Israel Flight Deals From $690 Round-Trip


-Bookable on Priceline (with regular mileage earning and free cancellations until 11:30pm ET the day after you book or on Orbitz (with regular mileage earning and free cancellations until 10pm CT the day after you book.

– Earn 3 points per dollar with American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card, 3 points per dollar with The Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN, or 2.14 points per dollar with Chase Sapphire Preferred.

There are lots of below average airfares to Israel right now from cities like Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, and Los Angeles.

Read about using ITA Software to use their awesome month-long calendar search to help find dates with cheap flights.

Below are some sample valid dates from Chicago.
If you live in NYC or Toronto you can always book a cheap one-way ticket (paid or with miles/Avios) to pickup the ticket in Chicago for example and then simply not fly the final segment from NYC/Toronto to Chicago as everyone must pickup their luggage and bring it through customs before they can either recheck their bags or leave the airport.

Chicago-Tel Aviv: $690-$696 round-trip.
Sample valid dates:
04/16-04/24 (Delta via JFK)
04/28-05/08 (Delta via JFK)
04/29-05/08 (Delta via JFK)
05/06-05/21 (United via Newark)
05/06-05/22 (Delta via JFK)
05/07-05/22 (Delta via JFK)
11/27-12/05 (Air Canada via Toronto)
12/01-12/12 (United via Newark)
12/08-12/16 (Air Canada via Toronto)
12/08-12/17 (Delta via JFK)
01/12-01/23 (Air Canada via Toronto or Delta via JFK)
01/15-01/27 (Air Canada via Toronto or Delta via JFK)
01/19-01/26 (Delta via JFK)
01/19-01/27 (Air Canada via Toronto or Delta via JFK)
01/30-02/11 (United via Newark)
02/02-02/10 (United via Newark)
02/09-02/17 (United via Newark)

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Thank you
Is there any business class great deals to israel at the moment?


Sure, do a 3BMâ„¢ and have more than enough miles to fly business class nonstop for free.


Hey Dan, any idea if this price works from any of those “through JFK” locations in mid-August or nothing available in the summer?



its not coming up…any ideas?


Nothing for succos. 🙁


is there anything good for the summer (july), from baltimore, i couldnt find anything


What’s a 3BM?


how do i get this price from new york?


@dan what’s a 3bm??


not one date could I find from Cleveland ??????


On the lag b’omer dates (apr. 24) its $773-800 with klm and a flight from nyc to Chi is $149, while flying from nyc with klm is $1000-1050, so flying from Chicago will only save me around $50


The only issue is dont forget the 25 dollar luggage fee from NYC to Chicago since ur going to be needing your luggage once u leave nyc


eould this work one way also any dates in june or how bout a long stay like leaving now and returning in june thanx


I do not see any June dates???


hello dan,
how much would it be from atlanta to tel aviv? how could i get this 690 deal? on what dates would it work if i am going from atlanta? i really need your help..


How do I from from this deal from La to tlv around June 20 thx

need israel

hiya, tryin it for shavuos , x workin. any specif instruction? thanks dan the man who can do wat noone can


Summer is always pricey, hence the gap in the sample dates.
A simple ITA search may help you out though.

For which sample dates?


April 15-April 30 on Orbitz is $824.

$695 on Orbitz on Delta.

Not necessarily.

Because it’s not $690 in June perhaps?

It’s not $690 from the ATL.

@need israel:
I gave sample dates for Shavuos.


Hi den pls help me whats the best deal for a non stop from nyc to israel jun 16 and back about july 3??? Thanks you are the best!!!!

Mosha burich

@Dan thanks for you deals its the best i ever saw, pls if u can help me out is there any good deal like the 690 or something else cheap i can get in the summer from about end of june for 3 weeks from nyc to tl aviv??? please get me something i know u r the best in this thanks. Mosha B.


Dan please solve all my problems!! I was told you were a genie


I wanna clear it up “Its dan’s deals not dans travel” Very simple!!!(I feel bad for u dan, U should clear it up once for ever, ppl r always asking u Dan check pls, why don’t u have from *** to ***, When should I go, Help me do the booking, My brother my uncle my wife my children bla bla bla)


is there any flights around june-july ?


does it work the other way around?

Mosha burich

@Jack come down, i think you are not right at all dan is the best guy i ever saw he is ultra nice willing always and trying always to help ppl find good deals for everything so ppl may be free to ask him for certain dates and he is glad to answer trying the best to help.


hello dan,
so then from where do i fly to get the 690 deal? does it also work for months like end of july/ august or not?



