AirBerlin: JFK, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, And San Francisco To/From Tel Aviv For $427-$442 Round-Trip


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Important note: AirBerlin is in bankruptcy and it’s possible that they will stop flying before your flight. Your credit card should provide a refund if your flight is cancelled and you dispute the charge. Cards like Sapphire Preferred/Reserve also include travel insurance that cover other parts of your trip if your flight is cancelled.

You can use the flexible search option to find valid dates. Below are just a few sample dates available.

Sample valid JFK to Tel Aviv $442 dates:
August 22-30
August 29-September 6
September 3-13
September 10-18
September 25-October 3
September 25-October 18

Sample valid Tel Aviv to JFK $427 dates:
August 24-29
August 27-September 6
September 6-13
September 11-19
September 17-25
September 28-October 16

Sample valid Miami to Tel Aviv $442-$489 dates:
September 3-10
September 3-12
September 5-12
September 6-12
September 7- 14
October 17-24
October 24-31

Sample valid Tel Aviv to Miami $427 dates:
August 31-September 12
September 5-12
September 12-19
September 17-26

Sample valid Chicago to Tel Aviv $442 dates:
September 3-11
September 7-14
September 18-28
October 2-17
October 17-26

Sample valid Tel Aviv to Chicago $427 dates:
August 31-September 10
September 3-10
September 12-19
September 26-October 2

Sample valid Los Angeles to Tel Aviv $454 dates:
September 3-12
September 6-14
September 14-21
September 21-28
October 3-17
October 17-24

Sample valid Tel Aviv to Los Angeles $440 dates:
August 31-September 10
September 2-11
September 7-17
September 14-25

Sample valid San Fransisco to Tel Aviv $442 dates:
September 3-10
September 6-13
September 11-18
September 20-17

Sample valid Tel Aviv to San Fransisco $427-$440 dates:
August 31-September 10
September 3-10
September 11-18
September 18-25
September 21-October 1

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Sam Finkelstein

Alitalia has been in bankruptcy for years. How possible is it that they’ll stop flying?


Not on google flights


22 hr with 2 stops

Nachum Marcus

Check other day.


If the Air Berlin flight stops in Berlin you should know that the airport there is terrible, really terrible. There isn’t nearly enough seats to sit. The Lounge is cramped and cruddy etc


Is there any cancellation window with AirBerlin


THERE IS A “72-hour fare guarantee” ADDITIONAL CAHRGE


Can you buy a coach ticket and upgrade to business with money or points?

possible air berlin passenger

is it worth to go for succos?


I think its worth for succos. im saving more then $2000 in total.


Is only the Primary cardholder covered for cancellation with the CSR card or secondaries as well?


Is it dead?? Because I’m not getting anything less then $1,800


Try on


I only see for $722 tlv to jfk in late September or early october

Nachum Marcus

No, But the cheap flights run out quickly. Try flex dates search to find them out, and please note to select one stop.


Works from LAX on Air Berlin too. $455/rt


I booked with a double stopover in both Berlin airports with one hour between each flight
Any chance on making it?


If the flights land on time you will easily make it as both airports are all and well organised. Your luggage should arrive as well but hat is a little more iffy. I agree with Steve that the airport at Berlin is he pits but you won’t have time to explore so it will not bother you!


Previous post should have read “both airports are small and well organised. Your luggage should arrive as well but that is a little more iffy.”


dont forget the amex offer for 20k MR


I want to order with a Barclay Arrival card (not plus) but since I am ordering tickets for the whole family I need to know if their $1500 trip cancellation insurance is per person or in total. On the phone they claim it’s per person but I want it in writing and they could not provide that. Anyone know for sure?


It looks they charge an addtional fee to book a seat. Is that only if you want to choose a seat when you book or you have to pay an additional $15 or so for your seat

Nachum Marcus

I think the payment is to choose a seat before the check-in. if you wait for the check-in you will probably be able to pick a seat for free (from the seats that will be left), Or the airport representative will choose for you.


Do they have any travel partners that allow you to book flight with points? I want to use chase points but the deal is not showing in their travel portal


Dan what happens if I use hybrid points will I get refunded??


Can you cancel within 24 hr?


I have one experience with AirBerlin and it wasn’t great. My wife and I flew from Tel Aviv to La Palma in the Canary Islands with a stop in Berlin. The flight ran smoothly in terms of departures and arrivals. But the airline itself was bad. Berlin airport is horrendous and don’t even think about Kosher food. You also have to give yourself a lot of time in that airport because when you get of the stairs of the plane (no jetways) and walk to a bus (mandatory even though we were right in front of our departure gate) to travel a mile or so away to enter the front of the building, go through customs, and WALK back. Nothing is provided on the plane, not even water. Everything for purchase. It was still better than Spirit, and it would be an ok option for a single guy or a few friends. But I wouldn’t do this with a family.


