WOW Air: Fly One-Way From Tel Aviv To Newark For $149



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Tel Aviv to Newark $149 dates:
October 26, 31
November 9
January 18

Flights from Newark to Tel Aviv start at $299, for example on October 24 or 31.

Other cities are on sale as well, post what you find!

-For an extra $118 each way you can book a WOW Plus fare with a free carry-on bag, checked bag, priority boarding, and trip insurance.

-If you make a booking on WOW’s US site you can click to cancel it within 24 hours. You will then have to email within 24 hours of the booking with a copy of the cancellation confirmation to get a refund.

-WOW serves 10 North American cities: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, Newark, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Toronto. You’ll be able to connect from those cities to Tel Aviv via Reykjavik.

They’re fashioned as a ULCC (Ultra low-cost carrier) like Spirit, but WOW. Note that in case of flight cancellations WOW Air likely will not rebook you on another airline, so you may have to wait several days to be reaccommodated.

They advertise cheap fares, but the extras add up quickly.

For a one-trip way between the US and Israel you’ll pay:
-$50 in advance/$70 at checkin for a carry-on bag (22 x 18 x 10 in up to 26 lbs). You’ll pay an additional $60 if it doesn’t fit in their bag sizer and you’ll have to check it under.
-$70 in advance/$80 at checkin for a checked bag (up to 62″ and up to 44 lbs). You’ll pay an additional $18.18 per pound over 44 pounds.
-Reserving a seat will set you back an additional $20-$100 depending on the seat.
-Water, soda, and snacks cost extra.
-There’s no Wi-Fi or entertainment onboard.

-1 personal item smaller than 17 x 13 x 10in is included for free. That means a bag like this one or like this one can be worth buying to have a free personal item.

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22 Comments on "WOW Air: Fly One-Way From Tel Aviv To Newark For $149"

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Does it have sockets to plug things into?


Do they charge for oxygen or have pay toilets??


Why is this news?


So basically its $684 round trip with 1 bag for a crappy flight. I’m sure most people would rather take Turkish with 2 free bags for $8-900..


you can even get turkish for $6-700 if its far enough in advance


is there wow biz worth the extra ?


How is legs room there? Any comfort+?


is this a direct nonstop flight to israel ?


is this a direct nonstop flight ?


can I book for August from EWR to TLV?


I flew WOW from Paris to Barcelona. It is like flying Spirit. The leg room was the worst I have ever experienced I had to sit sideways. Good thing the flight was half empty. Can’t imagine flying WOW for any long flight, no deal is worth it to me.


Thank you, that means big NO for me


For that price book 3 seats @450$ and u have urself a lay flat business seat

Malka marilus

How do i book a flight with wow???

Malka marilus

How do i book a flight??


dont u wase ur time i checked us WOW wepsite its all lie each way in day theye marked for $149 & its $299 one way with 28 houres or more its sucks worset flight i ever see


On January 18 it’s $299…


its $299 each way ???