HURRY! Price Mistake? Fly In Business/Economy On British Airways From Tel Aviv To NYC And More US Cities For Just $565-$624 Round-Trip On Peak Dates!

Josh Hallett [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Update, 8:05pm ET: DEAD! Don’t miss it if this becomes alive again. Sign up for deal notification alerts here!

Update: This will also work for flights to Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, and many more cities!

Bookable on the BA Israel site with the instructions below:

Search for round-trip flights from Tel Aviv to NYC in economy on most dates via the link above and you should see business class as an option for $332 outbound and $294 on the return.

Note that only the flights between Tel Aviv and London will be in business.

This is only valid for flights departing from Israel.

This should even work for peak travel dates like Pesach and summer travel!


You should see business class travel between Tel Aviv and London and economy travel between London and NYC for just $624 round-trip for adults or $565 round-trip for kids under 12!


This may also be valid to other cities. Post what dates and deals you find!

HT: YED, via DDF

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Works to Chicago as well


Seems dead, don’t see for any dates


price jumps at checkout


Dan, I leave it up to you do the Avios/FF points accumulation calculation.


Only TLV to LHR is leg is economy


same thing maybe different dates would work


Any idea what the options are if you need to change the flights?


Getting this for multiple dates
This flight does not have Business. We’ve shown you the closest alternative


can you book and than cancel/change date/change passenger?


Works to Boston


What are the change fees if you book but then have to change dates?


also to montreal yul at 813.66


There are a limited number of deals to Toronto.


whats the cancellation policy


Has anybody been able to get the deal buying a 1-way ticket or have any other ideas on how to make this work if you are originating on the U.S. side?


Can you skip the return flight if you just want the one way from Israel to the US?

American Businessman

Lhr-NYC-lhr is ticketed in economy


Not working


Final price is way more than the flights i choose. I chose 2 $350 flights and get $1500-2000 final price

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the gander

Nice find Dan. Just booked for family over Pesach.


Now saying no flights available might be dead




Now all searches are coming back empty




the price seems to jump
at checkout??? anyone know what to do

R levy

Is it still working?


I was able to book and pay $625 for the day before eruv pesach into NYC and back the sunday after pesach for my child who is there for the year. If it doesn’t get cancelled, amazing deal. Thanks Dan!!!!!!!!!!


Kol hakovod. Hope he appreciates the flight in buisness


Seems like they realized there’s a mistake and froze all tlv bookings. Nothings coming up any more on BA or other travel booking sites.


tlv to jfk dec 14 ewr to tlv dec 18 for $624

Yeshivape inc.

Got the tix bh , wondering if the business class is eligible for lounge access in Heathrow , and if so is it only departing or arriving as well?




I was able to get into the lounge using my business class ticket from tlv-heathrow.

BA fan

Seeing as BA have retired their 747s a while ago, I think it’s time you changed the British Airways picture to an A380, A350 or dreamliner.


Hi Dan,
Which site would you advise if want to book a seat on ba business class suite, seat guru is still showing the 777 with the old business class? And is AERLOPA acuurate? Thanks


Thank you Dan for sharing this deal! Just flew business for my first time. It was such a treat.