United Ups The Ante On Offering Voucher And Mileage Compensation For Delayed Or Cancelled Israel Flights

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While the US has notoriously weak consumer protection laws for delayed or cancelled flights, Israel has some of the most consumer friendly laws in the world.

I’ve written about them several times over the years, including in this 2018 post.

You can read about the current rules here.

In short, if your flight to or from Israel is delayed by 8 hours or if it’s cancelled within 2 weeks of departure and you’ll be 8 hours late due to that, you can request compensation. The airline will have to pay 1,300NIS for flights up to 2,000kms, 2,090NIS for flights up to 4,500kms, and 3,130NIS for flights over 4,500kms. All flights to North America fall into the latter category, so you can get about $1,000 in cash per traveler for a long delay or cancellation!

The law applies when there are staffing issues and when there are mechanical delays. The law does not apply when there are special circumstances not under the airline’s control, such as weather delays.

You need to contact your airline to file a claim. Be sure to state the exact compensation that you are seeking.

In the 2018 post I noted that DDF member jr611 was offered the choice of a $1,000 United voucher or 30K miles instead of the $845 compensation that was required at the time.

DDF member yandmk helps people file claims and shares with me that United is now offering a $1,200 United voucher or 60K miles instead of the $1,000 cash compensation. Unlike back in 2018, United travel certificates are now valid for 2 years instead of 1 year and they are valid for United partner flights instead of just for United flights, so that’s a fairly generous 20% bonus offer if you’re going to travel over the next 2 years!

A United travel certificate can be saved in your account, can used for travel by anyone, and can be used multiple times until all of the funds are exhausted. You can also merge certificates together and typically the expiration date will be extended for 2 years from the time of the merger.

60,000 miles used to be more valuable than they are today, though in 2018 they were only offering 30,000 miles and now United miles no longer expire. You would be parting with $1,000 cash for the 60,000 miles, so you would essentially be paying 1.67 cents per mile compared to the cash or 2 cents per mile compared to the travel certificate. That’s too rich of a mileage valuation for my blood.

You can contact customer relations and ask for Israel delayed/cancelled flight compensation with Air Canada by contacting them here, with American by contacting them here, with Delta by contacting them here and with United by contacting them here. If you are booked on El Al you can click here to contact El Al, click on “after the flight”, click on “other”, click “continue”, and then fill in your personal details and write the circumstances of the claim with a reference to the law that requires a 3,130 shekel cash payment for delays over 8 hours on flights that are more than 4,500 kilometers in distance.

Which compensation would you select?

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Have you been compensation for your delayed or cancelled Israel flight?

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United owes me close to 6k due the Israeli travel compensation laws, flight was more then 3 months ago. On Nov 1, they told me I’ll be getting a check in up to 6 weeks, but I’ve not received it. Any advice?


I’m out over 120,000 UR from a flight to Israel booked with Elal, any hope on getting a refund on the points or an elal travel voucher is all one can get?

Wasn’t able to fly due to the new covid laws.


I was on UA84 , Dec 26, the flight was cancelled a few days before, and United informed me that they had rebooked me on 90, same night. That flight was cancelled just before boarding due to the pilot testing positive, and although the GA announced that they were bringing a substitute, they ended up cancelling the flight at around 12:30 AM. It was pretty chaotic. The line at the Service Desk was very long, and although I called the 1K line to rebook me, (which they immediately did, for the following 84)they couldn’t help me with hotel/ food/ transportation vouchers, so I ended up making my own arrangements.
I wrote to 1K voice, who responded immediately, and said they deposited 15000 miles into my account. I answered them that although I appreciate the gesture, I had attached the receipts and would have appreciated renumeration more.
Haven’t heard a word back . Am I eligible for compensation? Thanks for this post.


Several years back I choose the cash option, and received a ₪3000 check drawn on Citibank Israel.


I just returned back from Israel on DL and they canceled my night flight and put me on the morning flight that is 12 hours later (they canceled my flight a few hours before)
Am I eligible for this ?


Cash is king. Who knows if United will exist forever


Are the flights that were canceled due no crew available as they had the COVID entitled to Israeli compensation? Or is that considered extra ordinary circumstances.


Delta asked for my bank wire info and wired about 950 when my son’s yeshiva flight was canceled after they had already boarded. Mechanical issue. They rebooked them all the next day. The kids weren’t too happy about the delay, but the parents didn’t mind the cash 🙂

living in Israel

Similar DL situation. Daughter’s flight was cancelled. She was rebooked to next night’s flight and given 2 transportation vouchers (to/from JFK/Brooklyn). She ended up taking Uber and I wrote to DL explaining what happened and requesting compensation for the vouchers. I was pleasantly surprised when on their own initiative they asked for banking info and sent me not only $120 for the vouchers, but also $895 – the cost of the ticket.


