United’s Flight To Israel Spent 8 Hours Flying To Nowhere

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United flight 90 on Saturday, April 22nd was scheduled to depart Newark at 10:55pm.

The flight wound up leaving the gate at 12:48am and then it arrived right back where it started at 6:28am.

YNet reports from passengers onboard that a passenger on the flight was waiting in line for the bathroom when he decided to sit in a jumpseat while he waited.

Flight attendants rarely receive sufficient training in deescalation and when I’ve seen people try to sit in those seats it usually ends up with a flight attendant screaming at the passenger that the seats are for crew only.

Flight attendants told the passenger to return to his seat or else they would turn the plane around and when the passenger answered in ridicule, they did just that and flew back to Newark.

Twitter user Jeff Hunt was onboard after he had to take a train from DC to Newark after that leg was cancelled. He shared video from onboard, though I haven’t seen any video of the initial incident.


He noted that unlike what YNet reported, the passenger was not arrested upon landing:




United cancelled the flight and rescheduled it for 8pm. They gave passengers a hotel voucher, however the hotel wouldn’t let people check-in until 3pm. Ouch.


I reached out to United for comment and they responded that,

“United flight 90 traveling from Newark to Tel Aviv returned to Newark shortly after takeoff last night due to a disruptive passenger. Law enforcement met the aircraft and removed the passenger. A new flight was scheduled to depart Sunday evening.”

The flight wound up departing on Sunday as United flight 3040 at 8:54pm and arrived in Israel at 4:24pm Israel time today.

Unfortunately the cancellation had knock-on effects and Sunday’s United flight 90 was delayed from 10:55pm to 1:16pm today. It’s now expected to arrive into Israel at 6:56am tomorrow.

As I wrote during a similar return to Newark flight to nowhere last year, it’s always best to just comply, even if you feel a flight attendant is out of line.

Did the crew overreact to this situation?

Without video, it’s impossible to say. However the massive cost to divert and cancel a flight isn’t coming out of their paycheck and flight attendants are simply not properly trained to deescalate situations like this.

If you were on either Saturday’s or Sunday’s flight 90 or the delayed return flights, you should definitely try emailing for Israeli delayed flight compensation, though I’d expect United will deny that compensation at least for Saturday’s flight due to the incident.

Were you on this flight? Are flight crews too quick to divert instead of trying to deescalate? Should jump seats be better marked that they are for crew use only?

HT: tavster, via DDF

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UA finally canceled UA90 around 3:00am and had people on board the plane.

The best guy

Wow that’s nuts!


Do the passengers get miles towards status from the 8 hours in air? Should get them closer to status… those points are for B.I.S. and indeed B.I.S. for a while


They should’ve dropped him off at the next diversion airport and left him there or get arrested there.


That’s what I was wondering. Why go backwards? Wouldn’t Greenland, Iceland, Portugal, make more sense to divert? Although Newark is a United hub, it seemingly made no difference for logistics because it was a mess at Newark.


The guy was definitely acting stupid, but having seen FAs on a power trip, this was almost definitely an unnecessary diversion and shame on the FA for inconveniencing hundreds of people.


This was clearly a case of a flight attendant who overreacted and an arrogant idiot who only cares about himself. In any event, this cost United a pretty penny in terms of fuel and crew costs etc.


As a Yeshiva Bucher learning in Israel for almost 8 years flying all the time to from NYC with several airlines i can tell based on my experience that United Flight attendants are the worse of all airlines flying this route when it comes to training in deescalation.
they get upset and can’t handle any stupid incident,
Its not rare to see them react to stupid stuff just like 5 year kids……


You mean even worse then the elal FA cause that’s pretty hard to top


ElAl is unprofessional and doesn’t always give the best service and they can act not patient with their Israeli mentality.
But United manages to act rude on tiny stupid situations..!

Phil DDF

Yup, I have had similar experiences on United flights to/from Israel. I experience it only on trips to/from Israel though, so there might be alternative motivations involved. (I wear a cap, so they don’t know I am Jewish on alternate routes.)


Is this something that happens for other long haul flights and we just don’t hear about it because it’s not Israel, or is this a uniquely “stiff-necked people” thing?

United breaks guitars

Ohhh my God! Crime of the century! He dared sit in some stewardess seat! Maybe United should of knocked out his teeth like they did to Dr. David Dao?


