[Update: More Dates And Airline Options!] Delta/El Al/United: Fly Nonstop From Newark, Chicago, Washington DC, Or San Francisco To Tel Aviv For Just $690-$695 Or 46K Hybrid Points Round-Trip!

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Update: This sale has now been matched by Delta and El Al, and United is now available for the entire November-February and July1-August 16 in addition to many other dates!

United has incredible fares to Israel valid from now through the end of scheduling in October 2021.

Note that Israel is currently only accepting citizens and select foreign nationals into their country. You can buy a ticket for after you think Israel will reopen and you can always change your ticket for free, but the difference in fare will apply if applicable.

  • For example you can fly on United from:
    • Newark to Tel Aviv for $691 on November entire month, December entire month, January entire month, February entire month, March 7-14, April 18-25, May 10-23, June 6-13, July 19-28, August 1-8, August 29-September 13, and much more.
    • Chicago to Tel Aviv for $691 on November 16-25, December 21-30, January 11-20, February 22-March 3, March 8-16, April 19-26, August 9-18, August 30-September 13, and much more.
    • San Francisco to Tel Aviv for $691 on November 11-17, December 20-27, January 3-10, February 7-Februray 14, March 7-14, April 25-May 2, May 9-18, and much more.
    • Washington DC to Tel Aviv for $700 on November 11-17, December 20-27, January 3-10, February 7-Februray 14, March 7-14, April 25-May 2, May 9-18, and much more.
  • For example you can fly on Delta from:
    • JFK to Tel Aviv for $691 on November 18-25, December 8-15, January 17-24, February 21-28, March 28-April 4, April 18-25, May 10-23, (Excludes June/July), August 15-22, September 12-19, and much more.
  • For example you can fly on El Al from:
    • JFK to Tel Aviv for $691 on November 26-December 3, December 10-17.

Using Chase Points:

You can pay for the ticket with “hybrid points” such as AMEX or Chase points with a card that allows your points to be used at an increased value for airfare in addition to be able to transfer points into airline miles.

If you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve card you can redeem points for 1.5 cents each towards travel. If you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Ink Preferred you can redeem points for 1.25 cents each towards travel.

You can login to your account and redeem Chase points for travel here. The cost will be 46,067 points round-trip with a Sapphire Reserve. That rate include all taxes and you will still earn flight miles as well!

Using AMEX points:

You can login to your account and redeem AMEX points for travel here.

This is bookable for 69,101 points with AMEX. Plus you’ll get back a rebate of 24,185 points with the Business Platinum Card or 17,275 points with the Business Gold Card, dropping the total needed to as low as 44,916 points. That includes all taxes and you can still earn miles for flying!

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Why even mention this when Israel doesn’t allow foreigners in and keeps pushing dates with no foreseeable opening date


Good values are good values, regardless of the circumstances

Nat Zitomer

Many people are automatically eligible (Israeli citizens) to enter, and more can apply for special permission. The airlines have lots of flights with lots of seats to fill–so they’re cutting deals.


Foreigners are allowed for a variety of special reasons. Its just a pain in the neck to go thru all the paper work.


No Disclaimer now that the Vaccine was announced?:)


Any dates around Pesach?


I’m seeing way more dates than written in December


As the post says… There are tons of dates each month.


How far out can you change your flights with United? I’m seeing it needs to be within a year from when you booked.


Currently, what is the best way to book a ticket (regarding cancellations, refunds, etc)
Directly with the airline, travel agency, chase UR?
Thank you


I would love to buy for August, but who knows if the country will be open by then. 🙁


if you use chase points can you cancel for any reason and get the points back for free?


Dan where would you credit your miles to?


United or ANA-(if u want to pool family members)


chase points cancellation policy?

David P

Did anyone find flights for sukos?


Are there any airlines that stop in Amsterdam from TLV to NYC? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Have you tried KLM? From ams you can pick up either KLM or delta


Elal we flew them than DL or KLM home


Are these tickets refundable or can they only be changed?


Is there any trick to combine an ETC with Chase points to use up the ETC?


Can I get refund if I cancel or United electronic certificate to use on other flights or will only allow change to rebook on another tlv trip?


What is the cancellation policy by issuing chase points


It’s $3600 business class. Is that a good deal? Is it worth it to book now or wait?


this price was even before this deal


Try using a HC on the return, and you will probably knock off a few hundred


@Dan, are MileagePlus tickets still able to canceled with no redeposit fee?


I have a Business Gold Amex and they won’t let me get the 25%. They say I’m not eligible to select a preferred airline.

deals dealer

Thanks Dan! Booked 10 tickets for family trip in the summer…


Matched by DL!


If I book a few months in advance though Chase points, is there anything I can do if they don’t allow US citizens in by then to cancel and get my points back, or to rebook for another time without having to pay extra?


I get $916 from JFK with Delta on priceline

Roberta Rappaport

On Orbitz Delta is not coming up with that price.
On Expedia, neither Delta nor United are either.
And ElAl doesn’t appear at this price at all.


Given the Covid uncertainty, this price is not good enough to buy. It is simply not worth the hassle. Unless the price is insane (like $350), wait for more certainty. There will be deals then, too.



Hope you’re enjoying the RV trip!! Many here are concerned due to Covid and non ability to travel, particularly to Israel. Can you add to your post how cancellations/refunds would work…..? I think you may have posts elsewhere? Maybe links can be provided if you do? TY!


If I have Gold Status at United, and Platinum Status at Delta (thanx Dan), does anyone know which should be my preffered airline (potential upgrades, extra luggage etc)?


What’s the best deal that I can get for business class


Not seeing this price for El Al on any site.
Can someone help with this?


Just booked 2 tickets, Thanks


I’m waiting until you can use points to become an Israeli citizen. Then I’ll book.


I am trying to book Sept 2nd but am not seeing anything close to these prices. Did I miss something?

Nat Zitomer

Any deals thus-far with origin TLV?


Points novice here: When I book with points, do I still get my sapphire card’s benefits (trip cancellation insurance; lost luggage reimbursement etc)? TIA


It would be appreciated it looks like by many if you could clarify cancellation policies for paid and chase point tickets!


Does anyone know, if a spouse of an Israeli citizen flies with her Husband to Israel , does she need a ISHUR [Entry Permit] ?


Yes! Every Non-Israeli needs one. Even if they are a spouse or child of an Israeli.


“Request an electronic travel certificate as a refund so that you don’t lose any residual value when making a change to a less expensive flight.”
@dan If you book it now, can you still cancel a United flight for an ETC?


why is it showing 55k points for me? not 46