HURRY! Wide Open American Business Class Space Between North America And Tel Aviv For Just 55K Miles With Free Refunds!

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American has started selling their nonstop flights to Tel Aviv with flights from a shockingly low $531 round-trip. Flights launch on May 6th.

Paid business class fares are a good deal at $2,800, but it’s even better with miles!

American has lie-flat 1-2-1 seating on their 777-200 that will operate this route.

There’s wide open round-trip availability at 55K miles each way in lie-flat business class. You can also book coach awards for 30K and premium economy for 40K miles each way. Taxes add $50 round-trip.

Only want a one-way award? There’s wide open one-way availability at 66K miles each way in lie-flat business class. You can also book coach awards for 36K and premium economy for 48K miles each way.

Best of all, American no longer charges any fees to cancel your trip and refund your miles!

To find the lowest priced dates, search for the cheapest one-way awards in both directions and then search for those dates in a round-trip search.

These rates are even less than during the 2015 AA/USAirways Tel Aviv business class availability glitch!

These are web special awards that are only available with AA miles. You can’t change dates, but you can refund them. I do not yet see business class availability with partner miles, but please make a comment if you find any.


Round-trip award calendar:


One-way pricing:


Connections are available from other cities as well:


Need more AA miles?

You can also transfer 60K Marriott points into 25K AA miles. Alas, no bank points transfer into AA miles.

Will you book an American award to Israel?

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How much is an infant on a award on the lap in busniess???


At these prices just get the infant his own seat you’ll thank me later


whats americans theory behind the web special ? the onl difference being one can be changed for free and one cancelled and rebooked for free, why would that make someone pay the higher rate ?

Enjoy the same benefits as a Business award, only you can’t make changes once ticketed. You can still cancel your trip and reinstate miles at no charge if your plans change.
Round trip (per person)
117,000 miles
You can change your trip at no charge. Keep in mind, you may need to redeem additional miles if there’s an award price difference.
Round trip (per person)
242,000 miles


Can I add an infant after booking???? I just booked for my self for 55k but not for my baby pls help


@dan Will they give issues with davening on the plain?


its “plane”, dan doesnt have ruach hakodesh, but we would hope the researched the route well, like virgin atlantic did, but i doubt to that level…


Virgin had an Israeli in top management when they added TLV. The word spread from the top.
As an aside, I once notified the SQ cabin crew that I would be praying near the door and wearing Tefillin. Moments later the purser arrived to inform me that you do not need permission to pray on SQ.


How many miles and fees if booked via British?


Any point on booking a trip to israel if foreigners are banned from entry


yes. will cost you 10% of cash price…..


Does citi offer travel insurance on there cards ?


the aa corporate security team can probably come back to work now…good for the unemployment rate…..


Nice but still not as cheap as the Turkish 94k miles for United business class from a few weeks ago. I’m taking flights UA85 and UA90. Are the AA planes better??


Turkish agents are a pain to deal with, If you need to make changes. Unless you’re 100% certain of the flights you want to take, it’s always better booking directly with the airline. Obviously, when the savings are huge, it makes sense to take a chance.


The Polaris experience blows away the Delta and AA business class any day.


aa points are worth less then turkish, so not much a difference, and much easier to earn. smaller business class compared to united loaded with 64 seats, which i a disadvantage.


if I book a round-trip and later decide to cancel one leg is that doable? Or I will need to cancel the entire trip?

Yevgenie Sofer

Looks from the post that this is relevant for trips originating from TLV too. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Next January yet?


Is there an AA partner that doesn’t charge a fuel surcharge on AA flights.


Booked ! awesome!


These flights can also be booked with Qantas miles


Qantas is charging 31.5k in coach to fly on AA, but they charge $323 in fees…


Looks like this is only available starting in mid-May – is that correct?

Great deal, but I have some vacation time expiring at the end of April so was hoping to use it then.


Fully refundable including the $50.42 in taxes, correct?

What’s the deadline for canceling and requesting a refund?


What dates does this work for? I only see screenshots for May/June. Does this work for dates that correspond to the fairs posted on the other post in June/July?


How can we take advantage of this with a stopover in Europe?


This is for nonstop flights, so you’ll have to pop open the emergency exit and jump if you want to get off sooner.


Pesach not apparently available


Pesach is way before May 6


Is there free cancellation on cash purchase?


qantas 63k and $488 in surcharges for rt in coach


2 one-way will save you a bit.


@Joel thanks for the spelling correction
@dan I can ask Google for the same price 😉

I was just asking to see based on experience from other international flights going with them.



I was looking at one way fares and they charge more with points than round trip. Plenty availability to Israel in August for 55K in business.


can i still make changes if i book it as a WEB SPECIAL – BUSINESS Award


Dan Are the the seats in J on this aircraft as good as united ?


so I am thinking you can transfer Amex MM into Marriot points and then transfer those points to American airlines points. will that work ? or is it not worth it since you only get 60k -> 25k points ?


Do the 2 seats in J have an option to open the barrier between?


Value of AA miles have just sky rocketed with the addition of this route and ability to book awards.


I booked tickets with my Chase miles, so it is like booking with cash. Can I get a refund if it doesn’t work out (for example, if quarantine is still required) or only if I use miles to book the tickets?


Had Delta booked in the new suites but this is half the price. I am worried though that AA may change their mind and push off this route just like United pushed off their JFK routes.


Thanks Dan
In the hurry today I didn’t read that roundtrip gives better mileage rate… My fault..
Hard to read when working and panicking at the same time. By the time I discovered rates are way up.

Still a good deal though


Could be im wrong but lowest im seeing departing ORD is 66k not 55K


What are the best window seats in business for someone traveling solo?


AA are such sleeze buckets. MIA-TLV-MIA is not offered at a normal rate for mileage redemption in Business class. HOWEVER, if you select TLV-JFK (they will route you TLV-MIA-JFK) at a low rate.


Looks like they are charging now 36k points for one way to Israel.


Does anyone have any idea on partner rewards from TLV-EWR on AA airlines?