Ultra Low-Cost Carrier RyanAir Will Add 15 New Routes To Israel This Year


Ticket prices from Europe to Israel are sure to plummet as RyanAir announced they will launch a massive expansion in Israel.

RyanAir currently flies from Eilat, Israel to
Krakow, Poland
Kaunas, Lithuania
Bratislava, Slovakia
Budapest, Hungary

They will start flying from Tel Aviv to Paphos, Cyprus on March 28.

-They will also add service later this year from Tel Aviv to:
Baden-Baden, Germany
Milan, Italy
Gdansk, Poland
Poznan, Poland
Wroclaw, Poland
Krakowm Poland

-From Eilat they will add service later this year to:
Brussels, Belgium
Baden-Baden, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Milan, Italy
Gdansk, Poland
Warsaw, Poland
Poznan, Poland

HT: mend89, via DDF and Elisheva B.

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is the free personal item the same as Spirit’s (which will be 18x14x8 as of Apr 2017) ?
I can fit a week’s worth of clothes in there if I pack smartly.


This is really gonna kill the European legacy carriers and essentially cut any miles options from North America/Europe to Israel I’m afraid.


Why Wroclaw? Wouldnt RZE make more sense?


Thank Dan!
I didn’t know Ryan air offers a lot more free luggage than Spirit or Frontier. I’ll be able to go away for 2 weeks now!


Are you sure they currently fly from Eilat? As far as I’m aware, only Israeli airlines fly from Eilat



why? competition usually creates more mile options and cheaper prices

So much for BDS!

Hashem is watching over Israel

Just flew Ryanair

They fly to Ovda which is 45 minutes drive from Eilat, but referred to as Eilat.


Are there any laws about medical equipment for ULCC’s as it relates to baggage space? I have to take my CPAP on flights, but generally I’m worried about then not being able to pack as much (in the US it’s moot because they have to allow it.)


Took EasyJet from ATHENS-BERLIN several years ago.
Think Southwest without the 2 free checked bags.

Susita 1300

Any thoughts about combining this with US Europe flights to get cheap US Israel connecting flights? Which of these airports have direct flights to NY on reasonable airlines? Any of these airlines that play nice w RyanAir? Would the savings be worth the hassle?


When exactly when the Milan – Tel Aviv and Milan – Eilat flights begin? Which airport in Milan and Tel Aviv will this be?


Probably mean Paphos, Cyprus (not Papos).

They probably fly to VDA rather than ETH.

Best options from Milan?

So if I want to fly NYC-TLV via Milan, what is my best option to tag onto the Emirates JFK-MXP segment? ELAL, EasyJet, or Ryanair?😋


@Mo: they actually fly from Ovda, which is about 30 KM north of Eilat. All the airlines that fly into Eilat and Ovda are moving to the new Ramon airport next year.


@Eddie: Looks like it’s actually BGY, not MXP or LIN.