El Al Selling Rescue Flight Tickets On Its Longest Flight Ever, Between Tel Aviv And Melbourne

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El Al is selling tickets from Tel Aviv to Melbourne on April 1st at 5pm and arrives 17 hours later at 6pm on April 2nd.

El Al is selling tickets from Melbourne to Tel Aviv on April 2nd at 10pm and arrives 17 hours and 40 minutes later at 7:40am on April 3rd.

At 8,535 miles, it’s about 1,000 miles longer than El Al’s longest regularly scheduled flight from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles. That flight distance is near the limit of the 787-9, so it’s not likely we’ll see El Al flights much longer than that.

El Al was supposed to fly a series of “trial” flights between Tel Aviv and Melbourne, but they were cancelled due to coronavirus.

As this is not a regularly scheduled commercial flight and is intended to bring Australian citizens and Israel citizens back home, these tickets won’t come cheap.

A one-way from Tel Aviv to Melbourne or Melbourne to Tel Aviv will set you back $2,479 in coach or $2,999 in premium economy!

El Al has flown these rescue flights to other cities that they typically don’t fly to, like Lima, Perth, San Jose, and Sao Paulo.

Have you flown on any of El Al’s rescue flights?

HT: tavster, via DDF

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33 Comments On "El Al Selling Rescue Flight Tickets On Its Longest Flight Ever, Between Tel Aviv And Melbourne"

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And I hope the next time I fly El Al, it’s to finally move home.


No refueling?

Lord Dima

Aerial refueling with KC-46


You probably mean Kc-10/767/135, don’t want the refueling boom s a,omg into the fuselage.

But then again, I’m not sure why I’m taking your joke so seriously.


Can they send a rescue flight to New York ?….


How long is the flight – how many hours? It’s direct?


who’s sitting in business class?


Crew ? And pilots ?


Interestingly they are not selling the Business cabin probably reserved for crew as they need to fly double or triple crew members they will than return to Israel with the same flight


Are there more Israelis in Melbourne than Sydney that the flight is to MEL?


No HT?

[quote author=tavster link=topic=115067.msg2221321#msg2221321 date=1585673326]

Carl Sherer

It’s fine with me so long as anyone who flies into Israel is required to go into 14 days of quarantine. Scandalous that isn’t being enforced.

Jack out of the Box

Who says it’s not being enforced?



Jack out of the Box

Not so much longer than the recent flights from Lima, Peru (7,942 mi).

Why are some rescue flights free and others not?


The rescue flights are NOT free. WizzAir just flew 2 repatriation flights to Canada and the US – the Canadian embassy was emailing booking instructions to citizens who wanted to fly out, along with instructions on how to obtain an emergency loan from the govn’t to cover the flight cost.


The quarantine is being enforced.


Every Aliyah flight is a rescue flight! I was zoche to fly one.

Carl M Sherer

But if you came in the last month, they were supposed to put you in quarantine for 14 days on arrival. At least as of last night, they weren’t


Summer 2016


How naive we were. Worrying about Covid coming in from a so-called “hot spot” when meanwhile it was everywhere already.


Wasn’t there a recent flight from Peru that was 43 hours?


The pilot announced on one of those flights that it was 43 hours for the crew round trip including waiting in Lima and most people thought that 43 hours was the flight time.


I wondered about that too, and concluded that the crew spent 43 hours on board the aircraft, not the passengers. They flew to Peru, then completed mandatory rest hours on board the aircraft (crew rest areas and business class seats) then flew back.


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