Air France/KLM: Fly From Tel Aviv To JFK For $470 Round-Trip!

Joe Ravi [CC BY-SA 3.0]
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Bookable on AirFrance.US

Read this before commenting:

  • Air France and KLM have flights from Tel Aviv to JFK with 1 stop in Paris or Amsterdam for just $470-$490 round-trip! Some dates have short connections available while other dates have longer connections that will allow time to explore the connection city.
  • Some dates will require you to switch airports during your connection from Paris/ORY to Paris/CDG while other dates have seamless connections available in Paris/CDG.
  • This fare is only valid when originating in Tel Aviv.
  • A Friday night stay is required.
  • This fare is valid for outbound travel on most dates from January 15 through March 28.
  • Sample dates below were available as of the time of this post, but have limited seats available and may sell out quickly.
  • Use a card like Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve to earn 2 or 3 Chase points per dollar spent and get free travel/medical insurance, trip/luggage delay protection, and more!

Sample valid $470-$490 dates:

  • 1/22-2/3
  • 1/28-2/10
  • 2/3-2/17
  • 2/4-2/18
  • 2/11-2/24
  • 2/18-3/4
  • 2/26-3/11
  • 3/4-3/17
  • 3/12-3/24
  • 3/18-3/31
  • 3/28-4/8
  • 11/11-11/25
  • 11/19-12/2
  • 11/27-12/9
  • 12/2-12/16



  • You can request your refund within 24 hours of purchase by writing to the following email address:
  • Include the following important information:
  • Subject: Customer First Program
  • Name
  • Flight and Date
  • Reservation Number

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HT: Robert K.

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Seems like April travel is higher. If someone finds cheap RT for April please post in comments.


OK. I’ll be the first…..

But does it work from the US?


The first one not to read the post?


“This fare is only valid when originating in Tel Aviv.”
I guess the red font wasn’t bold enough


Common guys, he’s clearly being sarcastic


I read the post and don’t see this written anywhere- Does it have to be on AirFrance or can I choose a different airline?

Hehe. Gotchya! Yes, I too was being sarcastic. (Besides the fact that I’m not too into supporting anything France-based these days with the way they (mis)treat our people….)


My my wife and I flying with a baby recently flew Air France and when we had issues with our seats, immediately turned to the local flight attendant. It turns out his name was Yoram, Jew from France who could not have handled the situation better. Dealt with our seats. Personally heated up the kosher meals and delivered them to us. Came to check on the baby numerous times. Best flight experience ever. After numerous other wonderful experiences with Air France/KLM (namely how they deal with problems that arise), we make an added effort to fly with them. (As an aside, Yoram also told us that a disproportionately high number of Air France staff are Jewish.)

a yid

when you buy a ticket for cheap your supporting yourself!!
El-Al is not treating heimishe jews any any better anyway


Their are a few days in may as well for example 5/8-5/14 is $489 (seeing it on google flights)


some dates in July are working. I tried 7/9-7/23 and its $426

reb yid

That 426 is just for the outbound. The cheapest inbound for your itinerary is 310, making the total 736 (or actually 735 with rounding).


Site isnt working for me. Can’t input any info in the purchase a flight tab


Norwegian has similar pricing the other way around too. How would you compare?


Anyone book dates in september or october?


Will the airline honor the return flight if the Tel Aviv to JFK flight portion is not boarded and flown?


Probably not


If you miss the first flight all the rest is cancelled.


Just Booked for Pesach!!! March 28 – May 8. $539.32 PP. Thanks @Dan!


We should be joining you in Israel for Pesach. Not the other way around!!! Glad you found something that works well for you, though, if you must spend Pesach out of the Holy Land….Wish I could use your house/apartment…Always wanted to spend a YomTov in E”Y, but have never been able to….


Can you stay more than 30 days for this price?


Yes. I just booked 45 days


is there cancellation fee with in 24 hrs?

Flying Jew

Dan off topic….but any word on which carriers will be flying to new Ramon airport? Any direct from US?


Dan\'s the Man

The same airlines that fly currently to the Eilat airports. When it first opens it will only have domestic flights. Later it will open to international carriers.


tried booking for nov/dec. they said they can only book 331 days in advance. will try to get the same flight in 3 days.


I want to unload some Aa miles
Invite family originating TLv to nys
Best use of Aa from eaurore (Lowest tax) plus paid tlv to Europe ?
Any other thoughts ?
Like this $5oo but need one day to cash aa after the demise of AB ah


Just booked $475 Jan


Also works to Toronto, Canada (YYZ)


The fare is still out there.

I just booked TLVBWI for $650 via the KLM site, $10 less than Air France


Still alive!

Just booked Jan 28 – Feb 4 for$475

Thanks Dan!


Im confused. the price is not 450 USD roundtrip! its oneway. so the total comes out to 700 USD round trip. I tried booking 2 tickets and it came up $1500. Is that correct or am i missing something?