Emirates Applies To Fly To Tel Aviv Next Month!

Julian Herzog [GFDL or CC BY 4.0]
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Globes reports that Emirates has applied to start commercial flights between Dubai and Tel Aviv starting on February 15th!

The Ben Gurion site for 2/15 shows that FlyDubai has 3 flights scheduled to Dubai, El Al has 3 flights scheduled to Dubai, Israir has 3 flights scheduled to Dubai, Arkia has 1 flight scheduled to Dubai and 1 flight scheduled to Abu Dhabi.

It also shows that Emirates has 1 flight scheduled to Dubai as Emirates flight 931 arriving into TLV at 4:25pm and departing at Emirates flight 932 at 6:25pm.

There aren’t many routes where Emirates and their FlyDubai subsidiary compete, but it seems like Dubai-Tel Aviv will be one of them.

Emirates opened up a kosher food catering facility at Dubai airport, so it should be interesting to see how their new kosher meals are!

@ItayBlumental reports that Emirates will use their 777s for the route, which makes sense as the A380 would be overkill. He also reports that Emirates cargo flights may begin next week.

Etihad previously announced they would fly nonstop between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv starting on 3/28.

Do you think that the Israel-UAE market will be able to support all of these new flights?

Have you flown between Israel and the UAE yet? Share your experience in the comments below!

HT: tavster, via DDF

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11 Comments On "Emirates Applies To Fly To Tel Aviv Next Month!"

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No it will be similar to Cuba.

Pent up demand

When Israel opens up, yes, I suspect there will be significant demand to fill up planes. But it may not last forever.


Surely so. I think that the market is probably undeserved. Think about the connecting volume these gulf carriers will being from around the world.
The Israeli carriers may run into issues if they don’t learn how to make TLV into a hub soon.


Bookable on qf?


Feels like overkill, but I guess in the current environment airlines are willing to try new things


can you list the amount of seats in each cabin among the carriers?
i think you did it once for all North America flights to TLV
would be interesting to see from AUH/DXB


By Feb 15 there will be close to 1.5 million Israelis holding a green passport, which means that they won’t need to quarantine on the way back. And that figure doesn’t include their kids under 16 which don’t need to vaccinate and can travel with their parents.

So I expect a lot of them to travel to Dubai


I had taken Emirates for years. With regular business dealings in Dubai, I traveled there 4 times/year. I enjoyed their non-stop from JFK. I stopped taking them two years ago when I had an incident with kosher food. I was in business class and the stewardess INTENTIONALLY served me last and served it ice-cold. I would have chalked it up to oversight, except that when I boarded was the last and only time I was offered a beverage. That was also the same time she confirmed my kosher meal with a side eye glance. Too coincidental. When I returned to the US, I contacted Emirates and the sales person assigned to me. Complete radio silence! No reply. I now connect through Europe rather than take the nonstop. Frankly, their US route business class isn’t that good anymore, as they have added too many seats and not enough service personnel to match. Perhaps things have changed, but the experience was an ugly one.

Avraham Alexander

WOW! That is interesting. I had a similar experience a few years ago and I never flew them again. I thought it was just me! I agree about their business class. They have an enormous # of seats and not enough stewards/stewardesses for them.

El Capitan

Any guesses as to mileage pricing?


Will they do flight from tlv to jfk