El Al Appears To Be Pushing Back Service Resumption Yet Again, This Time Until May 31st

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El Al previously suspended all commercial service from March 27 through April 4.

They later extended that suspension through May 2nd and closed down their call centers, though they remain open for charter and cargo flights.

Today they shut down sales on all flights through May 30th, which typically means the flights will be cancelled. Their next flights for sale are on May 31st.

El Al is refusing to discuss refunds on cancelled flights until they reopen, so this buys them even more time to use customer funds as a de facto bailout.

Conveniently, the new flight resumption date is 90 days from March 1st, which is how long Israel just gave airlines to provide refunds after lobbying from El Al. Will that be extended again?

If your flight is cancelled, you are owed a timely refund based on US and Europe law:

  1. Dispute the charge with your credit card.
  2. File a complaint with the US DoT and/or with the relevant local complaint board.
  3. If those options fail, you can take the airline to small claims court.

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Curious G

Is there a time limit to dispute a charge? (Chase Sapphire Reserve). So far no luck with ElAl or Chase on a refund…


Can I dispute with my credit card a charge from January for a Chicago flight in June that has already been cancelled?


Israel is keeping borders closed for awhile. Presumably fissure till elul likely not past tishrei. Why start flying now then


Why presumably for sure until Elul?


My flight was cancelled for tonight to Israel through el al. What steps should I take?


Does DoT have any power to enforce LY to reimburse? So far seems like LY couldn’t care less

Allen Last

I have two return tickets (half tickets) for my student. A return ticket after pesach to Israel which is supposedly frozen & a group ticket back to the US in June which he can’t use since he is in the US. Are these half-tickdts refundable?


Dan, and anyone reading this…. Has anyone gotten a refund? Even from insurance. Tell us about it please.

Avy Weberman

We got a full refund on our Elal flight thru Barclays – our ccc


How come elal israel’s airline suspends flights to israel and united not?


Dan, I booked two El Al tickets last June with Amex points transferred into Qantas for travel May 24. This was when you let us know about the double 20% transfer bonus. We received an email 3 weeks ago that our flight was changed to one 14 hours later, May 25. Now it looks like that also isn’t happening. I can’t dispute the credit card charge because it’s a points ticket. Can Qantas refund the points? Do have any other suggestions?

Kewaren Teen

I have flights to Israel on Delta for August 2. What are the chances I’ll still be able to go?


@dan Can i chargeback a flight that i flew 1 leg?


I web-chatted w/ Orbitz rep yesterday, and she issued a refund for a cancelled r/t ticket Toronto-Tel Aviv. (Flight not touching the U.S. territory, not subject to DoT rules.) When she told me “Let me make a research for their refund policy”, I responded with “Can I help you with your research? My request for full refund is in accordance with Israeli Aviation Service Law (compensating and assistance for flight cancellation and change of conditions) 5772-2012 referenced on the airline’s (El Al) own web page https://www.elal.com/en/About-ELAL/Legal/Pages/Aviation-Services-Law.aspx under the link “Aviation Services Law (full, updated version of the law)”. See item 6-a-2 on page 9 of that document. Quoting item 6-a-2 on page 9 of https://www.elal.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/About-ELAL/Passengers-Rights/Aviation-Services-Law-EN-030918.pdf : “6. (a) A passenger for whom a Flight Ticket has been issued which has been canceled, will be entitled to receive the following Benefits from the Flight Operator or Organizer:… (2) reimbursement of the consideration or a Replacement Flight Ticket, at the election of the passenger”.” Apparently, it did help her, she said “I have successfully process refund for you. Please note that it may take between 30 days and as long as 10 weeks for you to see it in your bank statement.” Don’t forget to ask for a confirmation number. In my case it was “My name is XXX and your confirmation chat number is YYY.”

Mother of sem girl

Dan – Last may, I bought a round trip open ticket for el al flight ($1700) to Israel for my daughter who is in seminary this year. I paid with a chase sapphire preferred credit card. The ticket was through an agent and we were told that we have to book the return portion with el al ourselves. She’s still there and seminary ends mid June.

1) does it look like el al will be flying by then?
2) if el al isn’t flying and I have to get her home with United, will I be able to get a refund for the return portion? What amount is fair to accept?.