There’s definitely a certain type of Israeli that has the utmost disregard for airline regulations. When I was flying back from Israel in November 4 Israelis were smoking ecigs on the plane. Flight attendant very nicely asked them to stop three separate times. They were arrested upon arrival at EWR. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

You see this disregard for rules and regs on more than just airplanes. I was touring Machu Picchu and the guide went on a rant that almost all tourists are very nice and respectful and clean up after themselves. But there was this *one* people who left camping debris everywhere, put out their cigarette butts on ancient ruins, etc. The whole time she was saying this I was thinking to myself, oh no, here it comes. Sure enough, Israelis are who she was referring to.

Really a hilul hashem.


In their defense, you have to remember their culture is very different than ours. Following rules, social etiquette and manners are foreign concepts to them.


Being self-centered is not a cultural difference. It’s just plain rude. We can’t infantilize an entire people who obviously know better but choose to act badly.


in your defense, i’ll remember that your culture is very different than ours here in Israel. Treating others with respect and not being an entitled arrogant fool are evidently foreign concepts to you.


Every time i go back to Israel I patiently wait on lines and am the last person to get out of elevator. That’s how people know I’ve lived in the US for a long time now.


Not surprising. Waiting patiently on line works well in the US and England while is a joke in France and Israel. They just don’t get it.


To be fair, something 600 years old is basically new when you are from Israel and surrounded by 2000 year old buildings at home.


@Yossi ROFL. True, I was underwhelmed when I learned the age of Machu Picchu. Seems like it should be in better repair.


Smoking and e-cig are an inherent contradiction… smoking leaves a smell, vaping doesn’t, and doesn’t really bother anyone. Yes, they should’ve stopped when asked – but don’t see the major issue with it to begin with.

Common Sense

Not up to you to decide. FTR, second hand vape “smoke” is just as unhealthy as second hand smoke.

Kidush Hashem

With all due respect, don’t you think you are the one who is making a Chillul Hashem?
n Macu Picchu or wherever else it was some Israeli did something, but now you are posting it on the web for the whole world to see!

Liam K. Nuj

I didn’t see the post you are referring to until you mentioned it in your post. Now YOU’RE the one spreading a Chillul HaShem.
Wait a minute… now THIS post is spreading a Chillul HaShem!


They definitely overreacted, and I believe they deliberately overreacted to make a point.


Today also marks a year from the Lufthansa antisemitism fiasco. Do airline personnel have too much power to make such decisions without higher-up approval?


I was on flight UA90 a week earlier. Flight boarded 3 hours late, and then after sitting for an hour, they made everyone get off because the crew had reached their shift limit. Pushed the flight to the next day. I waited hours online for a hotel voucher, only to show up to a hotel and be told they had no rooms.


This same story happened last night on UA/90 April 23rd.
It’s insane They incurred a total of 14-1/2 hour delay


I feel bad for the people on the flights as well as the airlines. This must cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to the airlines. Gas. New place. Refunds. Complaints. Hotels. Food. It’s crazy! Whether someone is right or Wrong, you’re a guest on the plane. Be humble, listened to the staff and if your ego seems fit to argue, do it after the flight

Vip Travels

In what universe is this not an overreaction?
The ramifications of turning a flight around are colossal for hundreds of people. They make it sound like the plane was hijacked….

Lakewoods Finest

United Airlines is full of a bunch of anti-semetic Karens. Their flight attendants especially on the Eretz Yisrael routes need to get fired and hire new ones and train them by delta. Delta has the best flights to EY hands down.

Phil DDF

I will try Delta next time I fly to Israel…thank you for the recommendation. United service on flights to/from Israel are terrible. On alternate United routes, the service is good (though I wear a cap).

Arik Chofeshish

Don’t be so proud you wear a cap. Be proud you are a Jew
Besides even with the cap you probably look Jewish


For years I basically commuted to Europe, usually on LH or SR, later LX. I only wore a cap, never a Yarmulke. I eat Kosher but ordered Vegetarian and ate my own food. Quite often, soon after boarding a cabin attendant would explain to me that sadly, there is no kosher meal arranged for me. The cap is as obvious as a Yarmulke.

Phil DDF

@Arik, I preorder the kosher meal, so the FAs know that I am Jewish (though perhaps not black hat Jewish). I was just noting, in full disclosure, a possible reason why my experience on alternate routes might be so much better. Regardless, United flights to/from Israel are consistently unacceptable.


