PSA: United Increases Minimum Checkin Time In Tel Aviv, Don’t Miss Your Flight!

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United has increased the minimum checkin time when departing from Tel Aviv from 60 minutes to 70 minutes. That means you must be at the counter with checked bags at least 70 minutes before your scheduled departure time, so you’ll also need to allow time for the line in order to make it to the counter before the cutoff. And don’t forget to leave extra time in case of issues encountered upon returning your rental car…

Passengers are reporting that they have been denied checkin for getting the counter just under 70 minutes before their flight, despite United failing to inform them of the recent change. Previously Tel Aviv fell under the standard international cutoff rule of 60 minutes, though some airports require as much as 90 minutes. 

I can’t say I’m surprised that United hasn’t informed passengers of the change. It’s a good day when United even lets you know that your flight time has been changed. You should always check on those details on their site before you fly.

Air Canada and Delta still have a 60 minute cutoff in Tel Aviv.

I would recommend filing a DoT complaint against United for any expenses encountered due to being denied boarding if you arrived between 60-70 minutes before the flight and were not informed of this change. I’ve written about past DoT successes here, so if you do complain, please let us know how it goes!

I’ve had more than my fair share of close encounters at the counter including this particularly memorable one in Sao Paulo and in Rome when we were chastised for arriving 65 minutes before the flight, though I’ve yet to miss a cutoff.

Have you ever been denied checkin at the counter due to arriving too late?

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As a frequent traveler to TLV and back I can tell you that United has to be a joke. The security won’t let you on line if you arrive too early and the counter agents don’t arrive until 3 hours before flight time if they’re on time which most times they are not. If you fly around Chag time with families checking in with lots of luggage and trying to get seats together the check in time can be out of control. United never takes that into consideration.


My husband was almost denied boarding in Abu Dhabi. He blustered his way on but he was surprised!


My experience with United Economy, they don’t let you checkin online and hope you will get to the counter after the cutoff.

Shimon Klagsbrun

I flew yesterday on United Premium plus TLV to EWR and I checked in 61 minutes before the flight. No issues at all.


Dan, are you finding that United from Ewr to cle etc is not available anymore for booking at
I’ve been checking past few days and seems like there is 0 availability for any days? Thanks


Is there availability on United in X class?


I happened to be looking at that route today and found nothing on LifeMiles


I had the same thing with Delta in TLV a few weeks ago they denied boarding 65 minutes before the flight claiming that they have a 70 minute cutoff

@dan I believe you should update the post


I showed the Delta manager in TLV that online it says 60 minutes but he claimed that they had a official 70 minute policy and he can’t help me


Southwest. I arrived at the counter 1 minute after their cutoff time. (I don’t remember what it was.) My suitcase was denied boarding. So I put some essentials into my handbag and called my daughter to swing the car back around and take the rest home.
But I got to see my new grandchild that day.


What’s the minimum of time I need to be at TLV with United if I’m checked in online and have no luggage to check in?


right, i dont understand what you mean checkin can you take a moment ot elaborate? if i have no luggage and check in online then there should not be a problem? only if you are checking in with bags even if you checked in online, or forget to check in online with no bags would be a problem? am i correct?


I once arrived at the check in Counter at JFK for a flight within the USA, 65 minutes before the flight and the agent started shmoozing with us after a few minutes she says we can’t check in since it’s less than 60 minutes before the flight. We argued about it me saying I was here before 60 minutes, she saying I had to tell her right away that it’s 65 minutes to the flight and now it’s locked I asked for a manager but was told the manger is at lunch and will be back in an hour.
My only option was to pay $200 per ticket so they can put us on the next flight.
I didn’t have a choice and paid. Later I disputed the charge with the credit card.
At the end our flight left before our original flight due to delay.