I flew them TLV to JFK. From TLV to Berlin they served a donut like pastry but provided plenty of drinks.( My wife flew with air France and from TLV to Paris they served get a kosher meal.) Upon arrival in Berlin we got off on a jetway. The de-boarding was slow as the immigration check point is right when you deplane.
The flight from Berlin to New York required us to board a bus to get to the plane. They literally pushed people so they bus doors can close (cattle car style ). The transatlantic flight was on par with legacy airlines. The kosher food was ‘shelf stable’ and therefore terrible but the ambiance and service was very professional.


I can only see for about 400 each way minimum even on these dates, how can i find the 450 return


Hi Dan,
The airline is claiming that all flights that are being booked, will actually be flying.
Ho much can we rely on this?


2 tkts r/t for succos. Total $964.68. Not bad (even if the airline proves to be.


Thanks Dan! I Just Booked TLV – JFK – TLV For Two Adults & an Infant for a Grand Total of $967.70 RT!!!. Spending Yom Tov with our Family Abroad has never been more affordable! Keep it Up!


BTW they also allow a free Checked Bag for Infants! (No Carry On Though)


We found out about this deal Friday afternoon, two hours before Shabbos. (sorry Dan somebody beat you to this one) I booked my son on Sunday morning leaving September 13 returning October
17 for 502. Right now you can still get this deal leaving September 12 returning October 19 .


I’m sorry, u can return October 18 for this price. ( I had booked the 17th )


Sept 27-oct 18 $537. With one stop


Why is a bankrupt airline a deal tnhat everyone’s booking while the royal jordanian $528 price to tlv didn’t really interest anyone?


Aryeh, Jordan now severed diplomatic relationships with Israel, I would not stop in Amnan, not safe
And wouldn’t put my $ there either
What else can I get for low price?


what makes it not safe? i am not laying tefillin outside of the airplane or airport (in fact, i plan on laying tefillin in the lounge in the private tv rooms)


Because they are known to harrass Jews over tefillin in jordan


in the airport? zero reports of issues


Can I earn miles from this flight to BA a or AA ?


I don’t feel safe sorrounded by 200 muslims on plane and 10,000 of them at their airport


personally, i flew Qatar Airways with a stop in Qatar and I felt perfectly comfortable. Frankly, it was a lot nicer than elal…


Also had a great experience with Qatar.

Ani Yehudi

Beware! I have booked tickets on air berlin through student universe online. I then called studentuniverse to add my baby and they charge %10 of adult airfare plus a whooping $100 processing fee!!! Any ideas how to get around this?


any one know if there is any hotel in the belin-tegel air port?
or do you have any other idea what to do there? i have a 5 hr. stop over


Dan: Thanks for posting, I booked 2 tickets sep. 4 to sep. 12 for $440 each, I was wondering if there’s a way to transfer avios into Air Berlin points to use towards upgrading from economy to Business Class?


This is a Stopover! Not Non-stop, as I originally assumed.


Whats left for under 500 for sukkos? looking for Oct 1 or 2 from anywhere NYC/BOS/ORD/WAS/MIA/FLL etc. couldnt find any. if you come up with anything pls let me know. Thank you


what happens now with the air berlin tickets i just booked last week?


AB stopped accepting AMEX, can’t benefit from 20k MR for 1,000.00 purchase.


Air Berlin just emailed cancellation of flights we booked for less than 2 weeks from today (TLV-NYC)!


same here! what are you going to do!??


Was able to change the TLV-NYC flight to a day earlier (9/27), however it is THREE flights and TWENTY TWO hours. Had to hold on the phone for over and HOUR to speak to someone. Flight back (10/18) remains unchanged. The agents (actually spoke to 2) reassured me that it is only the Berlin-NY flights (being) cancelled but the other flights (including Dusseldorf-NYC) will continue to operate.


Same here. Canceled our 5 tickets. Here is the letter:
Dear passenger,
Unfortunately, the flight you booked will not operate. We apologize for any inconvenience.
We regret we are unable to offer you a suitable alternative for your service.
If you bought your ticket on or after August 15th 2017 on, you will automatically be refunded the
full ticket price to the form of payment on file. For the refund, you will receive a cancellation invoice.
For tickets bought before August 15th 2017, reimbursement is not possible for insolvency reasons. In this case,
however, you may submit your claim for reimbursement of the ticket price to be included in the insolvency table
after the opening of the insolvency proceedings. You will automatically and unsolicitedly receive a form with
further information after the opening of the insolvency proceedings.
You will find further information on and in particular in the FAQ section published there.
We once again wish to apologize for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation of your flight.


Air Berlin just emailed to me that they canceled my 5 tickets TLV NYC for Yom Kippur & Sukkos since the flight won’t be flying. Since I booked after Aug 15th the they will refund my credit card. What can I do? Do they have the right?