I agree, I only fly Delta to Israel. Too many times I have had incidents with Crews, on other airlines ( especially European ones). I don’t know if it is bad service or anti semitism. Delta even has Israeli Staff. I have not been on El Al in years but if an EL Al pilot can blab “out loud “about his political views, I am not interested…..Last year, I complemented Delta, wrote to their customer service, about a return tlv -lax flight. A few weeks letter, I received an email thanking me and 1500 miles gift!!


I think the easiest way to create an anti-semite is to have them become a FA on a route to/from EY.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t it’s the same flight attendants flying specific routes they are always changed up


Anybody have any experience with American Airlines to Israel?


Yup. And in the height of COVID. I had a very pleasant experience.


Very pleasant.

tom bradley

asked the shluchim who ere detained


My wife and I’ve flown on American Airlines nonstop in both directions between JFK and TLV 2 or 3 times since COVID; we had wonderful, uneventful experiences each time.

American Airlines even offered unlimited kosher mehadrin/hemishe snacks and complimentary kosher-mevushal wine to all passengers, including those flying economy.

I hope American Airlines continues to fly that route!


same. excellent and would def recommend. however ive had bad experiences wh domestic AA flights

Snorro Park

Used to fly often on the MIA – TLV route. Good experience and service. I hope they bring that route back.


AA is a more recent addition to TLV. United has been flying to TLV far far longer than AA. Give AA a chance to get the real feeling of a TLV flight!!


Insane!! Because a guy SAT ON A JUMPSEAT they turn a flight around 4 hours in, wasting probably over $40,000 in extra fuel when they could’ve just fined this guy a few hundred dollars for that or something. The world has gone literally crazy


I was on UA90 Saturday night.

From the minute we got onto the plane, it was clear that we had a B-crew. The lack of professionalism, disorganization and negative attitude was so apparent. I could give several examples.

I had been asleep and awoke thinking how well I slept after hearing the announcement to prepare for landing….until I learned that we were diverted back to EWR — with no prior notice! I kept thinking that this whole saga would never happen on El Al.

I asked the Polaris flight attendant what occurred and he told me that “an unruly passenger assaulted two flight attendants.” I was shocked as I’m a frequent flier and have never experienced anything of the sort. After we landed, I overheard that there was no physical altercation whatsoever rather a brief heated exchange about a passenger sitting in the crew seats. And the plane was diverted for that?! Is that called an assault?

To me, this is a clear example of a flight attendant with a power trip (and possibly an antisemitic inclination as well) who wanted to make a point and inconvenienced probably 2,000 (multiple flights impacted) people along the way. The FA should be reprimanded and held responsible. Their poor judgment and inability to de-escalate the situation cost United oodles of money; let alone the impact of such a trip distribution and loss of money for the passengers as well!

I’m just wondering why the captain went along with the FAs positioning.

United — you need to do better.

PS I’m not suggesting the passenger was in the right; they absolutely misbehaved as well, but there’s wrong, and there’s wrong. I cannot fathom how this heated exchange justifies the diversion and resultant disruption that I, and many others, experienced.


It seems some snowflakes have a different definition of “assault”.


On Elal it would never happen I have been offered by the fa to sit in those seats


If a passengers yells ‘bomb’ or other non-safety comments – a FA can indicate they are unsafe and pilot must action. This isn’t rocket science nor need to indicate heated exchange as there should never be a heated exchange with FA, pilot or law enforcement officials. As majority of the time – you will lose!

Israel Wiznitzer

Would expect United to be more professional than this. Their crews have training for uncooperative passengers, unruly passengers, and threatening passengers. At most, this guy was uncooperative. He was pissed about a late departure and then hunkered down and acted like an a-hole. The senior flight member or captain should have been able to deescalate the situation. Their decision to turn the plane around was irresponsible and stupid. Looks like the Israel Aviation law has a loophole that gets the airline off the financial compensation hook for situations like this (section 6.e.1)
So several hundred passengers were “inconvenienced” by the stupid passenger and dumber crew.


