Delta: Fly From Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Or Washington DC To Tel Aviv For $585-$615 Round-Trip!

Richard Snyder [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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  • Bookable on Priceline. Tickets purchased from Priceline today are refundable until 11:29pm EST tomorrow. Please see this post for directions on how to cancel these tickets.
  • Also bookable on Orbitz or Expedia.
  • Limited seats are available on each date.
  • Delta flights listed below have one stop in JFK
  • You must start the flight in the ticketed city or else your ticket will be cancelled, however you can skip the last leg from JFK to the final destination. By US law, all baggage must be picked up in JFK and brought through customs. You can then leave the airport and skip the last leg or you can recheck your baggage to your final destination.
  • You must stay in Israel for at least one Saturday night.
  • These fares are only available when originating in the US, they are not valid for flights originating in Israel.

Delta: Boston/Chicago/Washington DC to Tel Aviv outbound dates:
January 6, 13, 20, 22, 23, 27
February 6
April 8, 9

Delta: Tel Aviv to Boston/Chicago/Washington DC return dates:
January 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 28, 31
February 2, 4, 5, 7, 13, 16, 17
March 3, 5, 6, 11
April 17, 22, 23, 24
May 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 14, 22

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no need this time, but thanks as always Q


Let the mass panic begin!!!!!
Where? What? How? Tickets? Can I fly via Tokyo? Can my 15 year old sit on my lap or do I have to buy a seat for him? Can I use Chase Ulimate Membership Reward Blue Virgin points? Where is Baltimore?

joe shmo


raging idiot

You are a funny man. 😐


Man! These dates are just missing my schedule… Dan, can you find me some seats for 12/30/18 preferably business class, I don’t mind paying these prices.


Anything else you need?


Can we leave jfk during the 11 hr layover from Baltimore to TA?




I’ve never seen a flight deal originating from Israel, do those ever come around?


how do you book a lap infant?


on the return flight to Baltimore is it possible to get off at JFK and skip the last stop but get our luggage with us in JFK?


Some flights (BOS) the return layover/connection airport is JFK so you can just deplane there and end the trip in NY.


How does one retrieve their luggage (at JFK) with that scenario?


As stated in the post… By law you will have to retrieve your luggage upon landing at JFK anyhow. You will actually have to recheck it if you want to continue to your destination city. Or just leave the airport at that point with your luggage 🙂

Ed Travel

You need, by law, to retrieve your luggage at JFK (and the re-check it if you want to), so just get your luggage and go home…

Frum Family on a Budget

looking for 7 tickets for Succos
can you please help, need to leave motzei yom kippur, and return right after simchas torah but before midnight
let me know where to email names, ages, credit card info etc..
also needs to be direct and under $615 a ticket

thank you

Frum Family on a Budget

This is for Dan or Dan’s assistant


You serious?


Beat me to it!!!


Or maybe I’ll do it for 20% of cost plus planning fees on how to get 7 people to BWL, DCA or BOS in one piece…..

Frum Family on a Budget

also got to be business class


Sorry if this is obvious, but if one deplanes in ny (skipping last leg), how does one retrieve the luggage?


In all seriousness, a cheap way to get to Baltimore is book BoltBus to Baltimore for $25 (or $1 if you can snag it when the schedule opens up). The stop is 2 blocks from Penn Station. Walk over and buy a ticket on the MARC to BWI Airport Rail Station – weekdays it runs hourly. Take the shuttle bus to BWI.

Megabus is even cheaper (I was able to grab $1 fares by watching and waiting for the schedule to open), with more frequent departures, but those savings are offset by the long Uber/Lyft ride from White Marsh Park n Ride to BWI plus the $3 tunnel toll.


Can also take the light rail from Baltimore’s Penn Station (actually Mt. Royal) to BWI; cheaper than MARC and runs more frequently. Shouldn’t take too much longer.


