BA: NYC To Tel Aviv Round-Trip For $620 Coach, $1,129 Premium Economy, Or $2,434 Business Suites! Plus: Roundup Of Fares From Other US Cities

Josh Hallett [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Update: Fares from other US cities have been added below!

Originally posted on 7/19:

  • Use this BA link to book. You may need to disable ad-blocker. A British Airways Executive account is required and you can open one for free if you don’t already have one.
  • Use a card like Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve to earn 2 or 3 Chase points per dollar spent and get free travel/medical insurance, trip/luggage delay protection, and more!
  • Earn Up To 100,000 Avios With the Chase British Airways Card
  • Tickets are refundable for 24 hours from the time of booking.
  • Valid for flights originating in the US only.
  • If you only select flights operated by British Airways (American and Iberia operated flights will not qualify for the extra 10% off) you can save another 10% off by using the following promo code on the page after selecting flights as shown below: CHASEBA10
    • Using this code will drop the price to just $620.55 for adults in coach or $578.50 for kids ages 2-11 in coach.


You must use the link in this post and the promo code above to get this price!

Sample fares from North American cities:

  • Boston-Tel Aviv: $670.31
  • Chicago-Tel Aviv: $733.31
  • Miami-Tel Aviv: $733.31
  • Las Vegas-Tel Aviv: $760.31
  • Philadelphia-Tel Aviv: $774.71
  • Dallas-Tel Aviv: $774.71
  • Houston-Tel Aviv: $774.71
  • Washington DC-Tel Aviv: $774.71
  • San Francisco-Tel Aviv: $778.31
  • Los Angeles-Tel Aviv: $823.31
  • Pittsburgh-Tel Aviv: $915.11

Kids ages 2-11 will be get additional discounts..

For NYC travel, search for NYC to Tel Aviv to include JFK and Newark for best results.

After the discounts you’ll pay just $620.55 in coach, $1,129.05 in premium economy, or $2,434.05 in business class for NYC-Tel Aviv round-trip.

British Airways starts flying A350 business class suites on one daily flight between London and Tel Aviv on 12/1. They also start flying 777s with business class suites between JFK and London starting on 10/27, just look for the 1-2-1 seating on the seat map for the new business class suites.

Sample NYC-Tel Aviv $620 dates:
November 6-14
November 11-19
November 18-26
November 24-December 4
December 3-11
December 10-17
January 7-16
January 13-22
January 19-29
January 20-30
January 26-February 5
January 27-February 6
February 2-12
February 9-19
February 16-27
February 23-March 5
March 1-12
March 8-19
March 15-25
March 22-30
March 31-April 21
April 20-30
April 26-May 7
May 3-13
May 10-19

This will work on additional dates as well, use the BA calendar to find other valid dates.

This will also work from additional US departure cities. Post what deals you find!

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Any way to stop in manchester for 2 days on this ticket?

Eli gold

There is no US to Manchester and no Manchester to Tel Aviv so highly unlikely


Is this deal bookable with CSR points?


I cant seem to get BA to send me a code for two step authorization!


What’s the cancellation policy?


Tickets are refundable for 24 hours from the time of booking.

My mann

24 hours as it says in the post


Is a 55 minute layover in Heathrow sufficient?


No Heathrow is huge.


I did it this year with a 30 minute stopover. Not recommended but doable… (worst case they put you on the next flight)

Eli gold

If they allow you to book it, than yes. Though, there is a chance you’ll miss the connection in which case you stand a high chance if earning flight delay compensation, so it’s a win win situation.
Heathrow is indeed huge but that is of no relevance if the gates are next to each other (or rather in the same terminal, to even better in the main T5 building). if the US flight arrives to T3 there’s no chance of making the connection.


Didnt work for dec 10-17 using instructions above


If i book it now the 24hr cancellation policy is till tom 11:59pm correct? or is it the exact 24hrs?


USD 2975.85 for 2 adults + 3 kids! Thanks a mill Dan. If we miss the connection, will they put us on the next flight w/o charging a fee?


It is Not Giving me the option to add promo code bc i dont have any avios points. Any other way to enter the code?