Israel Wiznitzer– I don’t think Israeli law has jurisdiction here. This is an American based airline in US airspace or international airspace


Israeli law has full jurisdiction and United is obligated to reimburse everyone affected. Since this is a delay of mores than eight hours every passenger on affected flights will basically fly for free. This is not an act of god. So total cost of incident to United could be more than a million dollars. Not to mention the negative impact of the reports of the incident. L


Crazy! I was not aware that this is such a no no. I’ve done the same in the past when waiting on line, not sure what the big deal is. Ask the guy to get up and move on with serving the meal. I mean, no body really thinks this is not absolutely ridicules.
And why couldn’t they just continue to Israel and file a complaint against him their? (although again, not sure what’s the big deal).


I’ve sat in that seat at least 10 times. Waiting for the toilet or just when walking around stretching never a word heard.


Yep. Same here.


Countless times and even made conversation with the FA. Although I never do it during meals or busy hours.


yes – anyone who flies a lot has done it or seen it happen pretty regularly


I wasn’t on this flight but a different United flight last week and they were openly awful. Hateful. And jews, pls stop jumping to blame other Jews’ behavior all the time. Everyone was perfectly behaved, aside from the staff. And even if they hadnt been is almost irrelevant. I felt extremely uncomfortable by the time I got off the plane, it definitely felt like open anti Semitism. I fly United to other destinations and while there are bad apples on occasion from the staff, I’ve never seen anything like this. United, train your staff to be culturally accepting, and for crying out loud to be patient! You know the Israel flights can be loaded with kids. You know the culture. If youre not ready to deal with it, dont be assigned to those routes. I paid you money for crying out loud. No, that doesn’t mean I own you but it does mean you should at least pretend to care about BASIC PR. Dont make me feel like youre doing me a huge favor by being on your plane and that if I blink a bit too fast or slow you may just raise your voice at me, or worse


dan, i am wondering whats your opinion, i booked for my family AA tickets through BA from london to new york, I did it online, but the infant ticket I did on the BA customer service phone, they told me its confirmed and all good, it was of course recorded by the british airwyas,
we arrived to the airport early enough, and AA didnt let us on to the flight claiming that the infant ticket was not booked!, we tried still amking the fligh and quickly bought a new ticket for the infant, but al ths time involved caused us to need to be rebooked to a new flight, this caused us to be stranded in the airport for 10 hours until they put us on to another fight which , the new flight had an additional delay of 2 hours because of a guy tht harrased the flight attendant,
it was just impossible and crazy for us to be in transit for so long plus needing to fly in the air another 7 hours to NYC,
I reached out to BA and they are only offering me an apology plus few hundred dollars, whats my rights here ?


File a DOT complaint against AA


I was on a United flight from Newark to Israel in February. Some of the flight attendants seemed clearly unhappy to be on the flight. I heard one of the flight attendants (who seemed Israeli) tell a non-Jewish group something to the effect of, “next time fly on Saturday. You won’t have the religious people on the flight.”

Arik Chofeshish

Flight attendants have been overly empowered and have made bad and costly decisions which affect all passengers. This passenger was not so unruly. Whoever made the decision to return to Newark should be reprimanded


Where do I contribute to the fund for buying bodycams for UA flight attendants?


Are the captain and first officer required to put up to an FA’s shenanigans or were they just wimps? because ultimately it’s their call to divert.


From this story and all past stories in the past no matter if a passenger or something else cause a decision of returning or any other bad decision I learned at its something else,

We need lobbying or whatever could change the rules that a FA should not have such power on their own and even if they convince the pilot which he has the power to do whatever he wants no matter how much effects or money it will cost for the airline or others they should always need to get approval from others before doing any of these type decisions,
It’s something so crazy that the power of one or two people who get paid either way and don’t care to be back and nave another day or two or more till their next flight and the know they got their money, it only meeses up their own airline and hundreds of passengers from this flight and the returning flight and sometimes even a few days effects ts literally unheard of and we must do something I stop that!

It reminds me of a similar story that happened on 4/17 just a week ago with Austrian Airlines flight OS89 VIE-EWR that was in the air for about 2 hours already over England and returned to VIE With the excuse that only 3 bathrooms on the plane are working, and the mess that created is unbelievable they put some ppl from this flight onto the next direct VIE-JFK flight that day and they left ppl with original tickets to the flight hanging when try arrive to AP on time with an excuse that your flight is closed and as well ppl that we’re on connecting flights when they strives to VIE had the same it was crazy I had family members who were on that flight with kids and got back and they had to fly the next day with a stop,
The end up flying 3 4 hours, let’s say it’s though about the bathrooms but they end up flying half of the time if hey would’ve continue they should be make a system and push it through once you are in air and fix it by your next destination, instead they returned made a mess and of course canceled the EWR-VIE flight that day too…

We need to change these rules and power to many stories happening recently and not even a nice percent of it we all know!