I live in NYC and would like to utilize the “Not Show Up” method on the return trip. You wrote: “If you live in NYC or Toronto you can always book a cheap one-way ticket (paid or with miles/Avios) to pickup the ticket in Chicago for example and then simply not fly the final segment from NYC/Toronto to Chicago as everyone must pickup their luggage and bring it through customs before they can either recheck their bags or leave the airport.”

Just want to make sure that I will for sure go through customs in either JFK (on a delta flight) or EWR (on a United) flight. First time I did something like this and I don’t want to get a nasty surprise that my luggage is on it’s way to Chicago while I’m stopping my journey in NYC area! 🙁

moshe Goilem

@Mosha burich,
you are not right! let him find new deals instead of answering every one, he wrights enough clear to understand every deal, and if he does not put NYC in his post dont ask “..dan you are the best man what about from NYC “, you think if there would be a cheap flight from NYC dan would skip it in his post??!!


Dan…I wanted to thank u for posting about the alitalia deal. We were able to bring our family to isreal and we r having a blast!! I think u should have a post where everyone that got the isreal deals can post a pic of their experience. Would be an interesting idea.


the cheapest flight thats showing up with the sample dates is 923 from JFK… did i lose the deal at 690?


to sam,
you are exactly correct thats the same i got i dont know how to get the 690 dea.


Which dates?
They’re probably just sold out for that date.


how did you find the 690 deal? what did you do to find this deal? i realy want to know.


hello dan,
from what airport do i need to fly from to get the 690 deal? on what dates do they work? i really need your help!!


First step: Get a pair of reading glasses. ..

Chani S.

If I buy a cheap $690 round-trip ticket,
but only want to use the return to USA portion,
and NOT the departure portion, will an airline permit that?

(I already have the way TO Israel in April,
I just want to have the return FROM Israel in June)

Thank you!


I love looking at Dans Deals to see what deals you have for the day. They have saved me money in the past- Thank You! Today I checked and see you have some flights to TLV for $690. Now the sample dates don’t work for me too well. I am looking to go May 8th at night or May 9th early (JFK) and leaving (TLV) on May 19th. Do you have anything comparable?

Sarah K.

I am interested in booking about 11 tickets for my wedding in Jerusalem in December this year from JFK to TLV. Is it too early to buy? Worth waiting?


hi dan anything from argentina ??? to nyc


Anything for mid June with this price?


@dan Is there any benefit to buying the tix via priceline/orbitz or direct from the airline? other than potentially longer cancellation ability… Thx!


Dan, can you include some options for flight deals using the ITA matrix originating in Tel Aviv to NY/NJ?


Thx agin for this post Dan – just booked my whole family to go to my niece’s chasuna – not sure if I would have done it at regular fares – but with this deal – I am going to do it!! Tizku l’mitzvos! If you have any tips on how to stay cheaply or for free with a family of 8 (6 kids) in israel and any tips on renting large cars for cheap for 2 weeks – please post them!! Thanks so much.


Dan, same problem as a number of others: I can’t seem to find anything under $923, even on the dates you specified. Suggestions?


Hi Dan,

I don’t understand, if you purchase the ticket do you have to fly out from Chicago? or can you fly from NYC? please clarify!


I’m looking to Israel for a week in may. What’s the cheapest way to do it.


Dan – are there any deals for year long tickets or open ended tickets to Israel? I’m looking at mid July to mid June. thanks.

Sara F

Are there any deals from Chicago to Israel via JFK mid-July? Thank you!


Hi @Dan! Can I get a deal like this for Mid May?


any flights available from israel to ny?


are there any flights round trip from israel to new york?

David cohen

i.m looking for 6 fly to israel

Ron Ben Hayoun

Do you have any flights from Miami to Tel Aviv in the beging of July to August 19


Hi, I am looking for 2 round trip tickets to Israel in late December. We live in Baltimore, but are willing to fly from Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark, New York, etc (within 200 miles). Please let us know of any good deals. Thank you!


Hi…. When do U have good deal for lag beomer??????
And is it only if pay with miles?????


Hi looking for a good deal from New York to Israel last week of August through September 6th any good deals on a connecting flight ? Thanks , Leraz

Maurice Shalam

@Dan:looking for a business class New York/Tel aviv nonstop leaving 9/21/16 returning 9-26/16 non stop only

D. R. J.

i am looking for a flight first week in september