I see flights thru Dec 10 but then no discounts in Jan Feb or March.

What’s up?


Is an hour and a half stopover enough time?


Anyway to stay in London for a night or two as a layover?


How do you lookup the rate calendar? I don’t see the option anywhere…


I’ve been trying to see if I could get anything out of Dulles (IAD), but like some others, I don’t see any discounted rates. Of course there may just not be any. 😉 Hoping to find something at a decent price so I can do the Jerusalem Marathon.


Pesach $650, if anyone is interested


Dan, do you know how it works with upgrades to biz class from premium economy with avios? always confusing for me….


thank you for this!!
trying to make it happen. are dates limited? and at what stage does the ‘2nd 10% come off’. so far $833 is the cheapest I can get.


Is this deal only for today or can I try it tomorrow night or Sunday?


do i need to use a chase credit card?


CHECKED BAGS COST AT LEAST $90 each way. If you check 4 bags for a fam of 3, it’s an extra $1000.

Julie Regev

When I click the link it tells me I need member ID and pin


I checked same dates as you did, and the price is $662 EACH WAY from JFK to TLV, with the promotional code or my avios.


Booked 5 tickets with 10% discount code. Came out to approx 595 per person. Thanks Dan!

Thanks Hashem for cheap tickets

I booked 6 tickets 4 were children under 12 it came out to $590.00 per ticket Thanks Dan


I used the code, but paid with Amex, and it still went through! $810 RT for my daughter’s seminary- 9/8- 6/10. Thank you!


Booked 4 tickets for Shavuos-Memorial day 2020. Thanks Dan


Can I somehow get a longer stoppover in london? I would like to stopover for 48 hours in london.


Prices from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv similar as from NY. Only works on BA flights, not code shares.

joseph frankel

I booked & then called them within the 24 hour they changed my LHR to TLV to a later flight 16 hour stop for no additional cost ,but this is same date BA 0112 arriving 6:30am to london departing 10:30 pm i dont know if they will allow the next day however try calling them if the same fare is available they probaly would,but if your stop will be more then 24hours in london you have to claim your baggage.
Please post if you are succesful


How come they only give 24hr to change they dont give you the weekend as most usa sites give this makes it very hard for bookings made friday ,I saved lots of money by booking friday waiting till monday 11:29 pm when prices dropped

Eli gold

How many other airlines have a 24 cancellation policy?
It should be more like “how generous of them to offer a 24 hr cancellation policy”


Is there a way to book tickets for a group that will include a player to be named later? Would they take a reservation for an adult ticket with a (not further specified) lap child, with the traveler details of the lap child to be provided at some point before the flight.


To clarify, this is a more general question, not just about this deal. Are there any ways to book tickets for a family whose sha’a tova umutzlachas is anticipated as between the date of booking and the dates of the trip? Does anyone have experience of an airline / portal / travel agent who has been able to reserve, for example, 4 seats with 3 names and 3 passport numbers and then enter the info for the 4th traveler when that info exists? What about 3 names, 3 passport numbers, and one of the adults listed as traveling with a lap child, but without having the lap child’s name / passport number at the time of booking?

Mindy Caplan I

Hi, I found flights and they are all British Airways for every leg of the journey. When I put in the promotion code it is not working, Anyone able to help with this?


Just booked my flights to Israel from Miami for Thanksgiving vacation for an insane price!! Thank you!!!


Can I get a long 12 hour layover in London?


Which days are the cheapest for Miami to tlv??


In November for like 2 to 3 weeks


Does this work TLV-NYC or just from the USA to TLV?





M. Josef

Flights for Sukkos are from $420 economy and $1,358 Business each way.


what dates?


is it $620 one way?

Eli gold

It pays to read the article and some of the feedback.
Hint: Dan posts deals not none deals. Clue is in the name

M. Josef

Forgot to add, plus 10% off.
Note: you cannot use both Avios and Code, you can only choose one or the other.


I get $1396 for round trip. Am I doing something wrong?


Why is my total 682.01 for exact the same dates/time on the screenshot.

Yehoshua Berkovitz

There any other dates available for this cheap price?


