of three time of her name. “My Name is Gate Agent!” She became belligerent, and shouted that her name was ‘Gate Agent.’
I explained that I was over 5 feet 9 inches and had read that the legroom in the back of the plane is very, very limited (which it was!). She refused to look at my ticket. She was very, very unkind and unsympathetic.

I was so frustrated, that I pretended to take a photograph of this Gate Agent for future inclusion in a note to the airline. Evidently, this crossed some line, so airport security was called.

KEF security personnel were very polite and listened to my tale. Many other families with small children also
volunteered to airport security that their small children were also relocated and scattered about the flight. (many 3 year olds were seated away from their parents on the flight!!)

After the security personnel realized that I was polite, but firm, and that many families on the flight were very, very distressed by the seat snafus, they permitted us all to board.

The on plane stewards tried to reunite families, but were not 100% successful. I had a 4 year old behind me separated from her parents, and a newlywed couple in front could not sit side by side.

I discovered that the seat next to my wife, which I had reserved, did not exist!!. If only one of the WOW agents had looked at my ticket and evaluated the situation, then the entire situation would have been a tad more understandable. Evidently, their computer assigned the wrong plane during the reservation process……..??

Interestingly, the chair width was comfortable, but my knees hit the seat in front of me for 6 painful hours. The seat to my right was absent, and there was a steward jump seat. However, this jump seat was positioned so that I could not stretch my legs. I couldn’t even bend down to pick up personal items that fell on the floor.

BEWARE! Their computers are not accurate! Beware: If you are over 5 feet 9 inches tall, don’t expect to be comfortable in the main body of the plane for 6 hours. Beware: don’t expect reservations to be honored.

Beware if you are traveling with children…….they may be scattered around the plane!

My recommendation: WOW Air KEF to EWR is a bargain if you have no luggage, you are traveling alone, and are shorter than 5 feet 9 inches. (even carry on bags cost about $50)

Also, remember, that you probably will have to walk outside in the freezing weather to board the plane. There was no protection from the freezing rain.

(on a positive note, the width of the seat was better than economy on United…..I think the arm rests are thinner…..?)

I won’t take them again. My knee pain persisted for several days after the flight.


grow up


Sounds about right. If Wow existed when I was a single yeshiva student (carrying no luggage for vacation breaks) then this would have been awesome. At this point as married with a kid and lots of luggage, I won’t even check out their website for curiosity sake.


I had a great experience with wow! I dont know what you are talking about… I flew with a friend and they booked us on different parts of the plane so we went to the booth before we took off and they changed us… everything was smooth and good… the bus takes you to the plane and yes you board in the rain.. cant complain when you pay so little.
would defintately fly wow again and had a great experience with a ticket that did not break the bank…


I flew wow with 2 kids great experience

Richard Dunhoff

Flight from Israel to Iceland and on to Pittsburgh. I have taken it several times last year. I really was surprised in that it was much better than I expected. Stewardess were kind and polite. I am six foot tall and managed the seats. Brought my own entertainment with IPad a nd earphones . Usually I bring food and snacks. My son buys there piggy should sandwiches and says they are ok. So we always enjoyed the flights and hope that they continue. It may be t 🙂 e best flight to Pittsburgh time wise, since American killed the Philadelphia direct flight. I will fly in June. I hope they do a 12 month schedule someday.


How do I book the cheep tickets