Fly Nonstop On El Al From Tel Aviv To NYC For Just $494 Round-Trip!

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Update: This is now $636.

Israeli online travel agent Gulliver is offering nonstop flights on El Al from Tel Aviv to JFK for just $494 round-trip!

El Al is offering very heavy incentives to get travel agents to book El Al again, and it appears that Gulliver is simply rebating all of those to the passenger in order to get a fare this low.

This deal will only work when originating in Tel Aviv.

I was able to find this fare on select dates from now through June. Click on the flights only search to get this fare.

If you don’t have an Israeli TZ number, commenters report that you can enter any 7 digits in order to purchase a ticket.

Disclaimer: The health of DansDeals readers is this website’s paramount concern. For your sake and the sake of those around you, consider staying at home while COVID-19 is still spreading or try booking for after you think COVID-19 will no longer be a threat. Remember to travel responsibly and take precautions as suggested by your local authorities to avoid spreading the virus. 

Will you take advantage of this deal?

HT: cdlaz, via DDF

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103 Comments On "Fly Nonstop On El Al From Tel Aviv To NYC For Just $494 Round-Trip!"

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AFAIK they do not accept US CCs


Paying with US credit cards needs to be booked over the phone.
Also, there’s no 24 hour free cancellation. Though you can cancel within 2 weeks and only pay a 100 NIS cancellation fee.


Are you sure they actually accept US CCs over the phone? And are they honoring this price over the phone? I had called in the past regarding a different deal that they had on their website at that time, and their response to these two questions was No & No.


Just book today on does have a free 24 hour cancellation policy?


You will need an Israeli CC to book with them, and like everything in Israel they don’t have customer service whatsoever.


Right, So will they just run off with our money if our flights get canceled?


Already booked with United for $1,100 🙁


If they are so desperate for new bookings why is there no official policy to waive change fees


Any idea what their policy is like in case I want to change the ticket later on (whether corona related or not)?


Seems the $494 fare is only for up to a 1 week trip

Jack out of the box

It’s not so.


It’s up to 3 months I believe


Not at all. I tried trips for a few months

wanna fly

it’s only working with an israeli ID # – any way to get around this?


Use 1111111


Tried booking with Israeli cc but didn’t get confirmation think it’s not working this deal
Does anyone have phone number of a travel agent where i can book these tickets


I just booked and got confirmation. Made up a TZ, need to play around until one works and used an Israeli CC.


is there anyone who managed to book these tickets???


Yes, to Bangkok too


for israeili id just enter 1111111….

Feivish Michalowitz


“El Al is offering very heavy incentives to get travel agents to book El Al again, and it appears that Gulliver is simply rebating all of those to the passenger in order to get a fare this low.”

Just to set the record straight,

Elal is not offering this deal to anyone except this one site,

All other agents got a short term special, for departures up to 11/30, and otherwise they get max %7 commission on the base, which is far from what this site got.


Site is crap. You shouldn’t be promoting such a site

Thank you

Dan would you book tickets with them under their new management or is it better to wait and see? Thank you!!


I don’t think the new management has had a chance to permeate all the way through yet.
case in point, the fact that according to the above post from Feivish Michalowitz only select travel agents are getting massive incentives. Is this a legacy employee working on kickbacks? Who knows?


Wait so we should let into our country/city people from Israel COVID-19 hotspot? Is that sensible? But Israel closes border for foreigners, don’t get it


“I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free”


You do know that A. Its not upto you, B. Flights come in every day from all over, C. NY had it much worse and is on its way back up, and D. Israelis would need a visa but Americans who live in Israel would not, right?


If I won’t to change i will pay for a change?


The website won’t recognize my american passport ID. Is there a phone number to call gulliver?


Includes luggage and if yes, how many?


Can only be booked if you have an Israeli ID.
A passport ID won’t work.


Use 1111111


Guliver sometimes has better deals then what is available elsewhere. I can speculate that they must have a special arrangement with ELAL. Maybe they buy a block of tickets on every flight?

In any case, they will only charge in Shekels and the Dollar rate is just for show. When they charge you in Shekels, they don’t use the official rate but rather a high rate that banks use for Dollar checks to protect themselves against currency fluctuations.
Bottom line is the price you will be charged in dollars will be another 10% or so then what it says on the website.