Where do we enter promo to get discounted price


Can i use avios points for these flights?


The price for pesach (april 6-19) was $950ish. Did I miss a step?


they charge for seats for each connecting flight 2 x 36 2 x31 addtnl $134

Adle elstein

How do you get an executive account with British Airways?


Can you leave the airport? I just booked from NYC to Israel with stopover in London. called BA and they said I would need a transit Visa if I want to leave the airport. Dan can you help with this?

This or Qantas Mileage ?

Anyone know how much taxes end up if using Amex Membership Rewards using Qantas? It’s 75k RT that way – though if taxes add up, this is a no brainer

Rita Eichler

I registered as a new member with the BA link but it does not confirm…HELP!!

Eli S

One of the connections available in Nov, is TLV-Heathrow with a 7 hour connection but from Gatewick – NYC – do bags transfer?


Is the code still alive?
Keep getting “Please log in to your Executive Club account to use your voucher code CHASEBA10 .You’ll need to start your flight search again.”
even though I’m logged in….


is it possible to use chase points to book the $620 flights?


How many avoid points are needed to upgrade from WT+ To business or business to First on the LAX – TLV route?


Keep Open another tab logged in to your account should work


Can we call BA to book and use the code

Already booked...

Anyone think it’s possible to land at 6:40 at Heathrow terminal 3 and catch 8:10 flight to Israel terminal 5? I’m young and traveling alone.


It’s very very tight.

Clueless as to what I\'m doing wrong

Anyone can help want to book from miami october 6. Price at $819 with no time change flights


any flights for Succos?


allready booked

Should be enough time take in consideration you have to wait for train & go thru security again.
It seems that you are taking AMERICAN AIRLINES nyc-lon then you did not get the 10% discount off


Can you book to stay over in London for 2 days and continue on


1 logged into Ba with my account , chose ba only flights , don’t see a place to add promo code – where would it be ? Need ba cc?
2 for virgin award look up screen doesn’t recognize TLV and won’t go passed that
Pls help


Virgin – I am not a Ff member
On general site can’t chose flights w partners – agree? So no direct DL


I followed all the instructions and got a price of $718 instead of the $620. My dates are leaving nyc on 11/24/19 and returning from tel aviv on 12/5/19. I opensed the executive account, used the link on DansDeals and put in the promo code.


How can I know what gates I arrive at/leave from in Heathrow? on the cheap flights from NYC to TLV there is a connection time of 1 hour and I would like to see whether or not I can make to connecting flight to tlv

Avi K

can we put these tickets on hold

Rebecca Marks

When does this deal expire?

Ethan Graber

I am getting fares of 723 per person but the taxes and fees are 599 each. what am I doing wrong?


i read the post, used the link and opened an account. I am trying to book 4 tickets for Aug 7 returning Aug 24 and they are charging me 1,150 per ticket. does that mean the discount is only from November – May ?
also, i dont see the promo code in the post, did i miss it somewhere?


i’m ready to book and it’s saying $679 with the promo code. isnt it supposed to be $620?


1/27 EWR- TLV and 2/5 TLV- EWR

Aryeh Leib

Is it recommended to choose seats and pay the price or hope to gt them for free at a later date?


Annoying it doesn’t offer all options out of JFK and so to get the flight I want I need to do a multi city booking to pick flight individually, but then I can’t mix classes which is what I’m looking to do.

Wonder if I could book and then get BA to change the flight within the 24 hour period?

Zach E

Are the business suites only when you book First, or Business as well?


Do you mean the new Club Suite? That’s a business class product. It’s the new Club World…


Any restrictions on upgrading these flights with Avios?


Does anyone know if this deal is still active?


Is this deal still relevant? Would it work for August or September? Thank you


Does it make sense that this promo is not working for September?


Works fine for September.

Les Rod

Just wanted to let you know that I was able to find tickets for me and my 3 kids for Pesach at and average of $794.02 per ticket from EWR to TLV stopping in London. Still a good deal. I booked individual tickets but cancelled them because I found that booking them together under one reservation was cheaper and they even assigned us seats at no extra charge.Thank you Dan!