Currently dealing with AA on a claim for a cancelled flight. They offered me $1,000 voucher which had a bunch of restrictions vs. the 3,100 NIS. Silly and I rejected it out of hand because at current fx rate, the cash compensation is more than the voucher. If they offered more in credit, would be worth considering if I had a current use for AA credit.


What are the compensation options when a united award flight is canceled?


Wife and daughter were scheduled to fly LY5 TLV-LAX.
Original flight was 29DEC.
El Al cancelled 29DEC and put them on 28DEC, which didn’t work for the pax.
I called and got El Al to put pax on same flight on 2JAN, which El Al happily did.
El Al subsequently cancelled the 2JAN flight and put them on 3JAN, which also didn’t work for the pax.
So I cancelled 3JAN flight for a full refund to original form of payment.
Are they eligible for compensation under Israeli law, as the cancellation (delay) from 2JAN to 3JAN was more than 8 hours, even though we got full refund of the ticket?


Zona, how did you get to speak to a person at el al?


Zow, how did you get through to speak to a person at el al? I spent days on whatsapp and finally filed with the dot


How long after a flight can I request compensation? (United)


Thank you, Dan, for keeping us informed of our rights!


if the isreali goverment limited flights(a while back like pesach time) so my flight got cancelled and was put on a flight for 2 weeks later is that counted?


@dan do you think its worth a try?


Is there a statute of limitation on the claims?

Eliyahu Friedman

I got refunded for a flight that got cancelled 24hrs before departure (around $600 for one way) Am I eligible for any additional compensation or once I received the refund I forfeited my rights to the compensation?


@dan, I have the same question above.


@dan What about a domestic flight that was delayed 4 hours bc of mechanical issues? TYIA


This is actually insane to me. A family member of mine was to fly to Israel with his father ah”l to be buried. The flight was delayed due to maintenance issues for hour until finally cancelled. Plane transfer etc. landed in Israel with ~7 hrs till his departing flight back to Am! Biggest mess ever. He’s a premier platinum w United and they emailed him offering….10,000 miles!!! Chutspah of course he declined and are discussing possible reimbursement for the incredible mess. Any thoughts on what he can ask for? Lifetime status?


Hi! in response to the question regarding the DOT. I flew this past summer with my family and was delayed more than 8 hours in Israel. After reaching out to the airline twice and receiving no response, I filed a claim with the DOT. They replied that being that it’s not American law there is nothing they could do. However, they would forward my complaint to the airline. A week later I got an email from the airline saying that in response to my complaint to the DOT they would be sending me the checks. I received them shortly after. So, it can’t hurt to try.


What about if i booked my flight on united through UR, they sent me an email recently that my travel voucher expires in March. Any way i can change that with something that doesn’t expire?


I flew Delta with family of 7 after Pesach. Flight was delayed and eventually cancelled and rescheduled (LONG story, not going to bore anyone). 24 hours later I received 7 unsolicited emails awarding each of us 20,000 miles. I wrote back and told them I was not happy considering what we went through, not even knowing about the Israeli law.
A few days later I receive an email stating that we’re entitled to 21,910 NIS compensation! They told me they could mail it. No way was I letting that check into the Israeli Postal Service! I drove the next day to their office to pickup the check personally.
Oh, and we still have 140,000 miles they deposited.


Swiss flight to Israel.
At the time of the flight schedule there was a mandate to be quarantined in a Hotel for 7 days upon arrival. Since I was flying to Israel to attend a wedding that was 2 days after my scheduled arrival, I had no choice but to cancel the trip. My travel agent claims that it was not the fault of the airline, so I have to get a voucher to be used for 1 year. I have no reason to fly to Israel, as the wedding was the reason I was flying to Israel.
How do I get my money back?


I had a United flight to Israel in May that was cancelled during the war with Gaza. Can they use this as a legitimate reason to deny compensation. I was able to fly on El Al on my own dime.



Thanks for contacting us about your trip from Tel Aviv on January 3. I’m so sorry you were unable to travel as expected that day. I realize how frustrating it must have been changing your travel date and arriving in the U.S. much later than planned. It’s certainly not the experience we wanted you to have.

Delta Flight 235 on January 3 from Tel Aviv to JFK was canceled for crew issues. Your travel falls under the Israeli Aviation Services Law and you are due cash compensation in the amount of $996.11 USD equivalent to 3100 ILS.