Like others have mentioned, you cannot book with an American CC.


Anyone that doesn’t have an Israeli ID, you can just put in 1111111, 2222222, 3333333 etc’ just make sure you are only entering 7 digits and not 9 digits.
@Dan this info should be in the main article.


TZ is 9 digits.


I know which is why I stressed that you must enter ONLY 7 digits and NOT 9.
Don’t argue with what works.


R u sure that works? It didn’t work for me. They insisted on a valid T.Z. (I used someone else’s)


Did you enter the same digit 7 consecutive times not more and not less?


Doing this would allow me to use a US CC?


just booked tickets, but the website would not let me buy a seat for my infant. any ideas? they will not pick up the phone. i booked her as a lap baby.

Also they would not let me use my american cc. anyone have any ideas?


What’s their phone number


Can anyone post sample dates that have worked for them?


They’re killing it midnight


From where did you see that it’s ending tonight?


I can’t find this flight, can someone share the exact link pls?

Evelyn Schlissel

does this include luggage


I booked, But now its dead.


Sorry, I’m mistaken. Its not dead. Rather it doesn’t work on certain dates. I tried switching the dates and got the sale price again.


I assume it’s dead!
After filling all info I get:
לא ניתן להמשיך בביצוע ההזמנה, יש לפנות למוקד ההזמנות בשעות הפעילות ( ימי א- ה 08:30-20:00 שישי וערבי חג 08:30-13:00).


Sorry, Just worked for me.


Did you need to rebook or did your original booking go thru?


Rebooked, with real Israeli TZ and did not use Diners CC on the new booking.


If I am not mistaken, Gulliver charges $85 per person for any change or cancellation BESIDES for what Elal would charge (if they do at this time)


Does anybody know when is the deal ending?
Thank you


I don’t have an israeli CC, Is there any other way for me to pay for these tickets?


Thank you so much dan, I’m living in Israel and I’m planning to fly, and I’m purchasing this ticket.


Price went up to $590


Up to $636 now

Yechezkel Klang

It’s not worth the nasty experience. Two relatives of mine flew from NY to Tel Aviv this past week with the “new” EL AL. Service was nastier and worse than ever before. You may not leave your seat the entire flight. No drinks. Uncalled for “rules” enforced with a nasty attitude by all flight attendants and airport security.


Good friends of mine had exact opposite experience. Flew with lots of kids and said it was absolutely great


Prices went up to $613 as of now.

Avi Ganz

Kids 566


please explain


Thanks Dan. I booked 2 tickets for after Pessach 494$ each.
I used Israeli Diners from a friend, I entered my name with his TZ….


Does it not cause any problems?


anyone know how long this deal will be available (sorry if this has been asked before)


Dead (up to $815 which is about Regular price)



Not Happy

I reserved a tickets yesterday and received “confirmation” from Gulliver, only to find out that the “confirmation” number is not a true confirmation number and that we no longer are on a flight. They never charged our Israeli CC but still not happy at all.
Did anyone receive a true confirmation and have their Israeli charged?

Average Joe

Same thing happened to me. I got an email with a confirmation number that wasn’t actually a confirmation. Then they told me by email that there are still flights available but they are more money, as the flights that they advertised that I paid for were oversold. They took more reservations than for what they had available. Is this considered bait and switch? What am I supposed to do now?


Did they tell you how much more? I got the same email but they did not tell me a price.

Average Joe

$625 per person


I had the same experience. Did anyone actually recieve real tickets from El Al? And did anyone manage to contact Gulliver in any way?

Not Happy

I sent Gulliver an email asking why it was not approved and they told me pretty much that EL AL did not approve my reservation. I asked EL AL why they did not approve. EL AL said that it is up to Gulliver and EL AL has nothing to do with this reservation.

I sent another email to Gulliver no response yet. This is Gulliver’s email.


I was ticketed

Not Happy

How long after the “confirmation” email did you receive the ticket?


22 minutes


I just heard from two people who got etickets. I saw the screenshots and they were actually ticketed.


I just purchased tickets for $645 right now. My confirmation was indeed not ‘approved’ as others write. They said that they can get it for a little more money, so I booked for $645. It’s still cheaper than regular


Hey Dan,

Do you think that prices for flights from TLV to NYC will go up or down over the next 2 months?