Another option is Greyhound to Baltimore, the bus station is $10 uber ride to the terminal. As an occasional Uber/Lyft driver I have picked up people who have taken the bus to catch Southwest flights for whatever reason


Is Baltimore still an option? I do not see dates


Next option – Megabus to DC Union Station, then Metro to National Airport. Don;t know how much Uber/Lyft is but it’s not that far a ride…..

Dan #2

How do I book a later return flight date? I’m limited to 7/3/19?

Rabbi Nate

How does luggage work when originating in another city? Ie starting in Houston to DC or BWI


J is just 2840!


from BOS


Got one, thanks! I still maintain my record of never having paid more than $640 RT in 35 years flying to Israel.


For those based in NY and traveling to DC for this flight, would it be possible to fly from dca to jfk without any luggage and then pick up your luggage from home to check on the flight from jfk to tlv? Thanks in advance




In a return flight via Paris, there’s only a 75 min lay-over time. Is that realistically enough time to switch planes? Am I better off with the long 8 hour layover? Or will I end up on that flight anyway if I miss earlier connecting flight?


Flying from Dulles to tlv for sukkos united payed 650 a tix Thant’s just to let you know my flights.

And parking is 5 bucks a day so just drive and leave your car.


Sammy, I think $5 parking/day is too much for several people. Several folks would rather take a bus to Baltimore, walk several blocks to connect to a regional train, connect with DC’s metro line and transfer, then take a shuttle to airport terminals.


Ha ha.

Uber ride NYC-BWI showing at $442, UberPool will save ya $20. Average 1 way Amtrak fare is $75-100. Megabus $1, MARC $3, BWI shuttle free. To each his own.

Plan your drive to avoid the *massive* DC rush hour traffic. Also make sure to check WHERE this $5 offsite parking is located, and budget enough transfer time, as the Northern Virginia area is a large sprawling metropolis…..


Besides public transportation to Dulles is much more of a headache than what you detailed……


qsman, I imagine that Sammy will be taking his own car and not using Uber. Both options seem like losers.

According to Google right now from Flatbush, NY to Dulles Airport will take 5 hours 42 minutes. It will entail the Q Train, walk .3 miles, Amtrak to DC Penn, DC Metro Red line, transfer to Silver line, and a shuttle.


EZ, sorry I was not clear in my previous post. DCA is a relatively easy hop from Union Station, either by Uber or Metro. Dulles is **NOT** and is a major shlep. I would never recommend such an itinerary to ANYONE, even a local person!


qsman, I’m not sure where you are coming from but DCA from the NYC tri-state area is a hike. Maybe it sounds more realistic with no kids, limited luggage


EZ fully agreed. I would only do this myself or as a couple, not with a family. That would be a nightmare, and BEFORE flying. I hope people have enough seichel to make that obvious choice.


Vamoose bus from NYC will drop passengers at Rosslyn Metro, where you can connect to the 5A bus to Dulles Airport.


Are bags included in these fares?


Kudos to Delta! I booked an longer 7hr connection thru JFK @ $607 rt. Late last night a shorter layover tix became available same price. During mobile app booking for new flight the app timed out, and response was “Sorry, $607 no longer available, new price $849. I declined. I had not xld original booking and the system did not detect a dupe itinerary, as it should have. Somehow today on that 2nd res was showing confirmed (with rec locator) but NOT ticketed. It even let me grab seats and KSML. I called Delta, they honored the $607 on the shorter JFK xn and refunded original Tix. Thanks Dan E! Great deal.


thanks! i booked on tue jan 15 returning on jan 20 from washington with a short stop in france for $634


hi dan
if i book dca- tlv with a stopover in jfk can i just get on the plane in jfk without having to go to dca for the way to israel?


Thank Dan. Going with my baby to Israel in Jan. On Delta website I noticed that going to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, & Yemen you get 2 free bags but to Israel you only get 1 free. Anyone have an idea why there’s this difference for Israel?


this only starts in Jan? So no deals for November?