I live in Israel and fly several times year to EWR, often with my family (I have young children). In the past we used to prefer United over Elal for it’s better service and attitude. However in the last two years or so things have flipped, United feels like hostile territory now, while Elal has made huge improvements to the service. We also had a nearly 24 hour delay with United about two years ago and it was handled terribly, first getting delayed again and again then at 2:30AM announcing it will be rescheduled the next evening. No way to get back luggage, and a hotel voucher for just one room despite having 6 seats. (Though I got compensation from the Israeli law, it was a pain to get it from them and I needed to pay someone to help e get it.) We also had two other mishaps with United that I don’t want to write about now.
However the main thing is that many or even most of the United FAs seem to have forgotten the concept of a smile and service. I can’t believe that I now prefer Elal because in the past the situation was reversed, but that’s how it is now. I encourage people to give Elal another chance, as the new ownership seems to really be trying hard to turn things around and in my experience it’s working.


Couldn’t agree more. I feel the same. It seems that since covid and the whole mask thing they became full of attitude while at the same time Elal Learned something about service…

Blake Markowitz



I can’t agree more about Elal. I flew many flights with Elal, but my recent flight felt like it’s a totally new airline. It seamed like the FAs were giving 1 line in their handbook. “Make the passengers happy and serve with a smile, whatever it takes”
Literally the feeling I ah throughout the entire flight. Flew economy btw


Would you mind sharing the info of the person who helped you? p3eagle @ gmail Thank you


Dan, would you be able to find out what, if any, disciplinary action ElAl took with the pilot who expressed political views over the loudspeaker?

Yosef W

United used to have really great customer service. They have a rule that you need 20 (I think 26) something years experience before you can have the Newark-TLV route.
However, anyone with the route can choose to not fly and anyone in line can get the route.
This is why you get 2-3 young and ignorant FAs on every flight. These young guys and gals hear things about prayer, mess, babies, Hasidism, and many come prepared to not put up with it.


They don’t have to bid on the flights, probably the 3 day layover is attractive


I’ve found LY’s flight attendants to be somewhat brusque but they are trained to use their heads and not make a big problem out of a small one. They don’t neccesarily know how to de-escalate, but they wouldn’t do something like this either.


My kids were jumping around on the seats and the EL AL FA told them off, but she moved on after she did so and didn’t make a fuss when they did it 1/2 hour later. Just told them off again.

SY Bergman

My wife was on the rescheduled flight on Sunday, it didn’t take off at 854, it took off closer to 11 pm. They had promised people the same seat assignments from the Saturday night flight and obviously didn’t honor that. It was complete pandemonium on the flight, people fighting over seats. Then there was a computer problem and a refueling issue. The flight was delayed 3 hours. I believe passengers are currently gathering signatures for a class action lawsuit against united airlines. Even though the guy Saturday night was a total jerk, they should not have turned around as there was no violence, this confirmed by multiple passengers. I am 1k on united and I am seriously considering changing my loyalty, they keep getting worse and worse.


How can the captain not announce if they turned around the plane? I’d have thought that’s required even legally. Some passengers see on a map their plane is going the opposite direction and they can panic thinking a lot worse things are happening.


I am surprised to read many of the comments here about the negative experiences on United. My family of 5 just came back from Israel for Pesach- we were on United both ways, outbound out of ORD and inbound into IAD. Flight attendants went above and beyond, were very professional, helpful, and courteous on both flights. Looked after our kids when we needed a couple of small things (didn’t need anything major thankfully). We also got emailed before the flight that we had seats together for the whole family, which wasn’t initially available on the online seat map- they moved things around to accommodate the families on board BEFORE check-in, which is very smart.
I wonder if all the difficulties are specifically on the NYC flights and not the other United flights to TLV?


Do notice you wrote that seats were taken care of BEFORE the flight.
the issue at hand is the flight attendants on the flight.