Hi dan i know im due for a composition for a 12 hour delayed flight. But it’s already past 3 years and few week’s since then can i still get it? Please let me know would greatly appreciate it


my aa flight was delayed one way 7 and a half hours and the other way 45 min does that qualify


I was on AA145 on Nov 27 and it was cancelled right before boarding (due to a sick flight attendant). They rescheduled it for 16 hours later and told me if need a taxi they’ll reimburse it if I send a receipt via aa.com. I sent them a request for reimbursement and the response was that I’m really entitled to a lot more; a check of 3100 ILS or an option for a flight voucher of $1000. Given the current exchange rate I obviously chose a check and less than 2 weeks later I got a check for $970 for the cancellation plus $85 for the taxi


what can you use the united travel bank money for?


Hi. I’m in Israel and El Al cancelled my return flight for next Sunday afternoon (4:30 pm) and originally put me on a Saturday night flight (12:45 am) which I changed to Sunday night (12:45 am). I tried getting them to upgrade me as I will now be traveling overnight. They wouldn’t budge. Am I still eligible for this? If I am, should I file the complaint now or wait until after the flight? Thanks


If I was upgraded on the next flight am I still eligible for compensation


What are the current laws for United? The above link is for delta…


What’s the compensation for a mess up here in the United States on united?


this is what i got back from united


Thank you for taking the time to reach out and share your feedback with us.
We strive to provide on-time service for every flight and I’m sorry to learn that this was not the case during your trip. We plan for the unforeseen events that impact our flight schedule, including the flight you wrote to us about. We know how frustrating and stressful it is when the unexpected disrupts your travel plans, and we apologize for the inconvenience this caused you.
Please know that your comments have been shared with our operations team for review so we can continue to find ways to improve our service on the ground and in the air.
Thank you again for your feedback and patience. We look forward to having another chance to serve you in the future.
Customer Care


I reached out to El Al about a cancellation that should require payment according to Israeli law. They responded that they don’t have to pay because it is a Covid issue, which is an extraordinary circumstance. That doesn’t seem reasonable 2 years into the pandemic. Is there an Israeli organization that will help fight this to get them to pay? Thanks very much.


Thank you for your cooperation during the cancellation of your flight 90 from Newark to Tel Aviv on January 11, 2021. We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced.

In response to the financial crisis caused by the pandemic, the Knesset (Israel’s Parliament) passed a provisional amendment suspending all cash compensation payments stipulated by the Israeli Aviation Services Law. The amendment took effect March 1, 2020 and was extended several times with consideration for changing global conditions; it finally ended July 6, 2021. We regret that we must deny your claim for compensation because your travel date falls within the period of validity of the provisional amendment suspending cash compensation.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming you on board a future United flight.


Mr. Z

does this apply if delay was due to ATC?


the Israeli rule is called the Tibi Rule, as it was introduced by Achmed Tibi. Despite this, a few years ago we were delayed due to crew issues on both legs of our trip (2 passengers). We received (EWR to TLV and back) $5300 in travel vouchers for the 2 of us, including taxi and food vouchers for the stay over in Israel overnight. Here is the updated link of the rule-https://www.elal.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/About-ELAL/Passengers-Rights/Aviation-Services-Law-EN-030918.pdf.


I was supposed to get compensation from american airlines for a canceled flight, but it never arrived, can you provide me with a link to the DOT to file a complaint.


Urgent: Good evening; I booked a ticket over a month ago via Priceline for tonight with LOT airlines from JFK to Tel Aviv. Yesterday they rebooked it for tomorrow with Lufthansa. I want to cancel or reschedule for a later date. Would I be entitled to the above compensation? How would I go about it?


Hi Dan
We were scheduled on UA 73 TLV-IAD 8/26/22 12:20am, then from IAD-LGA to arrive 9:39am. the airline emailed me that UA73 will be delayed by 9 hours and the connection will arrive on shabbat. later I received a second email that it will delayed 1 day + 9 hours for August 27th (shabbat). The airline first put us on a flight on 8/29, after hours and very many attempts we were able to get rebooked on OS 860 @ 6:15am 8/26 via vienna to arrive EWR @ 1:55pm 8/26. Can we get any legal compensation for this?


I arrived more than 8 hour late in jfk from tlv thru istanbul turkish airlines the first flight was delayed nearly 2 hour and i came right before time for next flight and when we came of the flight they told us about 20 people that were pushed off to next flight 13 hours later they didn’t even offer any voucher i contacted turkish arlines and
THEY ANSWERED—[ We have found out that the operational reasons, late arrival of fuel truck, mandatory passenger offloading, air traffic control capacity caused 1 hour 51 minutes of delay on TK0795 Tel Aviv/Istanbul flight on the date of 22nd of September 2022, due to which you missed your onward flight specified in your ticket and completed your travel on TK0003 Istanbul/New York flight.

In relation to your feedback, we would like to inform that we unfortunately cannot meet your compensation claim, as there is no civil aviation legislation applicable to the flight irregularity that has taken place at your departure point.]