Correct, I agree. I was more commenting on my overall experience with United, and it was a welcome change to see an airline accommodate family seating in advance and set it up so an email is sent in advance.

I agree that the reports about the flight attendants coming from NYC flights sounds awful, and I do wonder if there is a difference for some reason between NYC and their other TLV flights.


Why do I have a feeling that the pilot just forgot his suitcase in Newark….


Yes, this passenger is selfish and wrong, but at the same time I’ve flown on that UA 90 route many times and the flight attendants are absolutely obnoxious. Especially when it came to Covid rules, one attendant took down my seat # threatening to ban me from United, for EATING TOO SLOW resulting in my mask being off for too long. I mean cmon..

David Soffer

Two things,
1) Seems like a horrible overreaction by the Captain and one that could have been avoided. No reason to turn the flight around for something as small as that.
2)As Dan mentions, de-escalation training is key in today’s world of flying, but what the heck has gotten into so many fliers. We all know the rules when we decide to fly, so why are we fighting directions? If there are issues with flight attendants, especially for those of us with status, you take it up with HQ after the fact.


after almost going out of business numerous times the airline industry needs to understand they need to change not the customer. they give inferior service constantly and keep raising prices without consequences. if the flight attendant cant figure out how to handle a guy sitting on a jump seat let her go work at McDonald’s make 15$ an hour and deal with really bad customers


was just on flight to tlv seat was btwn couple both on the heavy side and with me being no different that was not going to work I approached the FA explained nicely the issue the answer was
“well you can decide now if you’re staying or leaving cause were closing the flight ”
I told him politely that I just asked for some help and not looking to fight in any way where he just mumbled something and turned around.
so first thing everyone should know
1) dont answer back rudely even if the FA is wrong he can get you in one way or another

2)the threat of getting you off the flight is all to often used by staff even had it with 10 month old twins and they were not letting me take on hand luggage no matter how much me and my wife were begging the answer was the same.

3) I’ve had some good experience with united crew . I guess it dosent matter the as airline as each individual crew but I definitely feel that united has a lot to shape up in this area.

4) By putting you’re ego aside even if you’re screamed on .
you can spare yourself a lot of headache.


If you bought the cheapest ticket (basic economy) – they won’t let you bring hand luggage…


In my opinion airline and only the airline were at fault in this situation. Don’t get me wrong this person might not have done the right thing by sitting in the jump seat, however you don’t go and punish a whole entire flight because of one person.
At the end of the day it is the airline that punished everyone not that one person.
Imagine being in a park and one person acted rude so they will empty out the whole park? Maybe they send out that family but they won’t empty out the whole park because you have a situation with one person.
Turning around planes should only be used in life and death or similar situations not to teach anyone or anybody a lesson.


over the years I have had many interactions with FA’s. I always am respectful even if they are rude. I have never had an issue. They are doing their jobs and thats it. This passenger is an idiot and I hope he gets his due. If the FA says get off the jumpseat thats exactly what he needs to do even if he is an entitled idiot. I hope gets on a no fly list so he isnt on one of my flights.


I was on a united Flight on Dec 20 from TLV to EWR and there was a passenger that yelled at the flight attendant we turned back to the gate deplaned everyone arrested him and then let everyone back. Total of 4 hour delay.
Only on United.


Don’t like the rules? Think FA on UA overreact? Think it is a conspiracy marking anniversary of Lufthansa incident?
Can always fly private with no hassles.
The rest of us should assist the FA do their job if a countryman is embarrassing us and allowing his ego to trigger significant reaction by the FA, pilot and airline operations center.
Don’t break rules, and listen to instructions like the other 99%!


Wow, no less than 9 news articles about this situation..
Google- United Flight to Israel-

Nat Zitomer

Surprised that the Captain or First Officer didn’t come back to try to resolve the situation, before taking the extreme step of turning the plane around.


This creates a safety hazard for operations if the pilot is assaulted or compromise by this unruly individual. The interesting part if this was El-Al they would have no part of this passenger disobeying flight crew instructions, yet some call UA problematic.


Hi Dan
We flew from tlv to nyc in elal April 2 2023 time was supposed leave at 1030am and was delayed till 715pm can we get this 3130 shekel ,
How do u know the reason for delay to know if they would really give us the money??
Thnx in advance


after all its a strong message that you shouldn’t mess with them cause they are the ones in power